Top Walk-In Closet Design Trends for 2023

Whether you have always dreamed of adding a functional and beautiful walk-in closet to your master bedroom or have been organizing your amazing walk-in closet for decades, you know how amazing it can be to have the organizational capacity of a walk-in closet in any room of the home. If you are ready to build or upgrade, you want to find a trendy closet design that is highly functional, can maximize space, and allows you to access your clothes and shoes easily!

walk in closet design
2023 Top Walk-In Closets

Here are some of the hottest walk-in closet design trends for 2023:

Opt for a Minimalist Closet

If you love a neat and tidy space, one of the top closet design trends for 2023, a minimalist closet design, is an excellent option for you. This elegant and popular choice typically features fewer add-ons, muted, neutral color pallets, and smart organizational options. For example, utilize a single color, such as beige, white, or gray, for all the cabinets, drawers, and shelving.

A great way to utilize the space is to opt for under cabinet led lights, allowing you to illuminate the built-ins while avoiding the clutter of overhead lighting fittings.

closet lightingBright and Unique Light Fixtures

Consider bright and unique light fixtures if your design aesthetic is bolder and more colorful, and you want to find a unique way to illuminate your walk-in closet space. Opt for striking hanging gallery lights which will highlight your attractive and dynamic storage solutions perfectly.

A hand-painted glass chandelier or hand-blown overhanging light fixture will work with any color scheme, from bold jewel-toned colors to warm colors, including yellow or even red. To save on energy and highlight the unique nature of your light fixtures, opt for led lights rather than traditional yellow bulbs.

In addition to making your closet design stand out, led light bulbs also utilize far less energy!

Eye Catching Hardware and Handle-Free Doors

Two of the biggest trends in walk-in closet design are actually opposites: unique hardware or handle-free doors! If you are choosing a minimalist closet design trend, handle-free doors will give you that sleek, modern, and polished final look you are after. Conversely, if you want something bolder and ornate for your wardrobe, create a unique statement piece with bold, over-the-top hardware.

If you aren’t quite sure which option will work best with your vision, don’t worry! The team at Baczewski Luxury can help ensure you install the ideal hardware for your closets, including fit hardware, flashing hardware, or no hardware at all.

seamless hardware
Modern Cabinet Hardware

vibrant colorsVibrant and Bold Colors

If minimalism has never been your aesthetic of choice, consider decor and colors that are a little more on the wild side! Some of the hottest trends in interior design will also translate beautifully into closet designs for 2023.

You can take inspiration from your surrounding walls or make the walk-in closet stand out by utilizing a different color for that space. Shades of orange, red, and jewel tones, including aquamarine or jade, are some of the hottest colors for interiors in 2023.

If you want to incorporate these colors into the space, but don’t want the bold hues to overwhelm the closet, consider keeping the cabinets more muted and painting a solid wall with a brighter color.

Let Nature in with Large Windows and Unique Texture

One of the biggest and hottest design trends for 2023 is allowing the natural beauty of the outdoors into the home. You can actually create unique custom closets for less money by opting for this design trend. For example, one straightforward idea is to add a window to allow in natural light, include small plants, and use other natural elements, including wicker baskets.

large windows in walk in closet
Large Windows & Unique Lighting In Your Walk-In Closet

Built-in Islands and Accent Furniture

You have always loved the extra storage and increased functionality that your kitchen island provides. A built-in or free-standing island in the center of your walk-in closet is a great way to add extra storage for accessories, including shoes and jewelry, and improve the overall organization of the space.

If you enjoy a walk-in closet that allows you to dress right in the space, add a piece of functional and attractive accent furniture. For example, a simple stool, chair, or a piece of modern, slick furniture will add a bit of functional flair to your beautiful new closet.

open shelving closetOpen-Faced Cabinets and Open-Concept Walk-In Closet Design

If you are a huge fan of organization and don’t want to waste your precious time in the morning digging through drawers, you can display your clothing on shelving or opt for open-faced cabinets. Invisible closets, or open-concept closets, allow you to create more flow from the bedroom into the closet, as well.

Attractive Storage Solutions

One of the biggest trends for the new year in custom closets is finding a unique and attractive way to organize your walk-in closet. For example, drop-front sweater boxes are an inexpensive and beautiful way to store your cooler-weather clothing. Another hot trend for accessories, acrylic jewelry, and makeup cases allows you to display these attractively on your island or dresser.

storage solutions for walk in closets
2023 Modern Storage Solutions

Create a Multi-Purpose Space

Your walk-in closet can be much more than a place to store your clothing, shoes, and accessories. One of the biggest trends for 2023 is to make the most out of each and every square foot of a home, including your walk-in closet. Create a multi-purpose space inside your custom closet.

For example, adding a simple vanity is a great way to allow you to get dressed inside your custom closet and take a few minutes to curl your hair and apply your makeup before you start your busy day.

baczewski closet designerContact the Professionals at Baczewski Luxury to Design Your Custom Walk-In Closet

At Baczewski Luxury, we have proudly served the people of Denver and Houston for several years. We understand the importance of marrying functionality and beauty, and we take great care in making sure to create custom closets that will make your home feel like a palace.

We offer a wide variety of style options and base models to work from. We will gladly walk you through every step of the process – from choosing a base design to finding storage solutions and organizational options that will fit your unique needs.

Whether you love the beauty and simplicity of a German closet system or the unique style of an Italian closet system, Baczewski Luxury will create an outstanding finished product that you will love not only today – but for several decades to come. Contact us today to get started!

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Top Walk-In Closet Designers

Services We Offer

In addition to creating the dream custom walk-in closet you have always wanted, we offer a wide variety of other services to our amazing customers, including:

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