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Modern shelving systems provide an excellent way to organize your living room, kitchen, walk-in pantry, bedroom, or office. Many different styles, finishes, and designs are available, so you can find the perfect system to suit your needs. Baczweski Luxury’s home living design introduces new open spaces that blend harmoniously and proportionately. Moreover, modern home solutions link adjacent rooms without barriers, resulting in a homogenous-appearing single area. Below are examples of contemporary, functional, and aesthetically pleasing modern living room ideas for you to choose from, whether for additional functionality or aesthetics.

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Day System

Day System is a bookcase with bearing uprights. The fixture measures 25mm in thickness. It comes with features that fulfill its functional and aesthetic requirements, including matching finishes, excellent versatility, and modular structure.

At your discretion, you can add doors and drawers to the simple bookcase structure, making it a multifunctional TV system or furniture. Moreover, you have access to a broad range of attractive finishes to achieve a more personalized appearance.

Bookcase features bearing uprights in the island version at the room’s center, where open spaces alternate with those with back panels. The layout freedom solves individual needs owing to the doors and passage on both sides. The structure features platinum matt lacquer, hinged doors with titanium finish aluminum frame, and reflecting bronze glass.

Day System 02

The DaySystem composition features a 32cm one depth with bridge and TV set panel. It also features partly closed by frame doors and drawers in the lower storage cabinets.

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 In addition, the structure features heat-treated larch, titanium-finish hinged doors with an aluminum frame, dove grey matt lacquered pan drawers, and reflecting glass. The TV space is also designed with LED lights, contributing to your modern home’s attractive general living room lighting.

Day System 03

The product is a multifunctional bookcase featuring differently width-size modules, a TV panel with built-in LED lighting, a central bridge, and vertically hinged doors measuring 22mm thick. The hinged doors are designed to close the bookcase niches.

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In addition, the bookcase structure is a full-grain hemp structure featuring a leather surface, swamp green matt lacquered doors, and titanium finish doors with aluminum frames and smoky grey glass-particularly the connection between side and shelf with concealed hardware.

Day System 04

This Day system comprises double depth with cabinets on the floor and a slightly leaning bookcase featuring bearing uprights. In addition, the structure features a rhythmic dynamism of full and empty spaces in the partly closed bookcases.

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The bookcases are closed by drop-leaf and lift-up doors. The base units with pan drawers feature a Linea handle profile. Lastly, the structure has a heat-treated larch and moss green matt lacquered finish, allowing for the perfect living room design.

Day System 05

This design proposes a bookcase with bearing uprights and with no visible backs. It also features a central bridge and protruding floor custom cabinets. The structure is made of full-grain hemp, and it looks like leather.

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In addition, the structure features long grains of oak-veneered doors and a grey stain-colored protruding base unit. The bridge space also features built-in LED lighting.

Day System 06

DaySystem has living room storage cabinets available in several types and dimensions. As such, it is considered to be able to organize your living room perfectly. The open and close volume matching provides a precise graphics identity to the wall, wall mount, or floor cabinets combined with panels with shelves or open cabinets.

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The design features dark pewter matt lacquered living room cabinets, vintage wood, and beige glossy lacquered paneling.

Day System 07

The shelved panels are made with a 5cm thick vertical post, back panel, and metal shelves of reduced thickness. The perfect shelf joints are possible owing to the simple connection system.

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The wall for the living room features 22mm thick doors with wall mount base units measuring 36 cm in height and 32cm in diameter. There are also wall units and panels with shelves.

Generally, the structure features a dark cement l.p laminate finish for wall mount base units and panels. It also features a tobacco stain veneer finish for wall units and posts.

Day System 08 & 09

The living room composition features lime white matt lacquered base units and wall units with framed doors in titanium finish aluminum and reflecting bronze glass.

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The wall for living rooms features 22mm thick doors with wall mount elements in heat-treated oak l.p laminate and dove grey glossy lacquered.

Day System 10

This DaySystem design meets the needs of modern living with its several layout and functional possibilities. The structure features 22mm thick doors and comprises wall cabinets locking doors. Additionally, it is surrounded by dual C-shaped lateral wall units.

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In addition, the bookcase structure is finished by floor cabinets measuring 36 cm tall. The system features a silk look laminate finish and grey elm laminate finish.

Day System 11 & 12

This DaySystem design meets the needs of modern living with its several layout and functional possibilities. The structure features 22mm thick doors and comprises wall cabinets locking doors. Additionally, it is surrounded by dual C-shaped lateral wall units.

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The wall for living rooms features 22mm thick doors with wall mount elements in heat-treated oak l.p laminate and dove grey glossy lacquered.

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Day System - Baczweski Luxury

The DaySystem Composit proposes a 25mm thick wall for the bookcase frame with bearing upright. The doors come in different thicknesses depending on the recessed profile or handle you choose. (thickness can either be 22 mm or 19 mm with an upper edge).

In addition, the structure design features a wide range of finishes and living room colors that allow you to match for a versatile and flexible project, even from an economic viewpoint.

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QD12- Living Room with a Fully-Shelved Wall

The central part of each living room has a main wall featuring a TV. We adjust all furniture to the main wall and attempt to present and diversify it uniquely. Currently, we present an exciting solution as a superb idea for a living room wall. We use the IQube 16 and 22 systems to arrange the living room with a wall filled with shelves for a modern living room design.

We have used the IQube 22 system for bottom shelving units and the IQube 16 system for the suspending parts. The systems are all in reserved, black colors-the shelving unit system features a black profile presented against wooden walls.

With minimum effort and add ons, you can create a minimalist living room where you can live well and nicely. We can create a superb living room design that matches your needs, expectations, and personality with our unlimited modern living ideas.

QD11- Practical Bathroom

The Baczewski Luxury IQube 16 and IQube 22 systems are subtle, lightweight, and long-lasting rack shelving systems with varying uses. The system has been applied in three locations, with the first location being an undercover unit. On the other hand, the 2nd location has a couple of racks hanging next to the mirror. In the third location, there is a rack hanging free with shelves.

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The creation of simple shelves and highly complex structures is easier with the utilization of specially designed connectors. You can use the IQube 16 and 22 Systems as standalone structures featuring adjustable height legs, regardless of the design. You can also hang the systems on the wall using a nail expansion anchor or on the Baczewski Luxury Wall System using suspension brackets. The shelves are designed with 4mm thick tempered glass and 16mm board (IQube 22) or 10mm board (IQube 16).

Additionally, you can also use the boards vertically and conveniently.

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Bottom Line

The Day System Living Collection is versatile in design, colors, and finishes, allowing for a more personalized project. You can personalize your living space with the ideal high-quality bookcase design to bring out or complement your style, personality, or preferences. A built-in cabinets living room allows for a minimalist living room design with well-designed storage spaces.

In addition, the designs feature high-quality material construction that enhances the strength and durability of the structures. Choose any design from the collection and have it professionally installed as an added element of functionality or visual appeal for your modern living room.

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