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baczewski denver coThe supreme interest and insanity kitchen renovation and remodeling have caused the American population isn’t stopping anytime soon. The pandemic was nothing short of adding fuel to the fire. With nothing to do, many started their own DIY remodeling projects and incessantly digested any instructions and inspiration they could get their hands on.

Remodeling a kitchen requires a few things most people do not have: a great designer and an even better contractor. Without an excellent company to work with, you are left to your own devices, and well…we have now seen the end result of some of those do-it-yourself renovations gone wrong.

Denver, CO, is nothing short of luxury, and “everything is bigger” at its finest. The south certainly has its way of doing things, as do the best kitchen remodeling contractors in the area. If there is anything Marie Kondo has taught us in the past few years, it should be that – a newly remodeled kitchen should absolutely spark joy. Sparking joy is something Baczewski Luxury has been doing since 2003!

kitchen remodel projects in denver co
Modern Kitchen Remodeling In Denver CO

denver kitchen remodelersDenver Kitchen Remodeling Projects

To completely remodel a kitchen, you have to be prepared to work with a kitchen remodeling company. Kitchen remodeling companies will assist you with your every need from the start of the process to the very end.

Renovations can be stressful but should also be enjoyable. A kitchen remodel deals with the fun of design and lots of creativity. At Baczewski Luxury – we believe that kitchen cabinets establish the mood for your room and are an integral part of turning an old kitchen into something contemporary and new!

top rated remodeling companies denver coPremier Remodeling Team

Creating a beautiful kitchen requires a solid team of professionals. Home improvement doesn’t happen overnight. Whether that is home remodels, bathroom remodeling, or custom cabinets in your new kitchen – it takes a village and quite the village we have established at Baczewski Luxury. Our family is available to support you in curating and developing your new space.

We create more space for creativity regarding kitchen remodeling and maturing plans for future projects. Our local contractors, interior designers, and team of professionals are well-seasoned and highly skilled in renovations and remodeling projects.

modern kitchen remodel denver
Top Notch Kitchen Remodel Projects

full remodeling service denver co Full-Service Kitchen Renovations

Baczewski Luxury is dedicated to luxury kitchen remodeling projects, and we pride ourselves on our quality materials and exceptional work.

Baczewski is a full-service kitchen remodeling company in Denver, CO providing free consultation and offering the following services:

  • Classic Kitchens – with professional design and a modern feel. Classic kitchens are functionally and visually pleasing and enticing!
  • Modern Kitchens – based on a minimalistic perception and tasteful design. Contemporary kitchens are favored in Denver, and our custom designs have been popular around the world!
  • Kitchen Accessories – ranging from LED lighting, handless channels, drawer/cabinet organization systems, and various kitchen gadgets.
  • Backsplash – elegant and customized to your color scheme, sliding options with shelving, and LED systems. Our backsplash can be customized entirely, and the right backsplash can tie your kitchen together!
  • Shelving Systems – for the organization of your pantry, wall-mounted options, modular options, and closet as well. Open shelving options are a current kitchen trend, and for a good reason – it is functional and aesthetically pleasing!
  • Wall Systems – available for any room and can be fully utilized to tuck away items you want to store or display. All systems are offered in various finishes.
  • Decorative Surfaces – With fabric, Opaco, leather, Deco, and Multi-style available to texturize any surface from kitchen walls to your bathroom ceiling!
  • Light Fixtures – High-tech contemporary Italian custom light fixtures are available for any room additions. Check out all the options here!
  • Electric Bars – outlets in the wall can be a thing of the past! We can develop custom electric bars with sliding features so your outlet, speaker, and lighting system can all be controlled from one place!
  • We also provide sliding door systems, wall systems, bathroom, closet, and living room designs!

start your remodeling project todayStarting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Beginning a kitchen remodeling project can seem like a daunting task. You may be considering the kitchen remodeling cost, kitchen remodeling project length, and your current kitchen or living space, existing cabinets, etc.

Quality kitchen remodeling services can be difficult to come by, and we understand there is quite a bit to consider when choosing to move forward in the quest for your dream kitchen. Baczewski Luxury is a great place to get started! We are pleased to assist clients with premier remodeling and proud to walk with them through the journey.

kitchen renovation in denver
Modern Kitchen Renovation in Denver, CO

Kitchen Remodeling Free Estimate

We provide a free estimate and consultation for all of our clients. We want to ensure that every client we work with understands their kitchen remodeling costs and the services we can provide. We offer nothing less than the best!

our remodeling services in denverKitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen remodeling in Denver, CO, is slightly different than in other places in the U.S. The Denver area has its own trends and personality. It also has its own popular home features. We have done everything from kitchen islands and kitchen cabinets to installing stainless steel appliances and bathroom remodeling!

Our kitchen remodeling project services go above and beyond to exceed expectations, but kitchens are not the only thing we do. We can renovate bathrooms, closets, sliding doors, and custom blinds or window covers.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

All kitchen remodeling is entirely customizable. We provide superior materials handcrafted in Germany and Italy for cabinetry, wall systems, decorative surfaces, and light fixtures. Every piece of your kitchen – from the kitchen island down to the hardware or lack of hardware can be customized and unique to your personal wants and needs.

fully customized kitchen remodeling denver
Fully Customized Remodel Project In Denver, CO

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

The kitchen remodeling process and kitchen design procedure will be handled with extreme care, and every step of the way, our team will work with your family to ensure we are creating a true masterpiece.

schedule remodeling quoteScheduling Your Free Consultation

Scheduling your free consultation in the Denver area is quick and easy. We can provide consultation in person or via zoom.

This is necessary to review what kind of kitchen layout you are looking for, whether you are working with a smaller space or a spacious kitchen. We provide functional, universal design etiquette to review color schemes, hardware, and all the great possibilities in your new kitchen.

Visiting Our Showroom

The next step is visiting our showroom in Denver, CO, for further inspiration and other ideas for your kitchen. Kitchen remodelers provide showrooms to display the materials and services they provide while also supporting the development of your new space.

visit our showroom
Tons Of Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories @ Our Showroom

Working With Interior Designers and Contractors

Remodeling Denver is no trouble-free task. It requires hard work and dedication from our team of builders and designers. You will get to work with our Denver kitchen remodeling team to construct your perfect kitchen. We will ensure that new appliances, French doors, cabinets, a new kitchen island, and any room additions are taken care of.

We want to work as a unit. When developing custom homes and custom kitchens – we are focused on supplying solutions that are one of a kind and agreed upon by the user at every step of the remodel. Our designers work alongside their clients as versus alone. Teamwork helps complete projects and creates a communal experience.

project iconUtilizing our Projects Page

Inspiration can strike anywhere, from popular locations and restaurants in Denver and the surrounding area or kitchen designs you saw in a home interior magazine or network.

Our projects page exists to inspire while also providing examples of our unique modern and classic kitchen remodels. Visiting multiple areas of our website – we hope to assist you in gaining clarity and producing inspiration for your vision and kitchen design dreams.


Kitchen renovations begin once everything has been planned out and okayed by you, your family, and our team here at Baczewski. A kitchen remodeler has to verify every little detail of a remodel before the project starts. Renovations do require city permits when dealing with room additions or a new layout. These are all processes our contractors and builders are seasoned in handling for you – making the demo and reno stress-free and easy!

Custom homes and kitchens take time – and in Denver, that is no different. Kitchen remodeling in Denver and the surrounding area is a passion we have pursued with vigor and might. We hope to support your kitchen remodel and make your house a place you are proud to call home!

kitchen renovation denver
Hire The Best Kitchen Renovation Team in Denver, CO!

kitchen remodel cost iconKitchen Remodel Cost in Denver, CO

Dealing with costs and figures is part of our kitchen remodeling projects and the consultation we provide. Each project is different as we provide clients the ability to fully customize their kitchen, countertops, cabinets, appliances, etc.

The average cost of a kitchen remodeling company can also vary in Denver, depending on who you work with. The average price of a kitchen remodel in Denver, CO, is approximately $25,000 – $120,000.

At Baczewski Luxury, it is all in the name; we aim to deliver luxury. We also strive to ensure our clients understand a full breakdown of the cost and figures before committing to a full remodel. You can certainly set a budget and stick to it. There are options for modern kitchen remodeling at $25,000-50,000 and under!

increase property valueHow a Kitchen Remodel Affects Resale Value

House and kitchen renovations inevitably affect the resale value of the home. While the complete kitchen remodel cost is considered, it is about what you put into the upgrades. What you put into something should correlate with what you can get out of it. That is something you often hear people say without understanding the concept behind the rhetoric.

Custom kitchen remodeling is a separate tier of kitchen renovations. When you are customizing your kitchen, your home’s value will change significantly. Baczewski Luxury in Denver utilizes components from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Spain for our custom kitchen designs. The quality is unmatched, and the standard of work exceeds basic kitchen remodeling companies.

The average return on investment in Denver and its surrounding area is about 55%-65%. This is standard within the industry throughout the country, but there are pieces of kitchen remodeling that will alter those standards. You can speak in further detail with a member of our teams for specifics related to the Denver area.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen remodeling Denver is full of ideas and concepts, unlike other areas of the county. With the Baczewski team, we bring places like Italy and Spain to your doorstep. We create each kitchen differently, and every project maintains the family involvement to complete a successful renovation. Your inspiration and ideas are encouraged. We ask our clients to keep a portfolio or folder of all their design inspo and anything they specifically want for their renovation project!

kitchen remodel ideas
The Most Amazing Kitchen Layout Ideas

kitchen remodel trendsLatest Trends in Denver

We often see trends in the south, such as stars everywhere, large range hoods, creative storage, etc. While all may not apply to what you yearn for in your own house, there are other pieces and modern kitchen remodeling ideas to pull from.

  • Drawers over cabinets – drawers are more functional and durable; nothing ever gets stuck at the back when you can see everything in front of you.
  • Kitchen Pantries have made a comeback – pantries are something we specialize in at Baczewski Luxury. We have a multitude of pantry options, whether tucked in a cabinet or an entire walk-in.
  • Smaller Appliances – smaller appliances and alternative options for storage have become an alternative to organizing your room. Baczewski can customize spaces to make room for the latest trends.
  • Dark Cabinets – While all-white kitchens were once all the rage, dark cabinets, cabinet drawers, backsplash, and dark grout have gained popularity in 2022.
  • Open Shelving – Open shelves have become trendy and remain functional for storage and display.

kitchen countertops Denver

Kitchen Countertops

Despite what is trendy, Baczewski Luxury offers whatever you want regarding kitchen countertops and kitchen remodeling Denver. We can customize countertops and create decorative surfaces to suit your project.

Countertops are a big deal. They provide a place to prepare meals and enjoy them with friends and family. We can guarantee they will be constructed with the finest materials of our choice, making a special place out of every kitchen surface.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are something we take very seriously at Baczewski Luxury. Each remodeling project is different and treated as such, but the cabinets are the centerpiece. Cabinetry and shelving systems should be functional and beautiful.

Cabinet drawers are something we have installed in the majority of kitchens renovated in Denver, and they have surpassed all expectations we once had of full-length traditional cabinet options. Adding the perfect lighting can make the room truly fabulous!

kitchen cabinets denver
Modern Kitchen Cabinets In Denver, CO

your dreams kitchenRemodeling For Your Dream Kitchen

What are you waiting for? Your kitchen remodeling free estimate and the start of the project are within your reach! Taking an old kitchen and turning it into something modern and new is something we are highly experienced in.

Why wait to make those dreams a part of your daily reality? Bring those ideas to life and flourish in creative processes of design and renovation. Our team is here for you; we want to work as a team to truly make your greatest ideas come to life. Your living area and kitchen should be a place you can fully enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

Our Kitchen Designs and Design Services

Our designs are one of a kind, and our elite design services are state-of-the-art in Denver. Our services are luxury, our cabinets are luxury, and your kitchen should be luxurious too. Luxury is a way of life, and our services are nothing short of providing that.

chef kitchens in denver coLuxury Kitchens

Your luxury kitchen is only one call away. We service Denver and the surrounding area but are not limited to these spaces. Our team has successfully completed projects throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa, Europe, and South America. Cabinets, lighting, and interiors are our specialty! Our knowledge and experience contribute directly to our client satisfaction. We can provide services anywhere in Texas or nearby states. Please visit our contact page to get started on your remodeling in Denver today!

Start Your Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling Project

Denver, CO is home to popular locations like Waterfall Park, Holocaust Museum, and 19th Street; it is also home to Baczewski Luxury. We uniquely do luxury to suit our client’s distinctive lifestyles. We are here to provide a beautiful kitchen, impeccable design, and quality construction for every kitchen renovation. No project is too big in Denver.

Let’s do away with the DIY remodeling and start fresh with the support of a team, our team at Baczewski Luxury. From cabinets and counters to blinds and light fixtures – we have the means to start your next project today!

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