The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Closet System

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Closet systems are storage and hanging spaces for our clothes, shoes, and accessories. When you cannot access your own wardrobe and your storage space is in disarray, it can be challenging to organize and declutter. Sometimes we feel we do not have enough storage, and other times, we simply want to create something new.

Regardless of the reason, professional assistance is handy when approaching any kind of home improvement project. Baczewski Luxury provides the ultimate guide to navigating your hanging space and creating the closet system of your wildest dreams!

A Worthwhile Investment For Your Future

If you can’t quite decide whether or not a new closet system is for you – consider how you have been storing shoes & t-shirts…how have you been accessing your clothes? Is there room for your entire wardrobe, or have you utilized storage bins? Have you shoveled out money for closet organizers and fancy vacuum seal systems?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Well, have no fear -creating more space for something new may be in your immediate future. You can take control of your life, your home, and your closet! Thorough planning and knowledgeable organizing can go a long way, but it can only take you so far when using a step stool to pull out your clothes and shoes in the morning.

No matter where your starting point is – the finish line will surely increase the quality of your life and the value of your home. Making those investments for your clothing and yourself assists in creating something massive out of small spaces and pays off in the end.

value of your home
Shopping Style At Your Walk-In Closet

Creating Beauty & Opulence in Your Closet Systems

Your closet system should be functional, easily accessible, comfortable, and beautiful, but at the end of the day – your needs lend to the end result of your new closet. No one wants to spend their entire day worrying about organizing their shelves and drawers – although that can vary depending on the personality type – the majority of us also wish to access closet systems that upgrade our space and bring a sense of functionality to our lives.

Baczewski Luxury can create custom closet systems, making the solution as simple or ornate as the client wishes. Developing reach-in closets, open closet systems, adjustable shelves and shelving, personalized wall systems, and superior lighting, complete with a comprehensive organizing system for your clothing and accessories. Your wardrobe deserves the most elegant display!

Personal Professional OrganizerYour Personal Professional Organizer & Designer

Even if you feel you are in good shape where you stand, adding custom shelves, drawers, and lighting can completely transform your closet system. Whether you want to save space and rearrange the general closet organization or make room for a custom vanity and ‘get-ready’ area, Baczewski can organize, rearrange, develop, and design a modern closet system that envelopes your every want and every need!

Maximize Space with Customizable Options for Every Closet

Your clothing is entitled to premium shelves, drawers, and closets. When you have run out of hangers or places to put your shoes and accessories, custom solutions may be your only solution to store your clothes. Hiring closet organizers is one thing, but working with a team of expert designers on your closet system is otherworldly. Baczewski offers complete customization for your closet systems because every project we work on differs.

Modern Custom Closets

modern closet system doesn’t mean – solid wood and cut outs. It means displaying your clothes in a way that accessorizes your everyday life! How you fold your t-shirts and organize your hanging rods is your prerogative. That is why developing contemporary solutions to manage and reenvision closet systems is so important to us – your vision is the most integral to developing your closet.

The overall design of your closet can be customized entirely to adhere to what you need from it and how it can best serve you and flow within your home. You can begin with preset designs and personalize everything with your choice of color, finish, and materials. Solutions are available for walk-in closet systems, sliding glass doors or reach-in closets, closet organizers, open closets, and custom wall systems.

custom modern walk in closet
To Get A Unique Walk-In Closet Design Today – Call Us Now!

Adjustable Shelves for Your Clothing & Accessories

Everything from the modules to the door handles can be tailored to your liking because your closet is meant just for you. Baczewski Luxury is the leader in world-class wood, aluminum, and titanium shelving options to enhance your closet’s organization and overall feeling.

Custom shelving systems create infinite possibilities for your closet and add a little flavor too! Your closet is where you can determine what will work best for your home. If you are sharing your closet, are looking to upgrade and remodel your house to invest in the property, or just need to have an elegant and organized closet, Baczewski Luxury custom closets are capable of bringing everything and then some to the table.

solid materials walk in closetsSolid Wood, Titanium & Premium Materials

Baczewski offers the finest material solutions for your closet, kitchen, bathroom, or storage area. Versatility is a dynamic element of modern living. Baczewski seeks residence in supplying high-quality materials made in Italy & Germany to provide a solid foundation for our client’s personal space and valuables.

Customizing your closet is an exclusive experience, precisely what we provide. You will have the ability to decide between and from many of the following features:

  • Titanium and Aluminum fronts with glass.
  • Individual heights and breadths of any module.
  • Velour organizers for your jewelry and keepsakes.
  • Titanium, Wood & Aluminum shelves with backlight.
  • Backlight shoe cabinetry systems & bars for hangers.

Modular Closet System

modular closet system is something you can develop as extensively as you wish! Modular options are available in different materials, finishes, and sizes. They can be created to fit perfectly into your space – while also supporting needs to maximize space, regardless of how much you are working with.

This standard and minimalistic design still allows for a flexible arrangement. They are easy to install and promote a rail system alongside multiple panels. This can be used for a walk-in closet or reach-in closet.

Modular Closets Are An Affordable Option for Your Storage Space

Modular closet systems make it easy to piece together your spaces, and they keep things simple. Anything modular can have channels or modules added at any point to expand or extrapolate from the original installation. If you outgrow the design at any point, you can easily make changes, rearrange or expand on your current closet rather than scraping everything and starting from scratch.

If you are considering a modular closet system, many benefits come with the infinite options this structure provides…

  • They will make more room for your clothing and storage items because your closet will maintain a system of organization.
  • It will save you time! You won’t have to worry about constantly rearranging things to fit new pieces, nor will you need to shuffle in anxiety every morning to get ready and prepared for the day to come.
  • It will save you money, and who can turn that down? You will see an increase in your property’s value when you put work into your closets, and you won’t feel the need to buy a new dresser or wardrobe to squeeze in those clothes and shoes that just won’t fit into your previous closet.
  • You can still customize, build, and change the system at any point so the closet grows with your ever-changing lifestyle!

wall mounted solutionsWall Mounted Systems

wall-mounted system is meant to provide stability but also a form of permanence when it comes to your closet and isn’t that what we all dream of? This system, however, doesn’t typically extend down to the floor like a typical linen closet. You can benefit from that extra area beneath your shelves to do with whatever you please!

A modular closet system can be wall-mounted or free-standing, but a fully customized closet is generally built-in and mounted to the wall to ensure the quality of the structure. Baczewski Luxury offers free-standing, floor-mounted, and wall-mounted options to provide whatever you want out of your closet systems!

Wall Mounted Systems Will Help You Get Rid of That Old Shoe Rack

Are you sick and tired of throwing shoe racks over your door? With a wall-mounted option. You will finally have a place for everything! These systems provide loads of benefits that include the following:

  • They make it easy to clean as you can quickly get to the floor area and everything underneath the structure and provide a solid construction to keep the closet clean.
  • They provide pristine organization – but that is a give-in!
  • You do not need to modify the floor, which can be fabulous if you have an older home and prefer not to make any foundational changes for floor-mounted systems.
  • They are pleasing aesthetically – which is what you want to project with your closet, right?!
free standing closets
Get A Free Standing Space In Your Closet!

Free-Standing Systems

Freestanding systems are a portable option for your wardrobe, allowing you to transition and make changes whenever necessary. They are the most temporary option for closet organization, but they allow for creativity, cleanliness, general health, and wellness for your closet system. They don’t manifest confinement or parameters around what a closet system should be or look like, nor is it condemned to be anything a closet traditionally was once thought of as.

A freestanding system is great for smaller rooms, providing separation within a room and creating a sense of flow to better organize your closet area. These may not offer the same stability a wall-mounted or floor-mounted option provides. Still, they also do not instill a sense of permanency – which means you have all the options in the world for your clothing organization system!

Less Space Isn’t Always a Negative Thing

An Elfa system or reach-in closets are optimal for smaller spaces or when you do not require a ton of storage for your wardrobe/belongings, and these are great examples of a free-standing system. They can be transported from one place to another and give you flexibility in your closet system, how you want to build that, and where you want to keep it – whether that is short or long-term!

slide door closetsFrom the Closet Door to Closet Rods & Sliding Doors…

Every element of your closet contributes to its overall look and function, and this is where things heat up and become a bit more exciting. Once you have decided on which system works best for your life, home, and organization goals – you can begin the process of determining more in-depth details for everything. Baczewski Luxury provides the ability to customize everything from the nuts and bolts to the floors and mirrors!

Closet Doors

Make sliding doors the gateway to your new closet system! Sliding door options are on trend for just about every part of the home. They provide safety and security for the little ones and bring a touch of elegance and grace to every doorway – including your closet! You may opt out of doors entirely and go for a more open concept, but at the end of the day – that is what Baczewski’s design specialists are here to do: to provide you with a team of experts to work with as you navigate, decorate and implement the closet system of your dreams!

Closet Floors

You can’t skimp on the floors if you have gotten this far – floors can add to the overall price tag of your closet project, but if you are revamping, you may as well go for a grand slam. The details bring a home to life, and those design elements give homeowners their own sense of expression, creativity, and agency over their lives. Baczewski Luxury specializes in creating and producing luscious, luxurious homes and closets for our clients, and flooring is an ample part of the equation. Your project manager and personal design team will collaborate on every aspect of your new closet – from the floors to the ceilings.

walk in closet hanging space
White Modern Walk-In Closet System

Need more Hanging Space?

Everyone could always use a more extensive closet system, but bigger isn’t always better. Closets should be functional rooms within the home, but they shouldn’t be engaging in other aspects of your space, nor should your clothes be strewn throughout different rooms of your house.

You can physically create more space by adding more hanging rods, buying more hangers, or building a larger closet system, but that is not always the way to make way for those changes.

closet space importanceDon’t Allow a Small Closet to Limit Your Vision

Small spaces don’t mean the area isn’t in good shape to house your clothes, shoes, and accessories – there is a lot you can do to create an elite closet system for storage and shelving. There is so much you can do without having square footage limit your vision for the future of your home and closet. When you embark on this journey, never underestimate the power of thinking outside the box and shifting your perspective – it is easier said than done, but with the help of Baczewski Luxury, you can achieve everything you want and then some!

There are many ways to store your clothing rather than stuffing bins and bags under your bed or in the back corner of your closet system. Getting creative with drawers, shelving, wall space, and other storage options can breathe life into your cozy closet and make things easier on you.

Take a Look at Your Available Space

Don’t judge a closet by the volume it can carry because just about everyone has seen a closet with bags and bins stacked to the ceiling or an extensive closet system with open hangers. Storage is what you make of it, and creating contemporary closets starts with perspective…

walk in closet hanging system
A Beautiful Walk-In Closet Storage Design

Vertical Space Matters

Everything doesn’t need to be made up of drawers and horizontal storing – vertical space adds an excellent area for your clothing! Instead of stacking bags on the ceilings – make use of that room.

Vertical is the new horizontal, and while we store and hang out clothes from left to right (or right to left), you can make use of custom and stackable drawers, additional wall shelving systems, and even over-the-door storage options to maintain cleanliness and organization.

Creating More Space is Not Always the Solution

You do not always need to build out or reinvent the wheel when designing a new closet system – you have the room already; just consider it a blank canvas!

2023 top shelvingGood Shelving & Organizing Just Makes Sense

Baczewski Luxury enjoys the finer things in life, and so does everyone we know! Our clients deserve premium quality wood, titanium, and imported materials to build wall shelving systems, drawers, and closet rod systems that are personally tailored to their wants and needs.

Our designers are highly experienced in the art of organization and utilizing every part of your space to generate charming closet systems. We combine traditional, modern, and global designs to create practical rooms with elevated experiences.

Our closet systems are developed with hands own designers to provide interior spaces that fulfill everything our clients need – custom shelves, drawers, or basic hanging rods to store your shoes and clothes – Baczewski makes storage aesthetically beautiful, durable, and functional.

custom shelving for walk in closet
Shelving & Storage Design

How to Make Your Closet Space Functional

How your closet systems function is a significant part of determining how they will fit into your life and what components will be helpful to make the room the most functional. Shelves and drawers are both incredible options for building effective closet systems. You don’t need to add another closet rod to cram your newest purchases on – there are plenty of ways you can keep a high-functioning closet…

Gather Those Shopping Bags for Donations

Shelves can’t solve your every problem – some of us have too many pairs of shoes, and there is nothing that can save the system. Unorganized clutter can be a real damper on your closet and wreak havoc on your shelves. Take the time to designate a bag or bag, go through all those shoes, purses, and clothing items, and parse out what you want to keep, resell, donate, or throw in the trash.

It is best to create a few large piles so you have a system, making the process easier. Once you have designated which items are going where – you can put all the stuff you love back on the shelves and donate everything you don’t want to its second home.

Store Off-Season Items in Storage Bins

Vacuum bags are space-saving, but they don’t belong on the closet floor…you can use a vacuum seal to break down your wardrobe into more manageable pieces, separate them into vacuum bags, place them into storage bins, and store them under your bed or in your designated storage space.

It is easy to keep multiple items together in one space rather than constantly redesigning areas for your newest purchases!

Declutter for Easy Access to Your Wardrobe

Your shoes and additional smaller accessories can cause clutter in your closet system. There are some easy ways to keep your shelves clean and store things in an organized way that will make your entire closet system more accessible:

  1. Group like things together – belts with belts, purses with purses, etc. When you group things that look alike together, you will have a better idea of where to store your items, and you won’t always be searching for them when you need to grab something.
  2. Put away things you don’t use often – this is a fabulous way to avoid clutter in your closet and goes hand-in-hand with
  3. Where your items are placed matters – Keep clothing you usually wear and staple pieces in the front and center of your closet or shelves. This makes things simple when you have an early wake-up call or are running behind and need to get out of the door fast.

Throw in a Full Length Mirror for Function & Aesthetic

Adding mirrors is a great way to open up any room, but a full-length mirror is a non-negotiable for your closet. When you are preparing a look or outfit, you have to be able to get a good look at yourself before leaving. Mirrors can add texture, reflection, and resilience to every closet!

This also will help when you are in the process of decluttering and donating – trying things on to ensure they still fit can be a major determining factor for what is kept and what is passed along.

walk in closet organization

Maintain Your Closet Organization

Maintaining the organization of your closet doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a closet system supporting your aesthetic vision and lifestyle, keeping the flow shouldn’t be something you must try for. Still, it is best to try to keep up with all the work you have put into your closet so you can reap the benefits of doing so.

You may have to work a little to determine which closet style suits your household. Your taste, style, and needs can grow and evolve throughout your life, so if you have outgrown your current closet – Baczewski supplies the highest-quality closet systems and solutions!

Baczewski Luxury Creates Contemporary Closet Solutions

Whether you are just searching for Italian closet organizers for spring cleaning or have grown tired of your current closet settings and it’s time for something new – Baczewski Luxury has professional designers ready to help support and guide you through the process! Our knowledge and expertise go a long way when determining which closet system works best for you and which features will contribute to the interior design elements.

We have long worked with clients to create something magical, something new, but more than anything – we work with our clients to reveal an evolution of functional, contemporary rooms and places they can seek solace in, no matter how crazy life gets.

Where Function & Beauty Coincide…

While custom shelving, drawers, and closet systems are a part of our specialties – we have the ultimate guide to just about anything for your home. With our world-class designers at Baczewski Luxury, you will get the best deals, the most outstanding support, and timeless, luxurious designs.

Your New Closet Space is Just Around the Corner – Visit Our Showroom Today

Your dream closet is just a phone call away, so why wait? Give us a call or pop into our showroom today. Our team supplies top-notch closet system solutions and provides a free estimate for your design.

With infinite possibilities and customizable closet system options, Baczewski Luxury looks forward to meeting you!

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