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Generally, besides interior furnishing, people who dwell in rooms turn the spaces into a home. As an industry leader in the fitted kitchen sector, we develop top-quality system furniture that meets top individual planning standards for years-these range from the tiniest of details to the consistent design of individual rooms.

Such is an ideal necessity to demonstrate our planning expertise besides our top quality and usability standards, including in living areas and bathrooms. As a result, we successfully combine living, kitchen, and dining rooms into a single living space in a holistic manner.

Experience Your Home

A home is nothing short of constant movements, especially for families. Besides kids playing everywhere, a home is also where life plays out. It only makes sense that the home furniture is designed specifically to handle these and much more events comfortably. Among the things that make a comfortable home include modern cabinets, modern tv cabinets for the living room, modern living room display cabinets, and other fancy additions.

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Prepare for work, pack the kids’ school bags, pull on your jacket, and go forth to start your day. There is always something happening at home. You can turn your dressing room into a clothing dream. In addition, the right closet is a plus for you if you love order.
A home is vital if living becomes more than a feeling of well-being. It is also a fantastic place if breakfast with the family becomes a moment to enjoy.

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Family Get Together

The proper home provides sufficient space for breakfast with the family, evenings play fun games together, cooking with family and friends, or simply relaxing on your sofa after a long day.

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Living Environments

Individuality appears in different forms. As such, our furnishing elements also provide unlimited possibilities for designing individual rooms/complete living room layouts or personalizing them.

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Living Atmosphere

You can design your home life depending on your ideas. We provide intelligent and top-quality system furniture that offers lots of freedom to colors, materials, and dimensions.

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Touch 332

Made Easy

The design features matt white light oak Sierra fronts that create a unique light feeling. The shelves provide the perfect platform for your decorative accessories. Alpine White Super-matt.

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Touch 341

Clear Design

The interchanging of super matt surfaces and precise lines in coordinated grey shades creates a highly modern and elegant impression.

Touch 334

(Lacquered Laminate, Slate Grey Super-matt)

This sideboard arrangement was intended to stand on the floor. It is also a highly modern interpretation of storage space. The design achieves a sense of harmony, owing to the satin grey elements with intentionally simple handles combined with Terra grey’s warm concrete shade. One of the outstanding highlights in this living room layout is the rounded standing panels.

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Riva 839

& Touch 338
An All-Round Success

This sideboard arrangement was intended to stand on the floor. It is also a highly modern interpretation of storage space. The design achieves a sense of harmony, owing to the satin grey elements with intentionally simple handles combined with Terra grey’s warm concrete shade. One of the outstanding highlights in this living room layout is the rounded standing panels.

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Fashion 168

& Structura 402 Havana Oak Reproduction
(Lacquer, honed Alpine White) Naturally Combined

The material combination in warm Havana oak and alpine white surfaces creates an exciting and homely atmosphere. The simple design emphasized by illuminated modern storage cabinets for the living room making an absolute attractive eye-catcher.

Experience Your Home

The design provides a solid look for a highly modern ambiance.

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Structura 403

& Easytouch 963
(403 Nero Oak Reproduction ) Easytouch 963

The design provides a solid look for a highly modern ambiance. The combination of ultra matt rust red and black Nero oak presents the art of living. It has a convenient anti-fingerprint coating feature.

Pure Elegance

This home design creates a living trend that provides a fully exclusive style with exciting material contrasts, dark tones, and a minimalist design language. In addition, the design combines contemporary walnut decor and shiny black to make a true statement.

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Riva 840

(Modern Straight Lines)

This design features a well-conceived clarity that is realized fully without handles. The tall version of the dark glass wall unit is an exclusive eye-catcher in a designer look. Moreover, it showcases sufficient storage spaces in a highly unique manner.

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Touch 334

(Relaxed Naturalness)

The abundance of wood, natural colors, and warm light sources allow for easy relaxation and unwinding. The airy shelf and light Sanremo oak storage units create an open feel-good ambiance and showcase your most valuable decorations and accessories.

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Touch 341 Lacquered Coat

(Slate Grey Super matt) Timelessly Modern

The wall elements feature a handless design that appears exceptionally modern and elegant. Combined with delicate woods, it offers a timeless appearance that adds taste and value to your room.

A Master of Opinion

The design features modern storage cabinets for the living room with matt satin fronts that offer a new and exciting material feel.

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Artis 937

(Glass Appearance Titanio Matt)

Subsequently, this creates an optical depth with their distinctive glass look. The unique edge shape underlines this sophisticated effect.

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Structura 402

Havana Oak Reproduction
(Touch 340 Lacquered Laminate, Black Supermatt) Moved

The design features sliding doors as a design element. These create additional storage units and provide the furniture in natural Havana oak look a cool touch.

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Easytouch 963

Lacquered Laminate, Rust Red Ultra Matt
(Concrete Slate Grey Reproduction - Riva 889) Strong Looks

This design encompasses a unique appearance with a wow factor. It features a rear wall in a concrete appearance that ensures the ideal backdrop for contrasting cupboards in rust red with ultra matt anti-fingerprint surfaces.

Urban Cosiness

The design features a style that simultaneously appears urban, homely, and also relaxed. Soft shades, natural materials, and decorative green plants create the perfect environment for highly modern system furniture in a top-quality wood appearance. One of the most trending themes is the surfaces that currently appear emphatically pure and natural sand tones.

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Easytouch 969

(Lacquered Laminate, Sand Ultra Matt) Surprising Detail

The project is efficient and attractive. The shelves showcase unique decorative ideas. It also showcases the delicate cupboard elements that provide storage units and impress with functional bar flaps. It has an intelligent integrated cable pass-through.

logo baczweski

Color Concept 274

Satin Grey Supermatt - Touch 338
Marble Style

The Teramo marble reproduction gives the suspended units with fold-down fronts their individual and pure touch, making it ideal for different living styles.

Contrasting Beauty

The house design features strong contrasts in high-quality and timeless white and black look classic. It is coupled with a graphical design language and individual accessories for an impressive home.

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Easytouch 961

(Lacquered Laminate graphite Black Ultra Matt) Clearly Urban

In this design, light meets dark. The result is clear and urban aesthetic. In addition, it features easy-care anti-fingerprint fronts and units and shelf units with a black carcase. It also features glass as a design element, providing additional light.

logo baczweski

Fashion 173

(Lacquer honed White) Freedom to Play

The design is an accurate depiction of modern living layout storage. It has an integrated console which makes the design element stand out.

A Freshness Boost

782 Lacquer honed white

This design features a cottage style trend that inspires with a fresh and cozy homeliness. Additionally, the Scandinavian-inspired, contemporary cottage style fronts also underline and contribute to the homeliness.
The design features open unit compartments that provide additional space for personal decoration ideas. The design also has an integrated cable pass-through for added functionality.

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Lux 823

Setting Accents

The wall system comes in slate grey high gloss that inspires with its design and practical pull-outs. The design also features attractive contrasting elements designed from Havana oak.

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Easytouch 961

Concrete Grey Reproduction
(Lacquered Laminate Graphite Black Ultra Matt) Greyscale

The design features puristic pull-outs in a concrete appearance and graphite black elements with a functional anti-fingerprint coating. Both are combined by the rear wall, creating a harmonious feature and a solid, calm, and elegant combination.

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Our company has been in the cabinetry industry since 2003. We are a leading business when it comes to producing the best quality high-end cabinets. Moreover, we provide a wide range of services for discerning clients.

We design, deliver, and install kitchen, living room, and bathroom cabinets, among others. We also provide other unique cabinet-related solutions for the entire home.

Are you looking for luxurious custom cabinet design and installation? Contact us today to schedule a virtual or in-house meeting with our reps. Alternatively, visit our kitchen showrooms in Denver, CO, and Houston, TX, to check out some of our best work.

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