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Wall Systems

Wall Systems are divided into four home categories: bathroom, kitchen, closet, and living room. Below is an all-inclusive guide to help make things easier for homeowners.

Baczewski Luxury focuses its efforts on three major fields. The first field is the production of high-quality aluminum furniture accessories. We provide over 20 frame profile shapes in various ornamented, color glass, and glass with graphics.

Our let-in handles come in various shapes, and surfaces comprise a major part of our product range. Additionally, Baczewski Luxury Cabinets offers a rare possibility of single anodized, personalized length handle orders.

Furthermore, Baczewski Luxury translates to contemporary solutions such as Wall systems, LED panels, alu-rolls, and a handleless system in a few practical and construction solutions, furniture legs, shelving systems, toe-kick profiles, and a LED lighting profiles.

QD13- Living Room with a Fully-Shelved Wall

The main wall that has a TV is the focal point of most living rooms. Furthermore, it is also where we try to show and distinguish our expertise in modern living room ideas uniquely. The contemporary living room with a fully-shelved wall comprises panels separated with the Wall System profiles.

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This Wall System profile has shelves that may include a bookcase for CDs, books, and other gadgets. Additionally, there are various paintings and the television, which are the central point. These accessories and systems are in subdued colors. The shelving system has a visual contrast-red body and double-sided shelves, providing an elegant and refreshing feel.

QD14- A Living Room Tiled Wall

We present a modern living room wall idea that is a simple and effective solution. It is a superb alternative to archaic wall units.

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This wall comprises large-format ceramic or stone tiles featuring the Wall System profile between.

Owing to this simple and effective solution, you can create various combinations using the shelves and cabinets that form the focal point of your minimalist living room. It is possible to achieve the best effect of the glass element lighting.

QD7- Bathroom X2

Several operations are necessary to enlarge a small bathroom visually. At Baczwesky Luxury, we propose a bathroom design with a single main wall, a large mirror, and floor panels placed on the wall straight in front of the entry. Subdued colors accompany this combination on a remaining couple of bathroom walls. Combined, all these features add a cozy and spacious element and effect to your bathroom.

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Owing to special profiles, you can find different accessories of the Wall System on the bathroom walls. Some of the accessories for the Wall System include:

  • Toilet paper handles
  • Towel handles
  • Interesting cosmetic shelves, among other bathroom accessories.

Moreover, the Handleless System does not restrict any space, simultaneously allowing the convenient use of the modern bathroom cabinets.

QD10- The Sandy Bathroom

Bathroom decor is a precious element. As such, how you feel in the various decor bathroom ideas will be reflected in your daily living. In this bathroom design, you will notice a countertop supported on aluminum profiles with a couple of round washbasins.

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Additionally, over the countertop, there is an exciting, functional, and spectacular composition of modern bathroom cabinets for cosmetics, towels, bathroom accessories, and other accessories. The cabinet fronts are created by framed mirrors, a concept that imitates picture frames.

The Wall System completes the whole area to install additional shelves, hooks, feeders, or accessories for bathroom walls.

IQube Shelving System

The IQube shelving systems were introduced as one of the latest market trends back in 2017.

IQube is an elegant yet durable shelving system that can be built in several ways. They come with connectors to make simple, single-level shelving or more complex constructions like furniture glide standing installations fixed on the wall with nail expansion anchors.

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The shelf is made from tempered glass and board material, which have been anodized for durability in different styles:

  • Silver
  • Black natural finish (similar to steel)
  • Stainless steel look powder coatings available by RAL color code

Most selectable colors also include small free samples so you can see what it looks like before making your purchase decision!

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IQube offers many possibilities when designing shelves, including both 1 level as well as multiple levels at various heights based on adjustable connectors. IQube can become a bookcase into a vertical display shelf with a connector set that allows for two levels of shelving and wall installation.


The IQube is designed and tested for heavy loads. Design load capacity for shelving is based on an even load across the shelf surface and consistent placement of items throughout the entire shelf. The load capacity of one glass shelf with an actual load is 44,09 lb.

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The IQube is available in two sizes:

1) The smaller unit is called IQube 16, and each cube could reach maximum dimensions of 15.75″X31.50″X15.75″.

2) The larger unit is called IQube 22, and each cube could reach maximum dimensions of 23.62″X59.05″X23.62″.

Generally, our wall systems are divided into four home areas for modern living; kitchen, living room, bathroom, and walk-in closet systems. Whether you are looking for high-quality bathroom remodel or kitchen remodeling wall systems, we provide wall designs to match your needs and preferences.

Bottom Line

Our wall systems allow for top-notch modern custom kitchen cabinets and modern bathroom cabinets for functionality and aesthetics. Baczewski Luxury is an industry leader in producing quality wall systems for specific rooms or entire homes.

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