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Maxima, personality in the kitchen.

The Maxima kitchen collection is constantly fed by innovative proposals, which offer the chances to distribute the spaces with rigor and functional character, seeking sophisticated aesthetics. A horizontal handle, which contrasts with a vertical groove, for smooth and continuous fronts without protrusions. Semi circular elements drawn up each other create islands and peninsulas with a significant aesthetical impact. The vintage taste of curved end and corner elements, a symbol of domestic tradition during the Seventies, is revised contemporary. The raised breakfast table creates something more.

Introducing concepts without time has led Maxima to be distinguished not only as a cooking space but also as a place where it’s pleasant passing time. The design details make differences uncovering a particular vocation for quality of product, and primarily, the attention to consider Maxima as a cross-kitchen in a quality-price relationship. High-performance technical materials, warm woods, which rediscover the value of tradition, texture materials for new feels: Maxima is an extraordinary kitchen, which contains in its self aesthetical concepts and technology to be used following one’s creativity.

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The linear island of Maxima can have the curved end part for a new geometry of the shape. The curved end unit is an element with hinged doors in the internal part of the island, and on the outer side, it’s a support for a table of the peninsula that utilizes the maximum space.

The composition is characterized by a soft contrast between the white mat lacquered and light oak finishes for the columns. Cooking and washing zones are placed in the center room island with a monochrome white countertop, which ends in the light oak table of the peninsula. The recessed groove handle and plinth are white lacquered to have smoothness in the front of the island. Groove and plinth of Maxima are available in colors for a lacquered finish, in addition to neutral color of bright aluminum for a play of contrasts or continuity with the finish of the front. The detail rises in value the composition starting from the paint. Concerning the opening of doors for columns, the horizontal groove has been proposed in connection with the track of curved end elements; in this case, the white color interrupts the smoothness of the light oak front.

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Curved island

The development of Maxima converts the concept of “center room island” from a rigid and monolithic element to a place with soft and sinuous shapes were being at one’s ease. A “boomerang” shaped island with curved corners and raised breakfast table in the cooking area has been proposed. A White synthetic countertop with a welded sink and flushed hob. White groove and plinth for uniformity in color of the mat lacquered front. The equipped columns, in rosewood finish, have a singular opening of hinged and re-entering doors. Allowing to hide objects and appliances behind the doors and their complete opening gives the maximum functionality and use of spaces during the job in a kitchen. The doors have an embedded handle with a central part in the same finish as the fronts to maximize aesthetical cleaning. The columns end with very thick panels. Open wall units in lemon yellow mat lacquered finish.

In a black glossy lacquered finish, the semi-circular island with raised breakfast table is composed of two jointed corners, and it’s covered with panels externally. The columns with hinged doors are in white glossy lacquered finish and white printed glass with an aluminum frame. The groove handle is placed in a horizontal position for base units and drawers, in vertical for columns; the groove in bright aluminum finish represents an aesthetical and functional solution, which excludes handles, but it permits an ergonomic, easy and steady grip. White monochrome worktop flushed hob, embedded single sinks, and cylindric hoods in stainless steel finish.

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Center room island

Maxima project bases itself on creative searching and quality of product, which drive to the proposal of center room semi-circular island with strong visual impact, that is emphasized by breakfast table along the external perimeter. The island in black and white glossy finishes with a bright white countertop is completed with a sequence of suspended wall units (in white glossy lacquered and golden leaf) and equipped columns.

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Composition with semi-circular corner and peninsula

An exclusive character of Maxima is the proposal Plus, the door (in Round or Linear version) thick 25 mm and in matt or glossy lacquered finishes. In detail, the black glossy lacquered Plus door with bright aluminum recessed groove handle and light in the base with a sensor. Maxima is characteristic of the common choice of 3 thicknesses for a kitchen cabinet door:

25mm Plus, 19mm standard door, and 22 mm for the basic version. Each type offers different finishes.

Maxima composition with semi-circular peninsula in open-pore white painted oak finish, countertop in white Unicolor, and white lacquered raised breakfast top. The technical area of the semi-circular island provides a flush-mounted hob and sink with the exact shape of the worktop.

Maxima composition with Plus door (door thickness of 25 mm ) in black glossy lacquered finish characterized by open elements with sliding doors in Stopsol (available also in a white screen). A semi-circular peninsula with double corner and worktop with raised breakfast table in white cristal. The wall unit w.270 with a single flap door hides the hood and the draining rack. It increases the aesthetical choice of large horizontal surfaces for Maxima. For proper lighting of the countertop, the wall units have a lighted bottom.

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Corner composition

The result is a sequence of curved and twisted doors, which make soft the changes between different depths of the kitchens. From the cabinet doors of the end curved elements to the wall unit, which connects columns and wall units, the curved corner elements are equipped as an under-sink base unit and the wall unit for a hood with a “wave” door. In addition, the kitchen is enriched by new signs for a new proposal making it more and more prosperous and modern.

Glossy white lacquered composition with grey anthracite monochrome countertop and a back panel. The new curved end elements, the curved corner base unit, and connecting wall units with columns and available with an embedded spotlight in the rear panel, becoming the absolute main characters and giving uniformity to the front. The absence of corners and the chromatic play between the glossy white and the bright aluminum of the recessed groove handle and the plinth are evident in the corner base unit equipped as an under-sink.

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For a good relationship between quality and price, Maxima proposes the Basic door. A 22 mm thick door with a silk look laminate. Tranchè or Matrix look low-pressure laminate. Direct glossy mono lacquered finishes. Materials and significant aesthetical impact are connected to the design characters of Maxima. A composition with back elements equipped with shelves and wall units with flap door in tranchè amanda look laminate finish, acting as an intermediary between technical columns and base units equipped with sink and hob. Silk look laminate finish with a white monochrome worktop. Recessed groove handle and plinth in aluminum color.


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Corner Composition

Geometries and Chromatism for Maxima in grey oak finish for technical columns and raised peninsula on base units. White glossy lacquered finish for base units and wall units with lighted bottom for correct countertop lighting. Worktop and backsplash height is 20 cm in stainless steel finish, flushed hob and sink, single wall hood in grey oak, and stainless steel. Details as Tv holder unit, which hides the LED television in the wall unit with an up and down movement, and white finish for internal equipment.

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Linear Composition

The aesthetical quality of black Cardoso stone for the worktop and a back panel with stainless steel spoons rail contrasts with white glossy finish for Plus door of linear composition with walnut wall units. Thick shelves (4 cm) for open wall unit with sliding door in stop sol glass or white crystal.

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