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The essential and geometric style that Linea offers with the solution of the recessed handle profile allows you to open cabinet doors and drawers without using handles or hardware. In addition, this functional choice lightens the worktop by producing a particular effect of aesthetics.

The recessed grip profile solution makes you appreciate the continuous horizontal view of the kitchen cabinet fronts and the facades, which are not interrupted by door handles.  This modern solution enhances the quality and value of this modern kitchen design and finishes. We offer four types of handle profile opening.

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Flat handle profile and door with 30° edge to simplify the doors and drawers opening. Linea 30 in H.D. version, with kitchen cabinet doors and drawers that reach 2 cm from the floor. H.D. kitchen cabinet doors are also available for Pepper, Touch, and Lounge kitchen collection models. Multifunctional island with day compartment under the snack top; linear wall characterized by wall units and suspended showcase columns, framed glass door, and clear end sides.

Columns with pocket doors (W 120cm), fitted with stainless steel drawer units. Finishes: Scratched metal lacquered gold YORO, Eucalyptus veneered, doors with smoked V5 glass and black aluminum frame, countertops, and backsplash in Laminam Calce Nero LMCN.

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Linea Pure

“L” Recessed handle profile for a more effortless opening of doors and drawers, with more significant space for the door opening. Linea Pure wall hung is a contemporary concept that offers innovative solutions and original aesthetic choices. Base units and tall units in scratched metal lacquered anthracite YANT, completely wall hung with a patented and tested wall fixing system, are the protagonists of a concept that creates an evocative play of solids and voids. An innovative backsplash in Magnetolab glass creates a bright and illuminating surface. It allows you to take advantage of the space between the top and wall units with a wide choice of magnetic accessories. Wall unit with single door W 280 cm in Elmwood. Countertop in white Betacryl.

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A sophisticated balance of “blocks” with distinct functions for Linea Pure in the special lacquered Dark Pewter LAPS finishes for base units and tall units, wall units in Walnut, countertop, and backsplash in Gres Bianco Carrara. Recessed handle profile matching the door, h 8 cm gray lacquered plinth, peninsula table in Antique Wood.

The star of the Linea Pure kitchen is the Natural Wood door in multicolor spruce. Natural material in 3 layers where the materiality and imperfection of the reclaimed wood bring out all the effects of time. Wall units and columns completed in Satin Glass Black A33 and countertop and backsplash in vintage stainless steel.

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Linea Edge

Flat handle profile and built-in handle in the back edge of the door with L-shaped profile for an easy and safe grip—elegant Linea Edge composition in its rigorous and minimal lines. The island with an in-line table is an organized space where the solutions are highly functional to different needs: work for the operational area and friendliness for the table.

The storage columns are interrupted by the horizontal sign of the Edge profile and by vertical open cabinets in L.P. Laminate Heat-treated oak N4 (W 30 cm). London Gray A36 glossy one side lacquered finish for the doors, an island in Hpl Argento SRAE, table and snack top in L.P. Laminate Heat-treated oak N4.

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Linea Round

L-shaped recessed handle profile on the rounded elements creates greater maneuverability within the space that favors the door’s opening.  Linea Round is characterized by a series of curved and twisted doors, from the rounded end cabinets’ doors to the curved corner element equipped as a sink base.

Base units, wall units, and tall units in A02 White Glossy Lacquered with countertop and backsplash in Fenix Grigio Bromo. The recessed handle profile that runs along the entire length of the compo

Linea Round with soft and sinuous shapes proposes a “boomerang” center-room island. White Betacryl countertop with integrated sink and flush-to-top burners; white recessed handle profile and plinth for color uniformity with A02 matt white lacquered bases. In Ligna 4.0 Cotto oak K5014 finish, the equipped tall units have a particular pocket opening that allows you to hide objects and appliances behind the doors and have maximum functionality and use of the workspace. Retractable handles in the same finish as the doors.

Linea Round with rounded end cabinets for maximum use of space is characterized by the delicate two-tone contrast of the part of the column in A06 clay matt lacquer with the working part of the island, in A07 beige matt lacquer. The cooking and washing area is concentrated on the central island with top in Laminam Pietra Piasentina Taupe that continues into the 45° inclined peninsula table in Wengé Stained Oak Veneered R10. The internal compartments of base and wall units, the recessed handle profile, and the plinths are available in the same finish as the doors.

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