How to Pick the Perfect Backsplash in a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodeling contractor in denverKitchen Remodeling and Picking a Kitchen Backsplash with Baczewski Luxury

At first glance, cabinets may seem like a minuscule factor in the larger spectrum of the aesthetic of a room’s appearance. But upon digging a bit deeper, one will undoubtedly realize that cabinets do actually set the tone for the entire room.

Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, finding the exact perfect cabinetry to fit your style is of the utmost importance.

That’s where our team at Baczewski Luxury comes in. Our team has specialized in creating, customizing, and delivering high-end luxury cabinets for nearly two decades now.

Our team’s modern kitchen cabinets come highly recommended and acclaimed. Our uniquely form-fitted cabinetry offers the most advanced storage systems in the world with contemporary flair and is more than worth the price.

Choosing Tile To Match Countertops

When considering materials for your kitchen countertops, you always want to consider materials that will help continue to give your kitchen a spotless and sterile appearance for years to come. Materials such as tile, glass, and marble are among the most viable options for this process.

Types of Tiles:

  • Subway Tile
  • Glass Tile
  • Mosaic Tile
  • Plain White Tile
  • Large Format Tile

Currently, the choice of subway tile (composed of several small square tiles reminiscent of a subway’s decor) is extremely out of vogue. Rather, whereas the simplicity of these square title options has grown stale, hexagonal-shaped tiles, which add more nuance and complexity to the design elements, are trendy in 2023.

Thus, the much more durable options are other styles like large format tiles or glass tiles, both of which act as blank canvases with neutral colors upon which an owner or interior designer can more properly work, or mosaic tiles with their already established tile color palette.

different backsplash designs by baczewski
Choose A Modern Backsplash For Your Kitchen Design

How Do You Decide what Material Will Work Best in Your Kitchen?

It’s crucial to take a moment to understand exactly how you and your family utilize your kitchen space before deciding on materials. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous a particular design may look in your kitchen if the materials in use are in direct contrast with how you use your kitchen.

For instance, if you cook all the time and frequently make a mess of your kitchen, you’re going to want to ensure that the materials in use are easily cleanable and hold up well against frequent cleaning.

From your countertops to your kitchen backsplashes, you’re going to want to choose a material that holds up well and fits into your family’s own personal lifestyle.

The Versatility of Marble Tiles

To that point, marble has been used for many years specifically because of its easy cleaning. Whether for a countertop or a marble backsplash, marble is classically beautiful, strong, and highly durable.

Sealing Marble

That said, marble has pores and needs sealing upon installation to avoid significant stains. Sealing is a simple process that utilizes an impregnating sealer. The sealing should be re-done annually in an effort to maintain the appearance of your marble backsplash properly.

marble backsplash design

The Boxes of Tile Need to be Mixed Before Installation

Marble is a natural stone, meaning there are many variations, from color to texture and beyond. While this certainly does give a more traditional look, it must be carefully managed because of its versatility. A marble box is mixed before being placed to create a more natural and harmonious appearance.

backsplash tiles iconPicking a Timeless Backsplash Tile

When it comes to picking materials and colors for your backsplash tiles, it’s obviously a very subjective experience that depends upon the wants and needs of your and your family’s kitchen.

However, our team of veteran experts here at Baczewski Luxury is more than thrilled to advise you on what is and what is not both popular at the moment and suitable for a longer-lasting, appropriate appearance.

What’s Hot Right Now

At this very moment, there is a backlash to the backsplash tile design using subway tiles. Conversely, hexagonal tiles are very in, and for colors, blue and green are very popular at the moment.

As far as more timeless elements, while fads come and go, marble backsplash ideas have remained a classic design element for decades for a reason: they are immensely effective and easy to maintain.

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Flooring

Just as it’s crucial to consider your countertop design material when picking out your tile backsplash, you also want to consider the flooring as well. You want every singular element of the kitchen to remain consistent and cohesive with the rest of the design.

Whether you match colors, contrast colors with different materials, or sculpt the entire kitchen appearance in favor of more elaborate designs, every element must be considered.

Another crucial element of this design process is to decide on your kitchen’s focal point. You are most committed to this primary, eye-catching aspect of the kitchen. Then, every other element is arranged to harmonize with this singular element.

kitchen and living room flooring
Top Flooring Contractors Near Me

Perfect Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Contrast or Cohesion?

The perfect kitchen backsplash is one that works in service of the larger theme of the kitchen as a whole. It takes the countertop color, the cabinet color, the ceiling, the stove design, the appliances, the color and material of the wall, and the overall design of the kitchen as a whole into account to deliver what is, ultimately, the perfect kitchen backsplash for that specific kitchen.

Suppose you are interested in green kitchen cabinets and are simultaneously committed to granite or marble countertops for your design. In that case, these elements directly affect what kind of backsplash material needs to be used.

In this situation, making your kitchen’s backsplash a hectic focal point will only serve to detract from the other elements and make the kitchen an altogether messier affair.

Conversely, if you’re looking for simpler white tile design elements and material for your countertop and cabinet, then your perfect kitchen backsplash may indeed be a more aggressively designed piece.

kitchen remodel budget iconDon’t Break the Budget

One of the best tips that our team here at Baczewski Luxury can offer when considering various options and routes for your kitchen decor and remodeling project is never to allow an extravagant backsplash to break your budget. Such a venture can be exceedingly pricy, especially if you’re working with a different, less experienced team than our own.

Hidden fees and price increases abound around every corner with some teams, which is why we here at Baczewski Luxury are upfront and honest with all of our pricing from the get-go. It is crucial to us that you get the remodeling of your dreams and that we keep it as cost-effective as possible.

backsplash for custom bar remodel
Custom Bar with Unique Backsplash

Personalize Your Space

One of the most important things to remember when remodeling your kitchen is this: it is truly your space. Regardless of what is in vogue, what isn’t popular right now, or what any similar posts on the internet may tell you about aesthetic preferences, your kitchen is your space. The greatest of all tips is always to ensure that the kitchen you are building is one that you can cook and live in for years to come, one that will bring you genuine joy and happiness.

Make it Unique with Layout & Grout

Selecting tiles is only one piece of a much larger process. Even after selecting a material for your tile, several factors remain to consider, such as the layout size, grout joint size, and grout color. Check out this unique kitchen!

The Layouts are Customizable

Whether adding borders of a second color of tiles to the same tile or combining colors with other tiles, the possibilities for layout are practically infinite. By understanding the layout, you’re in pursuit of and the design elements that come with it, you are able to properly hone in on grout colors that reflect your and your family’s wants and needs.

How to Decide on a Grout Color

The grout color will vary depending on the tile and your own personal design desires. Whether you want your grout color to match seamlessly with your tile backsplash or you’re more interested in picking a contrasting grout color that could really make your tile colors pop in comparison, the world is your oyster, and Baczewski Luxury is here to help make your dream a reality.

unique kitchen layout
Kitchen Remodel & Layout Contractors

White Grout vs. Gray Grout vs. Colored Grout

White Grout: Most commonly used to tie together a white tile backsplash so as to give it a seamless, entirely cohesive appearance.

Gray Grout: Most commonly used to make a white tile backsplash pop more effectively, with the gray offsetting the whites of the material. (This was very popularly used with subway tiles for many years.)

Colored Grout: Most commonly used for more extravagant design options.

backsplash faqsWhat’s The Best Grout Line Size for a Backsplash?

As with pretty much all design elements, it all comes down to relativity. Thinner grout lines often serve to improve the smoothness of tiles greatly. Conversely, thicker grout lines comprise what is referred to as ‘sanded grout joints,’ which hold up much better over the years, maintain their color better, and pick up grease and dirt elements for easier clean-up in a much more efficient way.

So while it’s generally recommended that your grout line size be anywhere from 1/16″ to 3/16″, the choice is yours as to what size within that spectrum best fits your design elements and kitchen needs.

Know the Size of Your Space

So many of the parameters of a kitchen’s design possibilities are defined by the amount of space available for the remodeling process. As with any medium, before one gets creatively inspired, one must first properly understand the limitations under which they are working.

One of the best tips for choosing your style and budget is to explore the space afforded to your kitchen. Knowing the measurements of each area and facet of your kitchen with certainty will allow you to understand better what elements can be best enhanced in your kitchen design.

Whether it’s the kitchen countertop or your kitchen backsplash, knowing the canvas that you are working with can make a world of difference in choosing the material and elements of your kitchen’s redesign.

open concept kitchen
White Backsplash Mixed with Olive Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Play with Textures, Patterns, and Shapes

With all of the various factors at play, choosing a backsplash for your kitchen can be incredibly difficult and intimidating. From backsplash tiles to color to style to texture to whether or not you should be attempting to match other elements or act in contrast to them, it can be overwhelming to consider the possibilities for your kitchen backsplash.

That’s why our expert team at Baczewski Luxury is here to help you! Here are just some of the most commonly asked questions we get about the redesign of a kitchen backsplash.

Should My Backsplash be Lighter or Darker than My Countertop?

You always want your kitchen’s design to balance the other components’ light and dark shades in the service of your larger vision. Generally speaking, making your backsplash darker than your countertops lends a sense of depth and complexity to the kitchen. Conversely, a lighter backsplash gives a much simpler and cleaner look.

What is the Trend for Backsplashes in 2023?

The most popular kitchen backsplash ideas for 2022 were: metallic mirrors, mosaic tiles, glossy reflective tiles, and more. Expect these to remain exceedingly relevant and prevalent throughout 2023 while other elements, such as subway tile, are largely discarded.

What Kind of Backsplash Makes a Kitchen Look Bigger?

This speaks to the larger trends of the time: the most popular element of 2023 backsplash ideas is reflective backsplashes. This is what metallic mirrors, mosaic tiles, and glossy reflective tiles all share.

A reflective backsplash makes the kitchen feel larger and keeps the depth that a darker color would bring and the simplicity and cheeriness of a lighter color.

In Need of a New Kitchen Backsplash? Call Today!

If you need a team of professional experts to enable you to remodel your kitchen the way you’ve always wanted to, call Baczewski Luxury at (866) 515-2553 today!

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