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Closet Designs

Our custom walk-in closets are designed for individuals who focus on individuality in fashion. The custom closets are also for those who appreciate top-notch quality and attach exceptional attention to even the smallest detail. Currently, fashion is one of the most coveted industries due to the availability of multiple possibilities and accessibility that contemporary connection provides individuals.

Alta fashion is often considered a synonym of luxury consumed in off-line mode and at your convenience in some instances and places. Individuals can feel the uniqueness, touch luxury, and lose themselves in space-time, communing in beauty, timelessness, and reality in such places.

In addition, such unique places are the largest and most famous fashion streets globally, rich in lust and prestige. An example would be Oxford Street in London or Madison Ave in New York. Whether you seek a European style or an alternative style, these places provide you with an abundance of choices for your fashion needs.

At Baczewski, our team of closet designers understands the fashion world and what it means to have fashionable walk-in closets in your home. Below is a guide on our exclusive closets by design, including the best walk-in closet ideas to match all your tastes and preferences.

5th Avenue

Closets from here are by default the most extraordinary creations by industry-leading closet designers. The Closets are essentially spaces created for individuals who emphasize fashion individualism. In addition, it is for those with luxurious standards when it comes to master closet ideas and value high quality.

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The closet is also for you if you pay great attention to every minor detail, especially in custom cabinets. The walk-in closets add an element of elegance, exclusivity, and excellent designs. The closets also have sufficient storage spaces and units that come in top-class cabinetry with superb aesthetic and functionality.

5th Avenue custom walk-in closets exude luxury, elegance, and warm space that ultimately meets your needs, preferences, and matches your personality.

Oxford Street 1

Closets from Oxford Street combines traditional craftsmanship, modern tech, and global design, and practical room treatment. Owing to applied knowledge, our closed designers have successfully developed extraordinary solutions to adapt to any interior.

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You should pay great attention to the original elements refined to the smallest detail from these solutions. Such elements ordinarily include;

  • Backlit shoe cabinetry
  • Backlit aluminum shelves
  • Aluminum fronts with glass
  • Jewelry velour organizers
  • Backlit bars for hangers
  • The possibility of the modules’ height and width
  • Functional hangers with full extension for trousers and pantographs.

Oxford Street 2

These custom walk-in closets are designed to answer all clients’ needs. The clients appreciate the closer designers’ quality, professional approach, and expert solutions. In addition, different clients’ needs have helped more relative designers to create custom closet designs over the years. The various designs feature quality materials and world-class designs.

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These custom walk-in closets are designed to answer all clients’ needs. The clients appreciate the closer designers’ quality, professional approach, and expert solutions. In addition, different clients’ needs have helped more relative designers to create custom closet designs over the years. The various designs feature quality materials and world-class designs.

Oxford Street 3

Closets from Oxford Street are bathed in fashion splendor designed for luxurious lifestyle lovers. The walk-in closets are masterfully spaced to provide users with a platform for different needs. Just like closets from other places, these closets are designed for individuals who love fashion, value top quality, and pay attention to every detail.

The custom walk-in closet features a well-arranged and stylish cabinetry system that adds an element of storage. These closets undoubtedly stand out from every European style or general style master closet idea with elegant and superior lighting systems and quality materials. At Baczweski Luxury, we can also personalize the closets to meet your tastes and preferences.

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Oxford Street 4

The closets combine modern technology, traditional craftsmanship, and functional design, together with practical room treatment. Furthermore, there are additional unusual solutions that have been developed to adapt to different types of interiors.

Among these developed solutions, you should pay special attention to original elements refined even to the tiniest details. Such elements include:

  • Aluminum fronts with glass
  • Functional hangers with full extensions for pantographs and trousers
  • The possibility of individual heights and breadths of the modules
  • Velour organizers for jewelry
  • Aluminum shelves with backlight
  • Backlit shoe cabinetry system.
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The closets encompass a blend of classical artistry, contemporary technology, and international design together with practical room treatment. The expert closet designers at Montenapoleone have developed unusual solutions that individuals can adapt to varying interiors.

Individuals ought to pay special attention to original elements refined to the tiniest detail, including:

  • Shoe cabinet with backlight
  • Jewelry velour organizers
  • Glass aluminum fronts
  • Backlit bars for hangers
  • Functional hanger full extension for trousers and pantographs
  • Modules’ height and width possibility
  • Aluminium shelves with backlight

Generally, the walk-in closets come in various finishes that allow individuals to personalize individual projects. Everything in these closets is designed and polished to detail.

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Closet R3LX

The closets are rarely unseen or unheard of in living quarters. The walk-in closet idea and design feature glass shelves, multiple bars, and an openwork structure. The openness and openwork structure combined with the above features makes the whole setup appear as a boutique-resembling solution. In addition, the fittings are practical, effective, and elegant.

There is also a complementing glass top cabinetry system. The clear visibility thus allows you to check inside the drawers without needing to open them. Moreover, you will find multiple dedicated compartments finished with velour for different accessories or jewelry in the drawer.
The neat and fashionable woman can also enjoy a dressing table with a dedicated elegant seat. It is undoubtedly a space to sit and enjoy the beauty.

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Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue closets combine the usual high-quality traditional artistry, global design, and modern technology with practical room treatment. Owing to the applied know-how, closet designers developed unique solutions to adapt to any interior type.

Among these solutions, keen attention ought to be paid to original elements refined to the smallest detail, for example:

  • Jewelry velour organizers
  • Backlit aluminum shelves
  • Backlist show cabinetry system
  • Glass aluminum fronts
  • Backlit bars for hangers
  • The possibility of individual height and width of the modules
  • Fully functional hangers.

The design features a functional and aesthetically pleasing walk-in closer organizer, including high-quality shelves, shoe boxes, and clothing rods.

Italian kitchens
Italian kitchens

High-Quality Closets - Made in Italy

The Extra system’s closets and walk-in closets are the central elements in the night features. The system provides versatility in living and represents most of our daily movements. Different factors have typically characterized Belligoti’s pursuit for a simple design in line with taste in modern living areas. Such factors include:

  • The wood finish panel and the essence.
  • The double panel doors.
  • Full attention paid to the design and top quality of materials used.

Generally, the Extra system depicts an area designed according to varying requirements. The system is planned to make an environment with outstanding aesthetic qualities corresponding to necessary practical and functional standards.

The modular double wood panel is designed with a perimetrical structure in mid-frame with a centered cell-like high resistant carton, secured with thin wooden foils of MDF on both sides or face panels glued together with hot-pressed glue.

Reflecting and glossy sliding door finish, refined wood patterns all make the closet visually light but with excellent firmness.


The closet has three sliding doors with an aluminum profile and clay lacquered glass. The internal finish has an elegant contrast of larch and white finish. The sliding doors-measures 151.5cm and have a bronzed mirror and aluminum profile lacquered coffee.

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Extra Closet

The filo three sliding doors-measuring 151.5cm wide-come in an open pore lacquered white finish in the above designs. They also come with an aluminum handle and are available in the same finish as the doors.


The inner fitting varies in colors. The white structures have a white fitting, and white structures with black matt have lacquered fittings.

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Filo Closet

The Filo closets feature brown glossy lacquered finish three sliding doors with a profile resembling door color. Additionally, you can have a braking closing system installed on the sliding for all closets. The braking system is essentially helpful in wider doors.

There are generally four types of doors coming in various finishes. The doors combine a traditional and contemporary feeling, ensuring a room full of atmosphere.


The Basic door in white post formed laminate with a wooden appearance (Matrix) depicts the design rigor and essentiality. You can find the finish in white or lacquered in the full range of 20 colors. It has a geometric and ergonomic handle in a chromium-plated finish.


It features a Quadra bright chromium-plated handle and a coffee appearance. The high gloss lacquered finish tints heighten the door color in the Piana hinged door. There are also lime tint chromium-plated tub handles placed horizontally.
The Piana doors have an option for you to acquire the pendulum handle in a different color.

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Piana Closet

The closet features a lacquered Piana-hinged door with high chlorophyll gloss. The door comes with a clay mat lacquered and a bright chromium-plated vertical handle featuring vertical handles designed with aluminum with a dark oat insert.

Additionally, the closets with Piana-hinged doors come in a grey oak finish. You can personalize the pendulum handle with the door finish. The foldaway pendulum has a plum open pore lacquered insert.


The Profilo hinged door closet has a grey reflecting panel of a mirror, adding functionality. The large spaces widen the space through reflections and light effects. The feature closets with lacquered cacao profile doors and clay lacquered glass.

The color-coding of the closet structure, doors, and shelves generates a dynamic composition. The composition stands out by emphasizing negative colors, making it a natural complementary in an environment with dark and light colors.

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Profilo Closet

At Baczweski Luxury, we will build the next custom closet of your dreams. Starting from the choice of a preset design, you can easily personalize it with your own colors and materials. Baczweski Luxury team will be happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for your requirements.

The benefits of an Italian closet design are evident: you will receive a high-quality product designed to meet your expectations. Baczweski Luxury’s closet can be perfectly integrated into the interior design of any space, even if it is not big enough for an entire closet.


The portal with two sliding doors features bronzed glass panels and an aluminum profile.

The cabin buffering system permits closing off wall spaces measuring 60-600cm wide and 210-300cm tall. You can fix the anodized aluminum upper runner to the ceiling or external wall. In addition, the single or double sliding doors can have a bronzy or smoky mirror.

They come in lacquered glass or a satin finish in standard colors.

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Portale Walk-In Closets

The walk-in closets also come in lime glossy lacquered finish and coffee mat lacquered. In addition, the corner walk-in wardrobes feature chlorophyll green glossy lacquered back panels and larch fitting.

The Extra walk-in wardrobes propose a series of unique fittings in various standard finishings. In addition, the thick shelves come with or without embedded lighting. The trouser racks come in aluminum finishing. The drawers rest on the base, suspended with an assisted closing system or standing free.

Bathroom Room

Here, we present a bathing room (wet room) that features the application of various solutions and accents.

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Most importantly, the central part of the bathroom is the hanging shelves on the Handless System and sizeable mirrors in aluminum frames. Below them are practical and functional shelves for toilet accessories and cosmetics placed in profiles under the bathroom tiles. There are LED-lit glass shelves in the same profiles on the opposite side.

Bedroom With Shelving System

Wall developments in the bedroom featuring a shelving system are designed based on the Wall System profiles combined with laminate boards. The system has additional elements, meaning you can now organize the bedroom space practically and elegantly.

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Apart from hooks, shelves, or rails where you can find all the elements of walk-in closet systems, there is a possibility to add a TV set wall, among other practical devices. The wall is combined with a reliable system full of shelving units, translating to aesthetics and practicality when it comes to storage.

Open Closet

Here, the complex arrangement of an elegant walk-in closet design is evident. The walk-in closet systems provide complete solutions with sections for elegant dresses, shoes, underwear, suits, and casual wear.

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The Shelving System is the essence of this closet solution. It provides us with the possibility of rich arrangements of your shelves, cabinets, and hangers. In addition, it provides us with the possibility of easy and quick rearrangements in use.

Moreover, we are conveniently able to create three-piece furniture-including seats, lightweight hanging recessed cabinets, and standalone bags/shoes storage cabinets-using the IQube 16 and 22 Systems. The IQube systems enable you to uses glass or full filling as shelves.

Applied in Closet

The bedroom and walk-in closet systems make a single space. Our walk-in closet ideas and systems are divided into the Shelving system and IQube 16 system. The IQube 16 system is adapted to the Wall System, providing various possibilities for arrangements. Moreover, the IQube 22 system is utilized for a few stands in the walk-in closet design and placed next to the bed as a nightstand.

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On the other hand, the Shelving System featuring cloth rails and drawers has a delicate divider function located in the middle of the room with quick access to your clothes from both sides.

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Closet Organizers

The closet systems made in Italy and designed by Belligoti feature sliding doors with quality reflecting finishes combined with wood lightness and an unwavering sturdiness. They feature practical features such as sufficient shelving and storage spaces. With our closet organizer and accessories, you can create multiple functional and practical combinations while maintaining a visual appeal.

Belligoti Designs

Belligoti custom cabinets focus on the most sophisticated closet designs that combine functionality and timeless style. Generally, the custom cabinets allow you to personalize your corner of the world to your taste and preference.

We provide our discerning clients the opportunity to customize their bedroom or dressing areas with top-of-the-line walk-in closets made in Italy. Belligoti, a renowned Italian designer, designs our closets.

The closets add different elements of practicality and functionality, such as shelves in high-quality materials. The closet doors have superior hardware, such as beautiful and practical handles. Additionally, the walk-in closets also add an element of aesthetic. The closets come in different colors and finishes that you can customize to get your deal closet generally.

The Extra closet designs by Belligoti represent what most homeowners would ordinarily want for their personal spaces. Luckily, they also come in varieties, allowing you to customize the designs to your choice.

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Modern Kitchens - The Baczewski Luxury Difference

Our company has been in the cabinetry industry since 2003. We are a leading business when it comes to producing the best quality high-end cabinets. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services for discerning clients.

We design, deliver, and install kitchen, living room, and bathroom cabinets, among others. We also provide other unique cabinet-related solutions for the entire home.

Are you looking for luxurious custom cabinet design and installation? Contact us today to schedule a virtual or in-house meeting with our reps. Alternatively, visit our kitchen showrooms in Denver, CO, and Houston, TX, to check out some of our best work.

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