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These cultivated Italian kitchen designs reclaim the concepts of functionality and identity, where the form of austerity is left to create kitchens that represent the consistent flow for all and not just presented as a trophy. It is everything that represents the term custom kitchen by combining bold materials and decoration. The Malograno classic kitchens merge the history of Italian kitchen designs with contemporary items, and its elements are shown.

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Classic Kitchen 1

The Melograno kitchen cabinet door handles concept turns from an element to a frame that operates as a handle. The hollowed profile of the door offers the capability of opening the door in every position.This kitchen is completed in grey painted natural oak with a unicolor white laminate countertop and table.

In the Melograno classic kitchen design, many stylistic elements that come to us from the past are reshaped. The upper shaped frame throughout the entire kitchen design, glass cabinets above the base units, the cooking area as the center point of the kitchen create a wonderful exquisite whole. Therefore in this design, the equipped columns become functional elements for the entire kitchen. Ivory painted natural oak finish with a black Marquina marble countertop and backsplash.

The cooking area with the big extractor held up by the two lateral ‘shaped shelves’ ends with the boiserie and the shelves on the countertop, perfectly symmetrical with the protruding block of the base units.

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Classic Kitchen 2

This kitchen design is rich in light and an atmosphere that includes natural materials such as marble and wood with lots of suitable cooking space. The Melograno classic comes in a dark grey painted natural oak, Calacatta gold countertop, and backsplash, making it the traditional Italian kitchen design. Two elegantly shaped shelves support the open island.

Melograno classic offers lots of highly functional furnishing opportunities, such as the open peninsula and the element with shelves.

In the middle of the kitchen design, the functional block with extractor makes a pleasing display. The two side wall units complete it with inclined lift-up doors.

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Classic Kitchen 3

The clients who choose Melograno classic enter a world of complete fascination, a balance between the expression of a lifestyle and technological progress. Kitchen design with central island, equipped columns and the wall with vertical extractor, an original solution with recognizable features, wall units with English style glass door spaced by decorative columns resting on the countertop.

Besides being functional, the Melograno classic must have some touches of originality and character. The decorating columns (w. 12 cm) can be just simple decorating elements or become useful bottle racks or spice holders. A simple gesture allows the coming out of a practical container on wheels and with shelves.

There are five standard heights for the multipurpose decorating pillars combined with base units, wall units, glass cabinets resting on the countertop, and columns.

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Classic Kitchen 4

Each Melograno kitchen can fit our daily life, but that classic taste keeps its mark. Different cooking areas are drawn by The decorating elements. The countertop, sink, and backsplash build the perfect continuity of the material, grind-shaped glass cabinets. A classic knob can also enrich Melograno classic kitchens by matching it with the drawer fronts combined with the base units’ door. White lacquered natural oak finish with a Statuarietto marble countertop.

The combination of base units and glass cabinets above the countertop offers the possibility to create larder walls to be used as furnishings that make the room complete.

Statuarietto marble edges (thickness of 5 cm) and the stone sinks represent the taste and shapes from the past.

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Gold & Silver Kitchen

In Melograno silver & gold, the silver and gold metals are the principal of these designs, creating multiple combinations with a pleasant classic taste. Decorative elements are underlined by silver or gold inserts in bright metal leaf or lacquered, with precious details that enrich the kitchen look. Designs in white lacquered natural oak with gold insert or dark grey lacquered natural oak with silver insert. The island is completed with a comfortable breakfast top.

Technical Data

Several planning variations characterize the Melograno classic designs. From the choice of the 72 cm high door and the door plus drawer (60+12 cm) for the base units, the glass with English style or four grinded edges for the glass cabinets, the monochromatic classic or silver & gold versions for the doors of the base units, wall units, and columns; the choice between drawer with push-pull opening or classical knob. Finish in five painted oak colors and nine open pore lacquer oak colors.

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