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Marilyn and Marilyn 45  are the new Italian classic kitchen designs that elegantly dress up the kitchen environment. These kitchen designs have a lacquered framed kitchen door or wood look. Mostly ideal for homes with cosmopolitan taste and international style. It is an interpretation of chic living with refined details for contemporary designed homes. Generous in design content, making the interior glamorous and precious with elegant finishes.

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Framed Door with a wood look

The frame comes back in a reloaded version of the classic aesthetics, with its characteristics and a new modern contemporary approach. Marilyn 45 offers the wood look framed door (thickness of 22mm) with a magnificent shaped frame on the sides, with a 45° joint between horizontal and vertical elements, along with an exposed door handle.

The door is available in mat lacquered and Ligna 4.0 finishes. Linear composition with fire/water equipped areas and island with terminal table. Finishes Ligna Cotto oak, titanium frame doors with a gray smoked glass, and polished countertop in Gold veined Laminam Calacatta.

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Marilyn 45 framed cabinet doors in wood-look version for base units and columns. The Titanium finish of the glass door frame is also present in other kitchen elements (hood, handle, and plinth) with a subtle color balance on the entire composition. In the following pages, the scenographic finish of Laminam Calacatta Oro is veined polished for the worktop and backsplash with a toolbar in titanium finish.

The double-depth island equipped with base units continues with the integrated table (6cm thick). Wall-mounted open cabinets complete the dining area.

The exquisite finish of the Laminam Calacatta Gold is veined polished for the island worktop and the end table. Linear white matt lacquered Ral 9010 linear composition with HPL Alabastro gray worktop and white glass Magnetolab backsplash. Accessories are freely positioned on a magnetized background.

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Distinct elements defining Marilyn 45 collection are based on a simple yet effective expressive design. The wood-look sections are finished with a walnut finish made in Italy, and the columns in matt black lacquered. Laminam Noir Desir for the island countertop and sides, with an integrated sink. A table with a  thick wooden top seems as if it is floating in the air. The table is supported by a  tempered glass plate, giving that feeling of lightness to the island worktop.

The continuous surface of the black matt lacquered columns is interrupted by the framed doors of the showcase columns with Ligna 4.0 Italian walnut and gray smoked glass finish. Interiors in the same finish of the doors, glass shelves, black anodized exposed handle and LED light. The composition is completed by a table service sideboard, with an open cabinet in the Ligna 4.0 Italian walnut finish and black painted aluminum metal frames.

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Classic lines and proportions, the framed kitchen cabinets door is offered in a matt or glossy lacquered finish (thickness of 22mm). The Perimeter frame is made with a single piece and no visible joints. The central panel is connected to the structure and is the main feature of the door.

Bridge handles are available in titanium, black anodized, and bright polished aluminum finishes. The broad palette lacquers proposals ideas beyond tone on tone or monochrome, allowing creativity and personalization.

The Marilyn kitchen wears the color of elegance as the ‘main element’ of the composition. White, wood, and steel amplify the volumes and make the kitchen environment even more fascinating and precious. In tandem with the smooth door in the exquisite essence of glossy rosewood, the warm tones of glossy white lacquer design a pleasant and welcoming kitchen. Worktop and backsplash made of Laminam Liquorice Silk.

The protagonist of Marilyn is the frame of the showcase door, proposed in a version that makes it even more original: the wide vertical uprights and the thin horizontal crosspieces. Shiny aluminum frame with transparent crystal, inside wall units and columns in glossy white lacquered cabinet, and LED recessed lighting on the sides.

The cooking area can optionally be designed with standard elements or accommodate freestanding kitchens. In detail, top molding is proposed for wall units, columns, and showcase cabinets, available in the same finish as the door.

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MARILYN & MARILYN 45 finishes

Baczewski Luxury Cabinets proposes for Marilyn 45 and Marilyn 22mm thick doors. Many types of colors and finishes for the most versatile designs. New and refined materials, kitchen designs inspired by nature, and the latest technological research allow the kitchen to be complete and flexible, even from an economic perspective.

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