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At first glance, the Mood Kitchen project depicts a deep emotional impact. Mood kitchen is intended to please a younger population and has an impressive correlation between quality and price. In addition, the project fully maximizes the potential of its material contracts, which plays a huge part in quality. Mood kitchen proposes a new door with a single incline edge which allows you to open the door using a recessed handle profile. 

Mood kitchen also proposes a thin thickness for the countertops. It also has an innovative color palette featuring wood-look heat-treated L.P laminates and some project novelties for the columns. 

Additionally, the kitchen door features a tapering of the upper (bases and baskets) and lower (upper doors and column) profile for a safe grip. You can optionally hide the flat groove, available in aluminum only, from a lateral view or finished side. Moreover, the laminate top-of-series measures 2cm thick and comes in seven various finishes. You also get to choose your floors from Composit options.

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Mood Green in the City

The kitchen combines design and functionality and is furnished with large full-height columns. The technical area space dedicated to fire water is located in the center room island with an aligned table. 

With sufficient lighting, Mood features stainless steel sink and hob and a new convenient white-laminated 2cm thick countertop. The Mood kitchen project also proposes the oak heat-treated L.P laminate and high-gloss white Pet as a symbol of personalization and convenience. 

The horizontal sign of the aluminum profile and the open vertical cabinets in oak heat-treated L.P laminate interrupt the larder columns to create identity in the kitchen. The end shelving’s convenience and precise geometry result in a highly appealing harmonious shape. The standard plinth features an aluminum finish.

The kitchen island aligned with the table is a highly organized and functional space, depending on your needs. It features a work area for your cooking needs as well as a table for your dining needs. The island is elegant with severe and cut lines. 

In addition, it is warm and soft for the oak heat-treated L.P laminate color shade. The table features a shelf extension that overlaps the island, making it an ideal comfortable snacking place.

Generally, Mood Kitchen features an open space with a kitchen island, making it a suitable social center if you want to cook while interacting with other people. The kitchen composition coordinates the entire room’s architectural space. The dining area flows to the living room, allowing for a continuous flow of communication. 

The kitchen island provides users a space to prepare their meals and sufficient space to engage other people in conversations.

The wall features hanged cabinets in oak heat-treated L.P laminate. In addition, the living room also features a glossy lacquered 06 color.

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Mood Kitchen Work In Progress

The Mood kitchen project outlines horizontal and vertical geometries with contrasting open and closed wall spaces since it is plain with its linearity. The shelves, doors, and backsplash feature a high gloss white finish, while the 2cm countertop has a white laminate. 

There is also a high-gloss inox extractor. The high-gloss white Pet panel behind the extractor interrupts the woodwork and wall unit’s horizontality. The shelves are placed on the high columns measuring 142cm. The standard plinth and the handle profile come in an aluminum finish.

The linear composition finish depicts the unrivaled strengths of contrasting colors and materials. The new extractor is available in white color and inox.

The high gloss surfaces and pastel colors provide a rhythm to the living room that features hanging base units with drop doors. The insertion of oak heat-treated L.P laminate open cabinets interrupt the wall units. They also feature White and Ral 5009 High gloss lacquered finishes. 

Mood Kitchen gives you the complete freedom to match colors with a suitable harmony of the combination of mat white L.P laminate, elm L.P laminate, and steel. It is a compostion of mat white L.P laminate and elm L.P laminate. Total freedom allows you to organize the Mood Kitchen’s aesthetic using the available options. 

The high-gloss white Pet, mat/ high-gloss lacquered colors, and the wood-look and white L.P laminates join the steel and aluminum of the accessories to provide several personalization possibilities.

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Mood Living in Urban Space

Mood kitchen allows you freedom with color when using the kitchen. The space is dynamic with sufficient lights. Moreover, the project combines several functions in a single room. Mood kitchen is an elegant u-shaped composition that proposes three finishes: black, mat white L.P laminate, and intermediate grey one-side high-gloss lacquered. 

In addition, Mood kitchen features large countertops with full-height columns on their sides. The snack shelf and countertop come in a white laminate. The handle profile and the standard plinth feature an aluminum finish.

Mood kitchen features a deep scenic impact upon first sight, with different shapes and proportions. It is an open structure with a peninsula that includes a dining area. There is also a white block where the base units’ various equipped pan drawers guarantee large larder spaces. The area features a snack shelf on three sides, making it the ideal snacking area.

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Modern Kitchen Ideas

With a high-gloss white Pet and an oak heat-treated L.P laminate, Mood kitchen depicts strength and a superb design. It represents its strength with thickness and volumes that furnish the kitchen via the utilization of thin shelves and the kitchen island ending the working area. The area features an inox extractor, a gray stone backsplash (3326 mica), and white laminate countertops. As previously mentioned, the standard plinth and the handle profile feature an aluminum finish. 

In addition, Mood kitchen proposes the light peninsula table, measuring 180*90 cm (width by diameter), with the top of the reduced thickness (2cm) in L.P laminate finish as an end element of a composition. Furthermore, it also proposes the light peninsula table as an aligned table for the center-room kitchen island. Some standard L.P laminate finishes include elm heat-treated, mat white, white Evo, and Amanunda or Stratos tranchè look.

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