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A classic kitchen is a fusion of personality, high-quality installations, and skillful designs. Our classic kitchens bring out these values and much more, allowing you a modern kitchen space filled with opportunities and aesthetics. A classic kitchen offers you ultimate luxury and maximum value for your investment.

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Clean lines and sleek look

Contemporary kitchen designs are famous for their clean lines and sleek look. If you love the simplicity and clean lines in your home decor, then these modern kitchen designs will fit right into your house’s aesthetic.

What Makes A Luxury Kitchen Unique?

A true classic kitchen carries all the elements of a truly functional kitchen space. It is designed to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, warm, and inviting. It also features additional features that make it outstanding, including masterfully designed storage spaces and accessories. Our collections of classic kitchens carry every element of a proper kitchen, allowing you to enjoy your time and maximize every inch of the space.

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The Melograno kitchen collection is a classic style kitchen representing a great modern tradition represented through the softness of classical shapes. It represents customization, decoration, and a combination of bold materials. The classic kitchen adapts to all your needs.

The S2 classic kitchen features amazing functional ideas that are infused in the modern kitchen layout. There is an abundance of quality storage space and a highly functional kitchen island with quality fittings and designs. The overall kitchen design allows for a playful yet luxurious color scheme.

The Marilyn classic kitchen features modern design ideas that make it stand out. It is a classic modern kitchen with luxurious fittings that are highly functional. This classic kitchen brings out a timeless aesthetic element with brilliant color coordination that still allows for a personalized appearance.

On the other hand, the S3 classic kitchen collection features unique design ideas. From the kitchen countertops to the modern cabinets to its futuristic appearance, this classic kitchen is no wonder a favorite among kitchen lovers.

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Why You Need A Classic Kitchen

Beautiful Color Schemes

The ability to play with color is rare and unique to a classic kitchen style. Our Marilyn classic kitchen collection features a smooth transitioning color scheme. From the appliances, storage spaces, furniture to the floors and ceilings, the association of colors gives the kitchen a timeless feel and appearance.


The entirety of a classic kitchen is filled with contemporary designs. Our classic kitchen designs are modern in every single way a modern kitchen should be.


A classic kitchen allows one to embed their personality and taste in the kitchen design. You can play with the color schemes, design, and material options to create a more personalized kitchen space.

Generally, a classic kitchen style represents an opportunity for personalization. The classic kitchen features brilliant ideas in every corner of the space. However, since it allows for a more personalized touch, you can have the kitchen installed to your preferences and needs.

The classic kitchen also features quality installations that are indeed functional and less intrusive. It allows you to enjoy your kitchen activities without any interruptions and intrusions such as unnecessarily placed cabinets.

A classic kitchen style allows you to enjoy the features of a modern kitchen, luxury, and functionality. The kitchen style is intended to make you feel comfortable and luxurious while also allowing space for interactions and daily kitchen activities.

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Modern Kitchens - The Baczewski Luxury Difference

Our company has been in the cabinetry industry since 2003. We are a leading business when it comes to producing the best quality high-end cabinets. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services for discerning clients.

We design, deliver, and install kitchen, living room, and bathroom cabinets, among others. We also provide other unique cabinet-related solutions for the entire home.

Are you looking for luxurious custom cabinet design and installation? Contact us today to schedule a virtual or in-house meeting with our reps. Alternatively, visit our kitchen showrooms in Denver, CO, and Houston, TX, to check out some of our best work.

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