What to Look for in a Modern Kitchen?

modern kitchen centerA contemporary kitchen comprises multiple design elements centralized around the person utilizing it. At Baczewski Luxury, a kitchen that is personalized and customized according to the user’s experience is the key element in designing a modern kitchen.

Modern cabinets, natural wood tones, stainless steel appliances, and a beautiful marble countertop are all a part of the genetic makeup of an excellent contemporary design, but the treasure is in the little details.

The kitchen’s focal point is not everything all at once but the characteristics that make up the room and what happens in it—looking to make your kitchen more current?

There are certain upgrades you can make but be sure to weave in pieces of you throughout your kitchen to personalize the experience truly. At Baczewski Luxury, teamwork and design go hand-in-hand to create your dream contemporary kitchen. Customization and quality materials are the secrets to unlocking the true inspiration behind modern kitchens.

Modern Style for Modern Kitchens

Modern style is something that is developed and changed throughout the years. Baczewski Luxury has been in business since 2003, and since then, we have evolved as a company, and modern design has evolved as well. What is current and what is trendy are two different subjects entirely. Trends come in go – both in kitchens and home design.

kitchen cabinet ultimate guideYour Guide to Designing a Modern Kitchen

Your dream kitchen is an idea that is ever-evolving with the times alongside those trends. A modern kitchen is composed of a few elements – natural materials, functional layout, good lighting, sufficient storage, and contemporary style and design.

Modern kitchen ideas are developed through inspiration from the outside world and our perception of what is visually stimulating.

What is attractive to you?

Modern Kitchen Components

The kitchen comprises a few parts: where the cooking is prepped and prepared, where kitchen items are stored and where the food is enjoyed. Modern design is a minimalistic kitchen, and a minimalistic kitchen creates more space for friends and family to enjoy.

horizontal lines kitchenHorizontal Lines and Clean Lines

A sleek look is created with straight lines, horizontal lines, and lines that create something lustrous! In an open-plan kitchen, straight lines are the outline for the design. The cooking area should be a space for clean lines and storage alike.

Sleek Design and Functionality

Functionality is the foundation of a modern kitchen. Your kitchen should be functional, and each room element should provide a space for you to complete the necessary tasks.

If you choose a kitchen island for food prep, it should include storage options. A highly functional open space supplies the user with a practical space accompanied by design elements that make sense.

top quality finish
Sleek & Modern Kitchen Cabinets

A Clutter-Free Dream Kitchen

Function coincides with a space free of clutter. The less clutter in a room creates focal points for unique and beautiful design elements. Your space can be decluttered through the use of functional design such as:

  • A smaller space, so things are easier to keep tidy.
  • Utilizing our slide-out rack within cabinets making it easy to hang your kitchen utensils and cookware. It can be closed to hide the storage and opened quickly.
  • Use open shelves to display items, and smaller appliances you use most often can also be stored there.

open shelving kitchenOpen Shelving is a Modern Design

Open shelves and small appliances are pieces of the bigger picture. Open shelving creates a space for design and storage in one component. Bold colors can be utilized in the display pieces against the backdrop of an all-white kitchen to mix things up a bit!

Open shelving can be used to store and organize some of your most used items or simply kitchenware you would like on display. Either way, it functions as both storage and design.

modern shelving
Modern Shelving Design

Stainless Steel Appliances (and Cabinets)

Stainless steel is a durable material for appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Here at Baczewski, we create and install stainless steel, custom appliances, and stainless steel German and Italian-crafted cabinetry.

Both the appliances and cabinets are suitable for modern taste and exceed our client’s expectations regarding permanence, beauty, and quality.

kitchen hoodsRange Hoods have become Increasingly popular

A range hood has become all the rage and more popular in modern kitchens. Range hoods can be customized to fit the look of your space with Baczewski Luxury. A range hood acts as a piece you can include accent colors with because it is a little detail that can go a long way!

Ceramic Kitchen Essentials

Ceramic kitchen cabinets can be considered essentials but so can the smaller accessories – like ceramic kitchen items or essentials. These elegant pieces you would prefer on display can add a touch of beauty to your space.

It also is fun to place certain items out in the open when they are something you are fond of, and most people would prefer those items are not tucked in storage areas.

Modern Cabinetry

Modern kitchen cabinets, upper cabinets, and clean lines are all ingredients for modern kitchen designs! Visual interest is partly developed due to personal perception and is integrated with functionality.

While white walls with neutral tones signify a “modern kitchen,” many options can be incorporated with cabinets that provide assistance with functional use and design. Designing a modern kitchen can be intimidating but when working as a team – creating your dream kitchen is only one step away!

earthy green cabinets
Ultra Modern Frame-less Kitchen Cabinet Design

cabinet and drawersCabinet Doors and Drawers

Kitchen cabinets have changed throughout the years, and modern cabinets have looked differently. Cabinet drawers seem to be better options for a modern kitchen design as they are more functional in the sense you should not have to worry about what is sitting in the back of your cabinets anymore and are straightforward with touchless features, soft close, and channels without hardware.

Drawers provide the ability for drawers within, making storage easy and appealing to the eyes. They make the organization easy and are made in stainless steel and natural materials – there are options for the color and tones of each design.

Wall Cabinets for Contemporary Design

Wall cabinets can be included alongside open shelving and various storage alternatives. Kitchen cabinets in the modern kitchen are currently trending toward the ceiling.

Cabinets that extend all the way to reach the ceiling versus those that leave space between the cabinet and the ceiling. Long cabinets elongate an area, similar to large windows creating more natural light!

modern pantryModern Kitchen Pantry Options

Kitchen pantry options are limitless with Baczewski Luxury – where pantries are making a significant comeback in the modern 2023 kitchen. A walk-in pantry or a cabinet pantry can be created with our team of professionals and designers.

Walk-in pantries have gained popularity today, offering great storage and allowing the user to maintain a tidy room. Baczewski provides boundless options when it comes to pantries:

  • Adding counters, cabinets, countertops, or shelving
  • Adding running water, sink, or electric connections
  • Matching the interior of your pantry to the exterior of your kitchen

A pantry can also be built into your cabinet in the kitchen, making everything easily accessible if there is no space to create a walk-in pantry!

walk in pantry design
Modern Walk-In Pantry


Shaker Style Cabinets are Out

Shaker cabinets are a type of cabinet doors that are still used often but are quickly going out of style when it comes to what is considered modern. The shaker-style cabinets have been utilized over the past years, but today’s cabinet style comes without any indention in the cabinet itself.

Frameless Cabinets and Full Overlay are In

Frameless cabinets are simply cabinets without the wood frame existing behind the material. Frameless cabinets are traditional in European design and have become contemporary designs in America’s kitchens today. Kitchen cabinets can cause quite a debate when trying to make decisions about your own space.

If you hope to maintain a modern room, a full overlay or frameless option is your best bet. A full overlay still shows some frames around each cabinet, so they are not an entirely frameless option. Most modern kitchens we have created are frameless cabinet drawers or full overlay cabinets.

modern kitchen ideas
Frameless Kitchen Cabinetry

White Cabinets Versus Dark Cabinets

White walls and white cabinets create a clean space with clean lines, although dark cabinets and dark colors can be incorporated against a light background to bring rich accents and contrast to the room.

The debate of light versus dark when it comes to cabinets has long gone back and forth – we still cannot be sure whose voice is louder because it comes down to personal preferences at the end of the day.

baczewski modern kitchensWith Baczewski, every piece of your kitchen is customizable, from the hardware or lack of hardware to the backsplash, lighting, electricity bars, and so much more!

When it comes to the color of your cabinets – what is defined as modern kitchen design does not need to play a role in your decisions, but if it does – the current choice is white, with the first sway moving back to dark and even other bold color choices such as green or blue.

Color is a way to be playful with your space and create something tasteful while interlacing your personality and character. Color, patterns, and lighting breathe life into a room that otherwise remained lifeless.

You have options of light wood, natural wood or dark wood, and everything in between. So go ahead and install dark cabinets with even darker accents or stick with what modern kitchen designs have designated as contemporary – either way, we will make sure it is beautiful.

over all kitchen pictures
Modern Black & White Kitchen

Contemporary Light Fixtures and Natural Light

Lighting is critical in design. Lights allow us to see what is around us, which is very necessary when you are in the kitchen. Natural lighting is just as important as what can be enhanced with electrical lighting. The more natural light – the more your space will open up to the outdoors and all the beauty surrounding you.

modern kitchen lighting iconModern Style Lighting

Modern kitchen design calls for just a hint of electrical lighting and a lot of natural lighting. This is generated with large windows – we can install electric window covers for windows of any shape or size.

Modern design, when it comes to lighting, can mean an assortment of different things. From pendant lights to a statement piece. Lighting is a place to play around. Baczewski Luxury means luxury design every day. We can develop custom statement lighting to meet your every need.

Globe Pendant Lights

Globe lights are well-liked in modern kitchen design. These can be seen in many design magazines when it comes to kitchens in 2023, and it certainly doesn’t seem like they will change anytime soon. The globe pendants are here to stay for now.

Adequate Lighting to Upgrade Modern Designs

Light can truly upgrade your space and make it feel like a modern kitchen! Lights to illuminate open shelves, under cabinetry, above islands, and shown through the windows – it all matters. Good lighting can make or break your modern kitchen.

natural kitchen lighting trendsNatural light

Light of natural origin remains the most essential piece to any indoor space. Bringing the indoors to the outdoors and creating a seamless environment makes even the smallest area seem bigger and upholds a light and airy feeling.

kitchen iconModern Backsplash

Dark grout, subway tiles, and plenty of other trends have hit us throughout the 2010s – nothing has embraced a modern kitchen-like backsplash.

Customize Your Kitchen Backsplash

Baczewski Luxury offers luxury design elements, including complete customization of your backsplash. This is not limited to the backsplash alone but also the lighting – because we have already learned that goes a long way!

The backsplash is generally the focal point of modern kitchens, alongside the sink, island space, or additional design elements like large beams in the ceiling, etc. We can create specialty, luxury backsplash for your modern kitchen and illuminate it as well!

modern kitchen backsplashSubway Tile Backsplash was Left in 2010

You will not see modern kitchens plagued with ancient subway tile trends. That is a thing of the past! Modern design has brought new textures, colors, and opportunities for a good backsplash.

Bold Color and Unique Design

Bright and vibrant colors are hot in a modern kitchen and home design. Contemporary backsplash can be a sea of green with a glossy, sleek finish or white Calcutta with dark grout. Inspiration can be sourced from anywhere, so go bold or go back to the drawing board.

modern kitchen countertopsModern Kitchen Countertops

The countertop is where everything happens in the kitchen, and in a modern kitchen, that is no different. The counter is where we meet over a cup of coffee with friends; it is where we work and prepare our meals – it is an important and sacred place.

Marble Countertops

White marble has continued to reign supreme in modern kitchen design. However, a modern kitchen design allows for some variation of other options. Granite countertops and high-end laminate are fine choices as well. We offer all options for installation at Baczewski Luxury!

Creating Countertop Space

In 2023, clean spaces are in. You can create more counter space by:

  • Designing a cabinet or walk-in pantry
  • Creating cabinet drawers
  • Utilizing drawer dividers for organization
  • Designing a layout for an island
  • Utilizing open shelves

start a modern kitchen project todayStart Designing Your Modern Kitchen Today

Begin your modern kitchen design journey and utilize our contact page for scheduling an in-person consultation or zoom meeting. At Baczewski Luxury, we value working closely with our clients to realize and unlock the full potential of every kitchen!

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