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When it comes to our kitchen designs, high-quality is all about the interplay and correlation of design and function. Our Nobilia kitchens are highly functional while maintaining pure and aesthetically pleasing designs. The black glass fronts of the Climber wall units are modern with a noticeable touch of luxury. The fronts can now easily be opened manually, allowing for convenience. 

Nobilia kitchen features individuality across the entire kitchen length. The kitchen worktops that come in different thicknesses combine two different functions at once. The worktops separate the work areas while easily forming a visual link to the shelf units. The ultra-slim upright panels that just measure 10 mm thick come in an attractive finish. 

EasyTouch 969

This kitchen design features a lacquered laminate and sand ultra matt. 

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Inox 216

The kitchen features lacquered laminate and brushed steel reproduction.

For the Inox 216 kitchen design, there is a kitchen island that structures the room and offers practical benefits.

The practical benefits include maximum storage space organization on both sides. In addition, the kitchen island allows for a shorter walking distance, which makes your activities in the kitchen much easier. Moreover, when you have guests, the kitchen island offers the perfect inviting meeting place to host them. 

Moreover, if you love and prefer the look of professional kitchens, you can now choose an attractive steel appearance. The result is the kitchen space immediately switching up to give a relaxed industrial feel and appearance. To guarantee this effect, the kitchen uses fronts with matching upright panels and plinth panels. The design and the finish ensure a fantastic and timeless experience for a homeowner. 

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EasyTouch 961

This kitchen design features lacquered laminate and graphite black ultra matt. 

The ceiling-height kitchen plan makes the room appear higher and gives it the impression of hygiene and cleanliness. Behind the kitchen doors, there is lots of impressively organized storage space.

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EasyTouch 967

This kitchen features lacquered laminate and alpine white ultra matt. 

The kitchen is extremely practical and aesthetically pleasing to homeowners. The kitchen features handleless doors. Touch the handleless doors lightly, and they will slightly swing open, allowing you to open them fully manually. This impressive quality is thanks to the push to open function featured in the kitchen doors.

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Beautifully Matt

There are options for matt, super matt, and ultra matt. Surfaces and haptic characteristics play a major role in kitchen designs. This is why Nobilia kitchen designs offer matt designs in various gradations as well as color shades like the selected gray nuances. The design looks aesthetically attractive and possesses qualities that really stand up to daily life. The kitchen’s ultra matt fronts come with a popular anti-fingerprint coating. This anti-fingerprint coating also comes in different shades such as alpine white and sand, allowing for bright kitchen enthusiasm. 

In addition, matt surfaces, large fronts, and the total lack of door handles bring out a homely, clean, and chic feel in the kitchen. As a result, it is the perfect look for discerning purists.

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Fashion 168

This kitchen design features a honed alpine white appearance and lacquer finish.

As noticed, light in the kitchen provides endless possibilities for design. For example, the lighted recessed handles in the kitchen turn the quartz stone worktop into a luxurious showstopper. In addition, if you feel like experiencing modern comfort, then this kitchen design is for you. 

The kitchen wall unit with sliding doors is aesthetically pleasing, owing to the interior lighting where the glass shelves reflect the interior light. You will notice and experience more radiance in this kitchen design. 

EasyTouch 963

This kitchen design features a lacquered laminate and a rust-red ultra matt. It has anti-fingerprint surfaces. 

The niche cladding lining/ covering designed from dark black safety glass is a sophisticated but easy-to-maintain design variant for the free space between the worktop and the wall units. 

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Touch 340

The kitchen design features lacquered laminate and black super matt.

Pole-Mounted Shelving System

The pole-mounted shelving system is practical, with everything being just perfect as intended by the designers. It has additional elements such as the clothes rail, making the pole-mounted shelving system an ideal fit and match for your closet or dressing room.

The glass shelves feature a wood appearance or plain color to suit every case. There is a variety of spaces and materials which offer lots of creative scopes. 

In addition, everything has its place in this shelving system. There are various unit elements in various widths and heights to match your preferences. 

The poles can also be combined at various distances, heights, and depths, ensuring they fit well. Additionally, the wooden boxes make indoor gardening a natural highlight, allowing for more freshness. 

Finally, the shelves and poles can be optionally equipped with LED lighting for even more atmosphere.

Riva 840

The kitchen design features a walnut reproduction and graphite black countertops.

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A touch of Exclusivity

As noticed, there is an exciting material contrast and a minimalist design that make the kitchen appear sophisticated. Super matt black fronts meet large fronts in a walnut appearance that showcases the clear lines. This leads to an exclusive style that is only emphasized by the discreet bar handles. 

Generally, purists love tidiness. As such, they would want to make kitchen implements and related items to disappear behind the opaque slats of the roll-up unit. The design is a real favorite piece that also radiates industrial charm in matt black.

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Lux 819

The design features lacquered material and a grey high gloss appearance, giving it a sophisticated, luxurious look. This cool kitchen design has a material combination of quartz stone, real lacquer, and glass. This material combination allows a puristic design that effectively takes the kitchen’s center stage. 

The kitchen has a contemporary glass wall unit climber, which, together with its slated glass front, gives the kitchen an entirely new dimension. Additionally, the kitchen is transformed into an absolute eye-catcher owing to the targeted lighting effects. They are available in mechanical or electronic versions.

Structura 403

This kitchen design features a Nero oak reproduction. 

Timeless Elegance

If you love clear lines and muted elegance, then this kitchen design is your ideal choice. The expressive front in Nero oak and the elegant designer glass fronts Square combine forces to create a timelessly modern ambiance.

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Glass Eye-Catcher

Whether it is matt, shiny, or tinted, glass constantly plays with light and shade. As such, it provides a special kind of coolness. Glass can be categorized into;

Glass offers exciting design possibilities that create aesthetically pleasing plays on light and beautiful accents. The units, niches, and upright panels place emphasis on exclusive insights, making them real eye-catchers.

Flash 453

The kitchen design features lacquered laminate and slate gray high gloss finish. The design is an eye-catchy plan that showcases favorite pieces in a, particularly visually attractive manner. Our contemporary interpretation of a glass cabinet has been created using a transparent light island end unit with a glass upright panel. The design is elegant and simply stunning. 

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