Green Kitchen Cabinets – A New Trend in Home Improvement

From natural stained wood to ivory, gray, and even black, when it comes time to renovate your kitchen cabinets, chances are these are the traditional colors and finishes that first come to mind. If you are ready to think outside the box and choose a color palette that is trendy yet timeless and will work with almost every design aesthetic, from farmhouse to industrial, consider green.

Green kitchen cabinets are replacing black cabinets, white cabinets, and natural wood cabinets on many homeowners’ “must have” lists — and for good reasons. Green is a very versatile color, and choosing green kitchen cabinets is the perfect focal point for the space. If you are ready to transform your ho-hum wood cabinets, here are a few ways you can incorporate green kitchen cabinets into your kitchen design.

Earthy Greens

The word “green” conjures up several images, from a pastoral landscape to a lush and beautiful forest. If you love the idea of incorporating the beauty of the outdoors into your kitchen design, earthy green kitchen cabinets are a popular choice.

Several shades of green fall under the “earthy” category, including Persian and sage green. Sage green kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice that is best paired with black, brown, or gray if you want to continue the earthy, pastoral theme throughout the rest of the space.

Pair your earthy green kitchen cabinets with natural wood flooring, neutral colors on the walls, and a butcher block countertop or a white countertop for a more cohesive final product.

earthy green cabinets
Earthy Green Cabinet Color

Best Hardware Choices for Green Cabinets

The hardware’s finish will depend on the shade of green you choose for your new kitchen cabinets. Here are a few complementary tones of kitchen hardware that will work with various shades of green kitchen cabinets:


Use caution when choosing gold hardware for your green kitchen cabinets. Sage green pairs well with a rose gold finish. If you want a cheery kitchen, bright gold doorknobs and hinges are an ideal choice for bright green or mint green kitchen cabinets.

gold kitchen cabinet handles
Gold & Earthy Green Cabinets


Brass hardware is a classic option whether you have white, black, or green kitchen cabinets. Brass is perfect for dark green cabinets, light green cabinets, or earthy, muted green cabinets.

White or Gray

If you pair your green kitchen cabinets with a white countertop, white hardware is the obvious choice. For kitchens that feature gray natural stone countertops and dark green cabinets, oil-rubbed bronze is an amazing choice that will perfectly complement these colors.

Countertop Ideas for Green Kitchen Cabinets

With the exception of kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops are the kitchen’s focal point. Pairing the wrong countertops with your kitchen cabinets is a potential interior design disaster. If you are opting for green kitchen cabinets, consider the shade of green cabinets when choosing a countertop finish.

For example, mint green or pale green cabinets work well with eggshell, cream, pewter, or other shades of light gray or white countertops. Style your deeper green cabinets with a darker shade of green, black, gray, or brown counters.

green cabinets dark countertop
Dark Wood Countertop

Incorporate a Bold Backsplash

Green is a beautiful kitchen color that, unfortunately, can be drab, especially if you do not add other pops of color that contrast or complement the green cabinets. One of the best features in many kitchens is a backsplash. Installing a bold, colorful backsplash is a popular trend for a good reason.

Create an eye-catching space with a uniquely patterned backsplash. For instance, a subway tile backsplash in a bold shade of teal or other brighter greens is a great contrast to a more earthy green color on the kitchen cabinets.

green print kitchen backspalsh
Fully Customized Backsplash Printing

For a galley kitchen, always choose a backsplash featuring lighter shades of any color that complements your green cabinets. Galley kitchens can feel claustrophobic, so consider drawing inspiration from paint and other decorative accents from rooms adjacent to the kitchen in your house.

This will increase the flow through the kitchen and create a more unified look.

Embrace the Cottagecore Aesthetic

If you want to breathe some new light into your green kitchen, but your renovation budget is lacking, the cottagecore aesthetic just might be the hot trend for you. The cottagecore aesthetic is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it draws inspiration from the rural, pastoral kitchens of the early English countryside.

Today’s cottagecore kitchens are filled with greenery and neutral tones paired with beige pottery, repurposed wood furniture, and floral accents. Your green cabinets will be the perfect fountainhead for this emerging interior design trend.

Pair Dark Green Cabinets with Black Marble Counters

Deep shades of green cabinets are beautiful, but knowing which counters will best complement the dark green paint colors can be tricky. Instead of pouring over design magazines or wasting hours hunting through Pinterest boards, stop what you are doing and explore black marble.

Black stone countertops are the perfect match for dark green cabinetry. Black counters pair well with matte black or black stainless-steel appliances.

Explore Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of the hottest design ideas of the last few decades. Many homeowners are swapping out their upper cabinets and replacing them with shelving on the walls because it can give the room a more open, airy feel. If your kitchen is short on cabinet space, open shelves also provide you with more room to store your food, small appliances, and kitchenware.

If you opt for shelving instead of upper cabinets, start by choosing a shade of green that will complement your bottom cabinets.

open shelving concept
Green Kitchen With Open Shelving Concept

The obvious option is to paint the shelves that match the same or similar green featured in your lower cabinetry. Why not take a bold step and, instead, pair your dark green lower cabinets with natural wood shelves? Another option is to install glass shelves on painted wood frames.

There are an endless number of fabulous ideas at your disposal when you opt for open shelves!

5 Simple Green Kitchen Design Ideas and Inspirations

Green kitchens are a breath of fresh air and provide any homeowner with a unique opportunity to create a space that will make friends and family feel like they are at home. Here are four easy and inexpensive ways can style your green kitchen cabinetry.

Incorporate neutral tones

Whether your cabinetry is darker green or a light mint green, neutral colors are always an intelligent option for any kitchen design. From a light beige to a deeper shade of taupe, dark brown, or even black, neutral shades are a great complement to the greens in your kitchen.

For homeowners considering selling their property and breaking up the layered greens in their kitchen, a neutral hue truly is the best choice because this style of colors is more appealing to potential buyers.

Add a pop of color with jewel tones

A well-curated jewel tone will positively impact the rhythm and flow of your understated green cabinetry. From sapphire blue and emerald green to citrine yellow, jewel tones are a hot contemporary design trend that will work well with green kitchens.

Work a fun shade of ruby red into your design plan for the most impactful contrast, which is a natural complementary color to green. If you truly do not want to commit to a ruby red accent wall, purchase ruby red small appliances instead!

Styling a kitchen island

Ask almost any homeowner with a kitchen island, and they will happily tell you that a well-appointed island is one of their kitchen’s best features. Aside from providing you with much-needed counter space, a kitchen island can be used to showcase a decorative plate or beautiful light green linens.

Use caution when you style the island to ensure that it complements the overall theme in your kitchen and house and that the island does not become too cluttered.

green kitchen island
White Kitchen Island In A Green Kitchen

The perfect lighting fixtures for your green kitchen space

Installing the right lighting fixtures in your kitchen is an often-overlooked aspect of creating a cohesive style. For example, if your kitchen cabinet is a light green, a black metal wall sconce or ceiling light fixture will really pop.

Best Green Paint Colors

You love green glass front cabinets and open shelves and want to continue the trend on the walls. You cannot go wrong with a light green paint for smaller kitchens, as it will make the room look light and airy. If you want to create a unique space, a jewel-tone green is a trendy style choice that will work with almost any color and style of kitchen cabinet.

Are Green Kitchen Cabinets Right for Me?

You are sick and tired of a drab, outdated kitchen and want to know: Would green kitchen cabinet styles work for my space? You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that no matter what your aesthetic, design sensibility, and style of your home, the answer is an enthusiastic yes!

Green is a very versatile hue that can be layered with several other colors and finishes, from deep stone countertops to light, natural wood flooring.A well-curated set of green kitchen cabinets is a wise investment that will not only create a warm and inviting space now, but the cabinets will also be a desirable selling point if you ever put your home on the market in the future.

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