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Bathroom Cabinets

How do you feel starting a new day fresh and energized? Your bathroom ultimately becomes an oasis of relaxation and well-being in the evening if you generally feel energized and stimulated when you come of your bathroom in the morning. The bathroom is a tranquil space for most people where they meditate and think the day through.

The above pleasant rituals inspire our bathroom furniture. We design bathroom cabinetry to follow your day’s rhythm and fulfill all your demands.

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Personalized Bathrooms

Are you a fast go-getter or a wellness fan? Our bathrooms suit individual personalities. The bathrooms have aesthetically pleasing designs that appeal to different individuals.

In addition, the bathrooms feature smart functionality and combination possibilities to suit any room size. They are the ideal choices for having maximum fun in the bathrooms.

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Breath And Recharge Your Energy

The bathroom ideas guarantee you pure pleasure, allowing your daily life to melt into relaxation. Once you close the bathroom doors, rest assured that you will enjoy your wellness program undisturbed. Such enjoyable moments will make your day feel more special.

The ideal bathroom is intended to inspire and charm you daily with its simple, clean, versatile, and beautiful appearance. It is practical for everyday use and allows for every item in the room to shine beautifully in the proper bathroom lighting.

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Bathroom Trends

Our wide selection of top-notch bathroom furniture provides total freedom when it comes to different combinations and designs. You can customize your bathroom using either of our four current lifestyle trends or even combine them. After all, our goal is to help you achieve and customize your dream bathroom.

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Warm Grove

Besides the fine and sophisticated Look, the wood structure brings life, energy, and atmosphere to your bathroom. Our furniture provides rare and high-quality options for a luxury or laid-back bathroom remodel project.

Natural Freshness

(967 Lacquer Laminate, Alpine White Ultra Matt)

The furniture in here radiates tranquility while offering richness in contrast. The walnut appearance and anti-fingerprint-coated alpine white surface blend perfectly with the hand basin surface designed from excellent quartz stone.

The open shelf units provide a beautiful and practical solution. There is a functional hook rail in the niche that offers additional convenience. You can easily hang and access bathroom accessories such as bathroom towels, among others.

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A Sense of Structure

(405 Sierra Oak Reproduction)

The bathroom appearance is sometimes coordinated and sometimes contrasting. The Sierra Oak natural look provides a sense of structure to the architecture of several spaces, ensuring a fresh, warm look.


(403 Nero Oak Reproduction)

The Nero Oak matt black radiates a self-confident elegance and allure. It showcases the bathroom storage space in a minimalistic and contemporary manner. It also has some practical details, such as the towel rail and one of the best bathroom vanities in the market.

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Cozy And Warm

(402 Havana Oak Reproduction)

The Havana Oak has a dark and untreated grained look that generously provides warm contrasts in a cool-looking bathroom.

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In Combination

(337 Lacquer Laminate, Aqua Supermatt)

The wood appearance and solid-colored fronts constantly create a unique impression when combined. For instance, the combination of matt white fronts and our light Somerset oak create an atmosphere of special lightness. By contrast, colored fronts with Havana oak give rise to a fresh and contemporary look.

Deep and Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Our bathroom design ideas depict how beautiful storage space solutions in your bathroom can be. This design features a concrete look and also a slate appearance in various shades of grey. Combined, they cultivate a clean and urban bathroom style.

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Pure Openness

(839 Concrete Terra Grey Reproduction)

The open pole-mounted bathroom shelves can be designed in various dimensions. They also ensure a homely ambiance, which is further emphasized by concrete-appearing surfaces in Terra grey.

Clean Look

(304 Stone Grey Slate Reproduction)

This bathroom design features a handless design in a stone grey appearance that looks clean and tidy on the bathroom vanities. The integrated bathroom lighting strip creates subtle effects, making it an exquisite detail.

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Concrete Style

(892 Concrete Grey Reproduction)

This bathroom design features a big concrete look trend that has established itself internationally over the last few years. The bathroom design enjoys an elegant and classy appearance that suits a modern bathroom perfectly.

Soft Touch

The high-quality bathroom designs feature matt surfaces that have a calming effect on small and master bathroom ideas.

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Pure Openness

(839 Concrete Terra Grey Reproduction)

The open pole-mounted bathroom shelves can be designed in various dimensions. They also ensure a homely ambiance, which is further emphasized by concrete-appearing surfaces in Terra grey.

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Beautiful Look

(165 Lacquer, honed stone Grey)

This bathroom design features a big concrete look trend that has established itself internationally over the last few years. The bathroom design enjoys an elegant and classy appearance that suits a modern bathroom perfectly.

Matt Combined

(340 Lacquer Laminate, black super matt)

A super combination of an oak appearance and matt clean fronts give rise to pleasant contrasts and create structure. The bathroom design has an interior organization that impresses with its integrated waste bin.

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(340 Lacquer Laminate, black super matt)

The bathroom features floating elements or pedestal feet as a design feature. It has contrasting color counters, continuous functional handles, and an anti-fingerprint coating that is easy to care for. The tiny and major details turn your bathroom into a fully customized choice for you.

More Exclusivity

(967 Lacquer Laminate, Alpine White Ultra Matt)

The bathroom design is aesthetically pleasing with the wow factor that impresses its top-quality material mixture of a dark quartz stone top, a cast mineral hand basin, and ultra matt alpine white surfaces.

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Pure Order

(969 Lacquer Laminate, Sand Ultra Matt)

The bathroom design provides a perfect and practical solution for the guest WC. It has low-depth unit elements developed especially for small rooms. The easy-to-clean, ultra-matt surface provides additional comfort. It has an anti-fingerprint coating to ensure a clean fingerprint-free surface. The bathroom mirrors feature a modern and stylish appearance.

Elegant Appearance

(937 Glass Appearance, Titanio Matt)

The bathroom design features individual unit elements in an exceptional glass appearance with a slightly metallic shimmer, which plays a central role in the bathroom space. It features a hanging bathroom sink that provides sufficient bathroom storage space.

Generally, the bathroom design offers a cool and timeless appearance with visual depth effects.

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Modern Cosiness

(782 Lacquer, honed white)

This is a harmonious design for families that prefer a modern cottage lifestyle. In addition, it attaches immense importance to bathroom storage space. It has well-designed bathroom cabinets that provide functionality and a superb design.

Open bathroom shelves in black matt and individual bathroom vanity lights ensure a detailed creative bathroom look. In addition, it has a smart laundry unit, which adds an element of practicality.

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Country House Style

(774 Lacquer Laminate White)

The bathroom design features framed matt fronts to design a cozy to casual Scandinavian appearance in your bathroom. There is an integrated lighting strip on the hand basin, and it provides special effects, giving the bathroom a modern and classy feel.

Reflecting Light

More bathroom lighting fixtures translates to more space. These bathroom designs feature high gloss surfaces, which create visual Depth to make the bathroom appear bigger.

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(503 Lacquer Laminate, Alpine white high Gloss)

This common bathroom design features high-gloss furniture featuring fresh-looking alpine white. Depending on your bathroom size, you can style in different ways. The bathroom features a double hand basin that provides plenty of space for families. It achieves its character owing to the round end uprights.

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(503 Lacquer Laminate, alpine white high Gloss)

The bathroom design provides more contrasts for a fresh homeliness. White meets black. Moreover, the matt metal runners and clean handles complement the high gloss fronts. The black bathroom faucets are particularly aesthetically pleasing details. There is a combination with a Smartcube in wood appearance for the guest WC.

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Eye Catcher

(817 Lacquer, alpine white high Gloss)

The high gloss bathroom furniture is a highlight in the basic sense and definition of the word. The bathroom furniture is white and pleasantly illuminated and also creates an open architecture within the room.

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High Gloss

(455 Lacquer Laminate satin grey high gloss)

You can achieve a top-quality look in your bathroom by using shiny surfaces. Shiny surfaces can also make your bathroom appear larger.

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Visual Depth

(453 Lacquer Laminate, slate grey high gloss)

Small bathrooms designs require different designs and different furniture from bigger ones. Our bathroom elements provide the appropriate design scope for the above rule. We provide high gloss fronts ideal for smaller bathroom ideas and come in versions for larger bathroom designs.

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High-Quality Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Accessories

We provide high-end bathroom furniture, among other products. Our bathroom furniture items are designed with top-of-the-level materials, including the Dekton, among others.

Our experts can help you find and install;

  • Bathroom vanities
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Bathroom light fixtures
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Bathroom storage cabinet fixtures
  • Bathroom countertops, including the premium Silestone, among others

Baczewski is a leading bathroom remodeling team of experts. We can help you customize your bathroom to suit your taste, personality, and needs.

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Modern Kitchens - The Baczewski Luxury Difference

Our company has been in the cabinetry industry since 2003. We are a leading business when it comes to producing the best quality high-end cabinets. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services for discerning clients.

We design, deliver, and install kitchen, living room, and bathroom cabinets, among others. We also provide other unique cabinet-related solutions for the entire home.

Are you looking for luxurious custom cabinet design and installation? Contact us today to schedule a virtual or in-house meeting with our reps. Alternatively, visit our kitchen showrooms in Denver, CO, and Houston, TX, to check out some of our best work.

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