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Are you in need of modern drawer systems? Blum products come in various dimensions that offer great flexibility. Blum provides the best hardware solutions be it hinge systems, drawer box systems; you name it. We will focus on Blum’s drawer box systems.


Although we all have hectic days, your kitchen doesn’t have to be the same. AMBIA-LINE helps you quickly find everything you need for a quick meal or a holiday feast. AMBIA-LINE system is unique with a minimalist design, slim, and has a diversity in setting options.

They have designed the universal use frames that fit the Blum LEGRABOX system ensuring perfect organization of any living area. Its straight lines, clean and dark gray finish perfectly matches the interiors of your LEGRABOX drawer.

It also snuggly fits your drawers. Customizing your combination of storage solutions with AMBIA-LINE makes room for everything which makes your kitchen work.

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You can use a wide range of kitchen gadgets and accessories, including; hooks, hangers for various kitchen accessories, shelves, paper towel cassettes, and many others in your kitchen. We fix a subtle Handless System in the lower section. The handless system has LED lighting install enabling the use of handless fronts and those made of aluminum. This highlights the character of your new kitchen. Such a kitchen island gives your kitchen plenty of room to walk around.

The kitchen island also accords your kitchen a tidy and stylish appearance creating a spatial continuity between your kitchen and living room.


Do you have a hard time Googling to find the right kitchen gadget you need in your drawers? ORGA-LINE may be your solution. ORGA-LINE system is made in a way that fits snuggly in your drawers.

Therefore, they do not slide around irrespective of how quickly you open or even close your drawers. You can customize the ORGA-LINE to fit your needs, be it in the bathroom, office, or even in the kitchen. In this system, everything has a place.

To keep Cutting boards, store pots and pans, plastic containers, and other items of such characteristics, purchase the ORGA-LINE for deep drawers. It is a Blum product whose dynamism is endless.

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Blum Products like ORGA-LINE have been built from stainless steel with high quality and nylon, giving it that modern look and perfection. ORGA-LINE is super easy to assemble and flexible enough to customize depending on your varying storage needs.

One of the core characteristics of these organizers is their durability. They can last for the lifetime of your kitchen. Therefore, upon purchasing an ORGA-LINE organizer, you know you won’t be going back to shop for it or repair it again.

The money that would have been used to repair can go to some other uses. An advantage of the ORGA-LINE is that they are dishwasher-friendly. It means that you can easily clean them whenever you want.

Blum Drawer Box Systems

Metal drawer box systems from Blum give your drawers maximum storage space. They also provide a customized style just the way you need them. The customizations make fitting them easily possible. These drawers can fit into any space, and you can use them in varying applications, including residential and commercial uses. We can divide them into;

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LEGRABOX systems are dark grey drawers made of stainless steel. They have slim lines that can match materials with Orion grey or stainless steel. The customization ideas are endless, for instance, adding your wood fronts.

These Blum kitchen drawers feature full extension slides that allow full and easy reach to the stored items. LEGRABOX is one of Blum’s kitchen drawers that occurs in varying sizes and dimensions. It gives you more than a wide range of choices depending on the amount of space that you have.

Cabinet profile

LEGRABOX comes with an advanced cabinet profile. Because of advances in the runner system technology, LEGRABOX uses a fluid running action even when under heavy loads. Its load-bearing capacity is between 1-70 kilograms. At 40kgs, the nominal length of the drawer is between 270-550mm. At 70 kgs, the nominal length stretches to about 650mm.

LEGRABOX comes either in stainless steel finish or Orion gray finish. This makes it blend with other drawers in your kitchen or office. There are three motion technologies that LEGRABOX uses. They include blumotion, servo-drive, and tip-on blumotion.


TENDEMBOX is suitable for any home theme due to its light gray appearance. With this drawer, you can easily customize your space with solutions for the corners, waste drawers, and even areas around the sink that are not used. The integrated blumotion soft close feature allows smooth and quiet opening and closing of the drawers.

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You access everything in the drawer, including those items in the back, courtesy of the full extension capability of the drawers. These drawers have a load-bearing capacity of up to 65 kilograms and use blumotion and servo-drive motion technologies. Purchase this drawer for all your hardware solutions.

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Italian kitchens

Italian Kitchen Accessories

Baczewski is a leading American supplier of high-end luxury Italian kitchen accessories. The company multiplies space and functions with solutions for every kitchen performance type, whether meal preparation, storage, cleaning and maintenance, separate waste collection, utensils, dish organization, or pantry.

It is often the minor details that turn your kitchen design into something special. With an extensive choice of styles and materials to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect kitchen finish for your luxurious kitchen.

Baczewski supplies high-quality, luxurious kitchen accessories with a wide variety when it comes to design options. The beautiful Italian kitchen accessories list is almost endless, from appliances, sinks and taps, lighting, handles, and worktops.

Baczewski proposes solutions and provides Italian-made kitchen accessories to achieve the best results of kitchen functionality and elegance, from accessory designs to the choice of the ideal high-quality materials. The abundance of options when it comes to quality, design, and functionality allows you to choose the best products to personalize your kitchen.

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The product is a contemporary cheap plastic cutlery tray with a functional design. It is a practical tool with features such as shock resistance. Additionally, it is also available with accessories and comes in different sizes.

The kitchen island also accords your kitchen a tidy and stylish appearance creating a spatial continuity between your kitchen and living room.

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Whitty-line drawers and Whitty-line pan drawers are plastic cutlery trays, each with spaces arranged with “dynamic” accessories which allow you to customize the interior of drawers and pan drawers.

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Easy-line accessories have been designed to be placed in all types of drawers and pan drawers. Easy-Line products are made with top-quality solid wood material available in various finishes, stainless steel, and white polyethylene.

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Gourmet Line

The drawers and pan drawers are made in lamellar beechwood. The combined kitchen accessories are placed in carved wood compartments designed to keep your accessories at hand.

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The product line features a range of unique modular kitchen cabinet accessories, designed with beauty and exclusivity for the shiny steel combined with the natural warmth of wood. The product line allows you to customize your kitchen to detail.

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This product line features elegant and functional dish drainers originally and practically used as pan drawers. However, they are aesthetically pleasing when placed on the kitchen countertops.

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The product line features sink base units with hinged doors. The sink base units can be completed with functional and practical accessories quickly and easily installed with self-tapping screws.

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It is the universal solution to manage waste separation in kitchen sink-base drawers. Coming in different material and lid options, the product allows you masterfully organize your waste for a clean kitchen space.

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Integra Sponge Rack

The product line features sink base units with hinged doors. The sink base units can be completed with functional and practical accessories quickly and easily installed with self-tapping screws.

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Work Station

These Italian kitchen accessories are designed for column closets, kitchen countertops, and pantries. The accessories optimize the capacity of the space and provide semi-professional functional performance. In addition, they feature exclusive and original ideas that stand out in the use of quality materials and design.

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Cooking Line

This product line features high-quality kitchen cabinet accessories that are always visible and kept at hand for comfort, elegance, and maximum comfort in the kitchen. The accessories are easily accessible for ease of operation during meal preparations.

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Modern Kitchens - The Baczewski Luxury Difference

Our company has been in the cabinetry industry since 2003. We are a leading business when it comes to producing the best quality high-end cabinets. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services for discerning clients.

We design, deliver, and install kitchen, living room, and bathroom cabinets, among others. We also provide other unique cabinet-related solutions for the entire home.

Are you looking for luxurious custom cabinet design and installation? Contact us today to schedule a virtual or in-house meeting with our reps. Alternatively, visit our kitchen showrooms in Denver, CO, and Houston, TX, to check out some of our best work.

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