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Pepper kitchen project design comes from the modern interpretation of an “industrial” kitchen. The kitchen features original compositions, accessories, and finishes. In addition, Pepper is equipped with a series of friendly and evolved containment as well as support opportunities. 

Moreover, everything in the kitchen is designed so that the gestures in the kitchen space are easy and natural. As such, ergonomics is the added value in this kitchen project. The kitchen’s leading center of focus and attraction is the 22 mm thick wooden floor, which comes with a three-dimensional effect.

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The materials, solids, and voids alternate in the kitchen. This alternation gives life to the kitchen space, where everything appears immediate and rational. Pepper kitchen is organized in different functional elements that allow you to conduct the different phases and kitchen work needs such as cooking, washing, preparing, and containing foods and other related kitchen items.

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The kitchen has different finishes that include elm, wood, and matt black lacquer. The backsplash and countertop come in a Laminam Nero Greco (LMNG). Laminam is a revolutionary, 100% Italian-made, big-size, medium thickness ceramic slab designed using the latest technologies. Additionally, Laminam is a real architectural skin that adapts to various applications, allowing you the freedom to design aesthetically pleasing and harmonious kitchen settings.

The kitchen island doors feature a textured lacquered anthracite YANT. In addition, the wall units feature a black aluminum frame and industrial glass v6. The large kitchen sink resting on the top is made of quality black Monolith Supergres Reg;.

The kitchen composition with the center-room island comes with varying finishes for your customization needs. The base units and the tall units have white larch wood veneer, while the countertop and sliding backsplash come in Laminam Nero Greco. The door and the equipped interiors of the shelves, LED lights, and electrical outlets all feature the same finish of the countertop and the kitchen doors.

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Together with the precious American Walnut finish, the elegant Pepper kitchen composition dwells in a context of architectural recovery featuring bold colors and dry volumes, with austere and rigorous lines. 

Pepper kitchen project proposes a modern design and maximum efficiency for the linear composition in the finishes. It features an American walnut veneer and Verde Palude A25 matt lacquered. In addition, the backsplash and countertop come in Laminam Oxide Nero LMOS. Laminam Oxide Nero LMOS is a highly resistant material. 

Oxide is one of Laminam’s oldest products and a result of in-depth decorating and styling research as well as investment. Oxide surfaces are a combination of multiple decorative technologies combined and embellished with natural metallic-appearance pigments.

The Oxide line comes in various colors, including Nero, moro, Bianco, and Perla (brown, white, black, and pearl). These colors individually are striking due to their profound chromatic intensity. All the surfaces in the Oxide series are stand out due to the technical excellence of Laminam. The surfaces are resistant to impact, stains, and scratches. The surfaces retain their specifications even when exposed to frost, heat, and UV rays, with a 0.1% average water absorption.

Additionally, the washing and cooking areas have a 22 cm high front, allowing you to position the front burner controls conveniently.

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The beauty of wood

In this Pepper kitchen project with the peninsula option, the elegance and beauty of the wood collaborate with the elegance of the countertops and the stylish backsplash. The doors and the base units feature a Staved heat-treated oak wood. In addition, the wall units come in Fenix Castoro Ottawa (FXCT). Fenix Castoro Ottawa laminate is a striking laminate surface of the highest quality in an attractive, elegant design. It has a nice, light, and warm color that is both raw and elegant. 

As such, it fits into various kitchen styles. Its color is highly contemporary and can be combined with varying colors and materials in a modern kitchen. 

The backsplash and the countertop feature a glossy Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato LMCV. Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato mimics the appearance of marble extremely well, making it appear realistic. This Laminam finish also has high-quality dimensional characteristics once it has been processed and applied in the proper position.

Additional features in the Pepper design include a double-sided bookcase, open wall units, and tool bar, designed with a black aluminum structure and matt lacquered shelves. Moreover, the low-heigh base units in the end section of the peninsula enable the kitchen table to be supported with a thick top. This has a slatted effect as a result of surface engravings.

Mood kitchen features a deep scenic impact upon first sight, with different shapes and proportions. It is an open structure with a peninsula that includes a dining area. There is also a white block where the base units’ various equipped pan drawers guarantee large larder spaces. The area features a snack shelf on three sides, making it the ideal snacking area.

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Pepper Handles

The handles are integrated for the base and tall cabinets. There is a handle for pocked doors WZ4. Additionally, there is a knob for tall cabinets with a glass door WG2. 

Pepper Finishes

The finishes include staved wood veneered long grains as well as staved oak veneered with long grain.

The Pepper kitchen project also has rarefied atmospheres, cold lights, and Nordic landscapes in an industrial archaeology concept, where the kitchen island’s composition reigns. Moreover, the material alternation and the effects of full and empty provide life to a dynamic and sophisticated kitchen space. The finishes include vertical slatted, larch veneered, matt lacquered, and matt black lacquered. Additionally, the backsplash and the countertops come in Black Greco Lamilan. Moreover, the doors of the wall cabinets feature a black anodized aluminum frame and industrial glass. 

Pepper 3D Effect Wood Floor

Designed by Bizarri Design Associati, the Pepper kitchen project stems from the contemporary definition of an industrial kitchen setting. It is originally designed and finished with some of the latest accessories in the market. Moreover, Pepper kitchen design takes an easy and more natural approach, with efficient ergonomics adding immense value to the Pepper project. 

In a nutshell, the Pepper kitchen project is a relatively simple, modern, and sophisticated design. It was originally designed to give the kitchen a simple yet elegant appearance and feel while remaining functional in all rights. 

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