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Our expertise in laminating allows us to unite beauty and practicality by combining varying materials. Additionally, we are flexible and client-oriented. As such, we create design elements of exceptional quality and ensure a fully personalized client experience. Whether you need laminate countertops or laminate bathroom surfaces, there is everything for you.


The contemporary and sophisticated FABRIC LINE provides a versatile range of various textiles. The structures, haptic quality, and colors interact to form a unique experience for all your senses. As ANTIGRAV, FABRIC LINE can be processed without expansion joints. Additionally, it has a beneficial effect on your room acoustics.

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In summary, its practical features and pros include:

  • It is available in ANTIGRAV
  • It comes with magnetic backing
  • It has top-quality haptics
  • It features trendy and modern color and design combinations
  • It has a continuous pattern
  • It also has different color and structure options for complete personalization.


OPACO LINE is hugely beneficial and well suited for interiors with high design demands. This is due to a combination of semi-gloss surfaces and superb abrasion resistance.

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Some of the practical features and benefits of the OPACO LINE include:

  • All OPACO LINE products have matching profiles
  • It is available with magnetic backing
  • It features modish colors
  • Furniture, wall cladding, sliding doors, and shopfitting
    Indispensable for
  • It has a noble matt surface
  • It is highly abrasion-resistant.


Our extraordinary synthetic leather surfaces outshine every other product. LEATHER LINE provides clients with diverse designs and top surfaces in extremely fashionable colors.
They also come in PVC-free quality.

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Additionally, LEATHER LINE products include varieties in smooth leather, reptilian, fur looks. The range also contains leather surfaces in shimmering metallic colors.

  • Features that make LEATHER LINE stand out include:
  • They are 100% PVC free
  • They are available in magnetic versions
  • They are suitable for bonding with PVA
  • They feature a smooth and structured decor
  • They have high-quality haptics
    Modish designs and colors
  • They feature synthetic leather top surfaces.


The DECO LINE features a delivery program that comprises an outstanding mirror and metallic top surfaces. It also has modish metal and wood structures. Regardless of whether you are using products from DECO LINE for display, furniture, printing, trade fair, laminate countertops, or shopfitting purposes, they represent a non-plus ultra.

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Moreover, DECO LINE products come with abrasion-resistant surfaces. Other practical features that make the DECO LINE products stand out include:

  • They are available in magnetic versions.
  • Most products are supplied in a flame-retardant variation
  • Problem-free printing
  • It has fashionable designs and colors
  • The products come in mirror, metal, or wood appearances.


It has a delivery program that contains metallic and mirror top surfaces that feature a stylish mosaic appearance. Their high flexibility characterizes products from Multi-style. You can use Multistyle products in a highly individual manner. You can also use them on curved surfaces without complication.

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As such, Multi-style products are great for displays and decorations. Functional and practical features that make Multi-style products stand out include:

  • They come in magnetic versions.
  • Multistyle products are ideal for rounded surfaces
  • They are ultimate eye-catchers
  • Problem-free digital printing
  • Hip scratches
  • They feature flexible mosaic mirrors.

Additionally, the products come in a standard format of 980x980mm. Alternatively, you can get them in a 2,600 x 1,000mm format.


The Sibu ACRYLIC LINE integrates structured, high-gloss surfaces in high-quality ABS/PMMA material. ACRYLIC LINE products also transform furniture into genuine eye-catchers. Moreover, the homogenous acrylic material stands out as a result of its shining appearance. It also has superb processing characteristics and is highly abrasion-resistant.

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Furthermore, the sturdy top surface can be easily re-burnished should it be damaged at any time. Additional pros include:

  • It is ideal for bonding with PVA
  • It is highly abrasion-resistant
    Structured ABS/PMMA
  • It is suitable for furniture fronts
  • It features a high-gloss appearance.


This product range is ideal for homeowners in search of a structured scene-stealer. STRUCTURE LINE products achieve their unmistakable appearance from a combination of three-dimensionality with fashionable color combinations.

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Whether you want a vintage, concrete, reptilian, wood, or metallic surface, you can always find the perfect product to suit your taste and preferences.

Additional practical features and pros include:

  • It has a metallic, reptilian, and vintage look
  • Designs come with a structure
  • You can get the products in magnetic versions.


The range comprises perforated, metallic surfaces that have abrasion resistance. In addition, the PUNCH LINE 3D perforated patterns get their name from the stylish 3D effect films.

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Additional features and pros include:

  • They are available in magnetic versions
  • They are available in different fashionable colors and appearances
  • They feature abrasion-resistant variations
  • They have a metallic appearance
  • They are available with 3D effects
  • Perforated pattern laminate sheets.


Leather-backed acrylic glass creates a revolutionary depth effect that reforms furniture items into unique design objects. Moreover, SIBUGLAS products have extreme abrasion resistance.
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Additional features and pros that make SIBUGLAS products stand out include:

  • Availability in magnetic versions
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High depth effect
  • High-gloss surfaces
  • Acrylic glass.


PVA white glue saturates both reverse sides (balancing sheet and design) as quickly and evenly as possible using a roller.
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Next, they are laid on both sides of the absorbent wood laminate sheets. Subsequently, this composite is placed in a sheet press.



The WOODLINE product range provides fashionable shades with an animate grain structure. They introduce a breath of forest (nature) into your home.

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SIBU DESIGN wood patterns lend the perfect finishing touch to your furniture, whether you use it partly or extensively. You can introduce new life into your furnishing using WOODLINE’s natural haptics. Additionally, WOODLINE products have access to the right edges.

ANTIGRAV Joint-Free Processing

ANTIGRAV is light and innovative material. You can use it as a wall panel without expansion joints if combined with SIBU DESIGN surfaces. Furthermore, no expansion gaps are necessary since joint-free bonding provides extensive design options.
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The design panels are highly compact, light, and dimensionally stable, guaranteeing easier handling. Using silicone or MS polymer hybrid adhesives, you can quickly readjust on all surfaces by gluing.

Bath Art

SIBU Design products combine the best design and quality standards in the shower cabin. Bath Art products provide an innovative and time-saving solution for unique bathroom laminate designs, whether you need a new project or a simple renovation.
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Bath Art products have high-gloss, scratch resistance, hygienic, and easy-care waterproof laminate surfaces. Standard woodworking tools are used on the spot for further processing. Additionally, the laminate sheets are tested and approved for high humidity levels and extreme temperature changes.

All SIBU Bath Art products are available in matching profiles.

Moreover, waterproof laminate sheets are generously measured at 2,800×1,250 mm and require only a limited joints number. You can mount the laminate sheets on the existing surface.

Bath Art Matt

This is the matt version of the Bath Art. You can now enjoy the full SIBU DESIGN product experiences in a matt version.
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Functional features and pros include:

  • The products come in matching profiles.
  • They come in the best quality standard-made in Austria
  • The simple installation procedures allow for cost-saving
  • They have additional coatings to keep away viruses and bacteria
  • The bathroom laminate matt surfaces are abrasion-resistant and have easy-to-clean anti-fingerprint properties
  • They also require a limited joints number Sizes: 2600×980 mm.
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