The Modern Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted!

We’ve all had the dream of having a modern kitchen, one where everything is sleek and smooth, with tasteful lighting and absolutely no color whatsoever. Well, if you’re like me (and I’m sure that you are), then you’ve realized that your dreams of a modern kitchen area are far too extravagant to be met in real life!

Well, you’re wrong! This dream can be met and within your budget too! Baczewski Luxury is a company that provides everything you need to get your dream kitchen, and we do it at an affordable price!

The Beauty of Lacquer Finish

We at Baczewski Luxury know that your dream is to own the most luxurious items. That’s why we offer you our high-quality lacquer finish, which is available in all kinds of colors and styles! With these cabinets, you’ll never have any problem finding the perfect design for your kitchen!

And the best part of all is that these cabinets are not only elegant, but they’re also highly durable. When you get a lacquered cabinet from Baczewski Luxury, you can be sure that it will last for decades to come! They are scratch-resistant and effortless to clean too!

lacqure kitchen cabinets

A Functional Kitchen Design is Key

Another thing that we understand about you is your need for a functional kitchen. We know that, when it comes to cooking and baking, your kitchen needs to be equipped with everything you might need. That’s why we offer the best kitchen cabinet hardware, including Blum hinges and drawer slides(LEGRABOX system).

sketch of a modern kitchen

Kitchen Storage Out of This World!

We have partnered with Kesseböhmer to provide you with a wide range of kitchen storage ideas that will fit perfectly into your new kitchen. These kitchen storage organizers can be embedded in:

  • Tall kitchen cabinets
  • Base cabinets
  • Corner cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Cabinet drawers
  • Open shelving kitchen

The 4 Options for a Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Baczewski Luxury Cabinetry offers a variety of kitchen storage solutions to organize your cooking utensils. Our product line is designed with function in mind and will delight any home chef!

Dispensa Pantry Storage Solutions

This organizer is excellent for kitchen pantries and closets. Mounting points on the base and cabinet door stabile the tall wall cabinet. The Synchromatic runner system (mounted to the floor) ensures a smooth open/close function every time, even when fully loaded at 265 pounds!

The SoftSTOPPpro installed means slamming doors is no longer an issue.

european pantry storage

The Tandem Pantry

With the Tandem pantry storage, you’ll have an easy time finding what’s in your pantry. This system has two sets of shelves- one on each side that slides out when needed for access or to store more products!

The interior cabinet doors will automatically pull forward, so they’re not blocking any areas. There are no hinges near food items since these were explicitly designed not to lift during use (which could cause accidents).

Thanks to the adjustable gliding roller and SoftStop technology (soft close cabinet hinges) added and had heavier load handling capabilities.

european tandem storage solutions

The Tandem Solo Pantry

Tandem Solo offers easy-to-use and efficient pantry organization ideas. With a simplified yet intelligent design, all you have to do is open the door on your tall cabinet drawers for Tandem Solo to emerge out of hiding with everything in its path brought forward into view – it’s just that simple!

Kesseböhmer’s exclusive SoftSTOPPpro technology makes this smoothly operated soft close option more reliable than ever. Hence, there are never any bumps or bangs when closing up at night without worrying about breaking anything else apart from the way either, which would create even further mess to clean up.

european kitchen storage solutions

The Lavido Pantry

With the Lavido pantry, you can store all of your tall cabinet essentials in one place. This pullout system moves independently from doors, so it’s versatile and easy to use no matter what type or style of kitchen you have- modern or traditional!

There are many options when equipping this unit with shelves: transparent ones for seeing what’s inside without opening up any drawers; wooden Straight Line inserts that give off an elegant look while providing sturdy support; and the SnapLine that has a push-to-fit design for easy assembly.

european kitchen storage

The 3 Options for Base Cabinets

Baczewski Luxury Cabinetry offers an extensive line of convenient and stylish base cabinet storage units. With options like trash bin pullout drawers, under-the kitchen sink cabinets for your cleaning supplies, or spice jars on rollouts, you can always find what fits best in any situation!

The Base Pull Out System

You can create a personalized kitchen base cabinet pullout that is stylish and convenient with the base pullout system. This unique shelving system features an adjustable design, allowing you to mix-and-match pieces as desired for your individual needs!

The top-mounted runners make it easy to open smoothly without snags or unnecessary noises. At the same time, the bottom mounting allows things like spices or baking sheets (or other items) to stay put during use without getting tangled up in cords beneath them – all thanks to these specially designed bases from YouBoXx Organizational Systems.

drawer pull out mechanism

The Kitchen Trash Can

The trash can cabinet is the ultimate convenience! This trash bin is even more user-friendly with improved space utilization and a new “V” shaped rail to improve stabilization.

A sturdy frame keeps the bins securely in place so you can eliminate spills or messes without worrying about them falling on your floor. Plus, every detail has been optimized for the maximum usable area, including an optional mechanical

Push To Open Kit makes installation easy to choose between a single bin if smaller kitchens need just one compartment or a dual trash can separating trash from recyclables. It’s easier than ever before to accessorize with our attractive collection of finishes like glossy white smooth finish stainless steel tone accents.

modern Kitchen Trash Can

Portero – The Ultimate Under Cabinet Storage for Cleaning Supplies

Portero is a revolutionary new way to store your cleaning supplies under the sink, with innovative storage baskets that can be quickly pulled out when needed.

The removable carrying caddy lets you grab the entire basket and take it anywhere – so there’s no more running around trying in vain while looking at messy drawers or piles upon dirty dishes!

The Portero under sink organizer is available in three options to accommodate any cleaning supply needs.

portero kitchen storage

The 3 Options for Corner Cabinet Storage

Corner cabinets are a common design challenge in kitchens. Kesseböhmer has found the solution for corner cabinets (a facelift to lazy Susan), which increases storage for all of your things while eliminating unnecessary spaces that may be taking up valuable real estate elsewhere on the surface!

LeMans – The New Lazy Susan Cabinet

The LeMans shelving system is designed to be sleek and modern while also providing easy access for storage in blind corner cabinets that often go overlooked.

The four-arm articulation design, ARENA Plus shelves, optional soft-close mechanism, these features ensure your open shelf stays smooth without any stored items falling off or getting misplaced.

metal kichen shelves

Revo – An Innovation in Corner Storage Cabinet

The innovative Revo cabinet organizers are the perfect solution for any modern kitchen. You can store your dishes in a clutter-free manner with this sleek and stylish design that rotates along an inside wall, hiding away when not needed but providing quick access at any time.

With its quiet operation thanks to controlled motion during all phases from opening up until closing down – there’s no need to worry about knocking over anything or getting dirty hands while trying unsuccessfully to locate something else.

kitchen carosuel

Super Susan – Lazy Susan Turntable

The new Lazy Susan turntable is your new best friend for organizing all of those pesky jars and bottles while keeping them out on display where you can see them.

This shelving system features sturdy axle mounting with non-slip shelves made exceptionally sleek thanks to an elegant metal railing. It’s perfect if there’s no room under the cabinet – just top load it up, so everything stays tidy at any angle or height.

Innovative Solutions: The Super Susan has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a solution in need; now we’ve got pie cut corner cabinets helping us store anything from pots & pans right from the kitchen counter.

corner kitchen product

Kitchen Wall Cabinets

With Kesseböhmer’s kitchen cabinet organizers, you can transform out-of-reach cabinets into customizable storage solutions to suit your needs.

The iMove brings the contents from upper levels within range and eliminates a step stool for easy access while maximizing usable space with Twisters or Spice Racks products.

iMove – The Intelligent Pull-Down Shelf

iMove is the solution for every home with shelves needing creative storage space. It takes away that pesky step stool or tall ladder and instead allows you to access your items without reaching up high easily.

No more laborious tasks; simply pull on one handle downward while pushing forward moves everything down into reachable positions near wherever they are needed around your house – even if there’s already a cabinet above it.

imove kitchen door opener

Spice Rack

The Kesseböhmer spice rack is a practical way to organize your spices and herbs. With the included ARENA plus shelves, you can store all of those crucial ingredients without worrying that they’ll fall off or slip down into dangerous territory.

This spice rack organizer comes with either 3″ or 5″ fully-adjustable height settings, so it’s perfect for any kitchen space. Large enough for an entire cabinet load alone and smaller ones where only one shelf might fit; conveniently near sinks/stoves, etc.

Plus, we’ve got ball-bearing runners available if installing this on doors isn’t working out quite right for you.

european kitchen spice rack

The Twister – Lazy Susan with a Unique Twist

The offset post Twister from Kesseböhmer is an ideal kitchen cabinet storage solution. This unit offers extra shelf space than the traditional center pole design, with two or three shelves set options for your needs at home.

The non-slip coating on this product makes it easy to find what you need without having items fall off of deep back corners in most kitchens today – 360-degree view available here too; perfect if larger loads are stored among smaller food items like spices (18 lbs per square inch).

twister cabinet european shelving

Straight Line – Drawer Organizer with Endless Options

Straight Line pieces are made from the finest hardwood available, and we have three beautiful styles to choose from. Black Ash brings elegance in its beautifully stained image.

Walnut adds rich contrast for an elegant look that seamlessly matches your kitchen’s decor. Birch provides a clean, modern design with its birch wood finish.

The Straight Line drawer organizing system has a fully customizable design that ensures each component drawer is well-organized and looks just as beautiful on top.

drawer orginzer

Kitchen Backsplash You Have Never Seen Before!

Our kitchen backsplash ideas can turn your drab kitchen into an extraordinary place, giving it a touch of class and luxury! We offer a custom backsplash perfect for creating that unique look in your modern kitchen.

You can get backsplash panels with any design you want, so the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your ideal modern kitchen backslash.

Backsplash Kitchen Accessories

If you’re looking for the best accessories to go with your backsplash, then head on over to our kitchen showroom in Denver, CO, and Houston, TX. We have gorgeous must-have kitchen items that will perfectly match your modern kitchen.

modern kitchen backsplash auminum profiles

Aluminum Shelves & Holders

Our aluminum shelves are sturdy and durable, making them perfect for the kitchen backsplash. They are easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, and heatproof. The wall organization system includes:

  • Shelf handle (several types)
  • Short and long hook (several kinds)
  • Hanging spice rack
  • Wine glass holder
  • Shot glass holder
  • Wine bottle holder
  • Paper towel holder
  • Utensil holder (several sizes)
  • Tablet shelf

modern kitchen accessories

New Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – Backlit Backsplash

The LED backsplash is an innovation on the old backsplash tile that will give your kitchen a great modern look. The LED lights run off an electrical current and can be placed anywhere while connected to the controller.

If you like playing with light at night, this is perfect for you. You can use it as mood lighting, or you can use it as a light source for cooking. Just turn off the overhead lights and let the LED backsplash shine.

modern ktichen backsplash

Sliding Backsplash for an Ideal Kitchen

We all need a little imagination sometimes. What would your perfect kitchen look like? How about customizing it to contain the essential features and include them in one easy-to-reach place! That sounds good, doesn’t it?!

The innovation of sliding backsplash in the kitchen will give you easy access to your items in the perfect place, with no need for several push-pull drawers.

The sleek, one-of the kind design is not only functional but also stylish. You can easily store all your cooking essentials inside or charge upon those outlets when you’re done cooking.

The sliding panels open to reveal storage space for anything from spices and sauces right down through kitchen utensils and other cooking essentials.

modern sliding kitchen backsplash

Kitchen Lighting – Light up your kitchen with the latest technology

The main point of kitchen lighting is to help you see your surroundings well enough to complete the tasks in front of you without hurting yourself or ending up making a mess.

Now, we’re not saying that this isn’t possible with regular lightbulbs, but LED lights will make everything look more apparent, contemporary, and sharper.

Another great feature of LED lights is that they don’t emit as much heat as other types of bulbs, which means that you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself or your skin from prolonged exposure.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Every modern kitchen deserves a modern look with a hint of sophistication. And what better way to add some style than adding under cabinet lighting?

We offer a wide selection of stylish LED lights in your choice of color, from white and yellow, to blue and purple! The under-cabinet LED lighting will brighten any kitchen and add a touch of style.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting works well for task lighting, accenting your cabinets and adding more style to your modern kitchen. The sleek LED lights are suitable for keeping your cabinet space organized and illuminated.

You can easily switch on the lighting when you’re looking for something without having to turn on the overhead lights in your kitchen.

cabinet sleek LED lights

Pendant Lighting for a Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a great area to add functional and practical lighting. The pendant lights for a kitchen island can come with two or more lights, depending on how much illumination you need.

The high-quality components of our light fixtures have been manufactured according to the most innovative technologies, which ensures their safety and performance. The inspiring shapes are made by the best Italian craftsmen who use universally recognized skills in their work.

Every lighting system you choose is 100% customizable, so you will be able to create the perfect style and atmosphere for your kitchen or any other room in your home (since more options are available).

Pendant light fixtures

Our Kitchen Designers Are Here to Help!

Your kitchen may be the most important room in your house. That’s why we have a staff of professional designers on hand to help you with all your design questions and concerns.

With so many contemporary options to choose from, there’s a concern that you might not be able to find the right kind of cabinet door style, finish, functionality, backsplash, and lighting for your kitchen.

So don’t worry! Our professional kitchen designer is here to help you find exactly what you need for your kitchen. We also recommend that you visit our kitchen showroom in Denver, CO, or in Houston, TX, so you can see all the items up close and personal. Call us today at (720) 740-1811 or at (832) 847-7792, and we will be happy to help! Consultation is always free!

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