How to Incorporate Vintage Elements into a Modern Kitchen

You’ve loved the sleek lines and simplistic finishes in your modern kitchen. However, after years of wear, tear, and accidents, your once beautiful kitchen is an unwelcoming, stark disaster. The vintage aesthetic is more welcoming, and you are ready to work with the best kitchen remodeling firm in Denver to transform the space from minimalistic to stylish. You have always been drawn to vintage and antique elements but aren’t quite sure how to blend vintage pieces with your modern finishes.

At Baczewski Luxury, we are experts in blending vintage accessories and fundamentals perfectly with more modern pieces. One of the best parts of adopting the vintage style is that it can be a relatively inexpensive way to “update” the look and feel of your modern kitchen!

vintage kitchen accessories
Vintage Kitchen Concept By Baczewski

choosing vintage theme for your kitchenChoosing a Vintage Theme

“Vintage” means something different to anyone. For some, a vintage look is inspired by Victorian and Gothic colors, ornate elements, and romantic colors and finishes. Another might associate the word vintage with Mid-Century modern, which is characterized by bright colors, sharp, geometric lines, and dark wood finishes.

If you are older or grew up in your parent’s home during the 1960s or 1970s, the retro vintage look might be your preferred style choice – especially if you are in love with bright, bold colors, pop culture references, and funky finishes! Are you still struggling with your personal style? Aren’t sure which predominant theme will work in your Denver kitchen? Here is some valuable information about superficial differences between classic vs. modern kitchens.

vintage and retro kitchen design
Retro Kitchen Design

faq remodeling expectationsGetting Started: Simple Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Uniquely Modern/Vintage Kitchen

The first step in realizing your dream vintage kitchen is pinpointing your perfect design aesthetic. Maybe you love the ornate lines of the Gothic period or prefer the sleek lines of the Mid-Century modern aesthetic, which incidentally blends beautifully with the clean finishes and minimalistic colors of the contemporary look. Now that you are done daydreaming, it is time to get to work! Here are a few places you can find inspiration for your vintage/modern kitchen space:

Visit your local Denver kitchen showroom. Always start with a visit to your local kitchen showroom in Denver. While perusing the aisles and checking out the latest trends in kitchen finishes and appliances, imagine how to incorporate these modern technologies with vintage accents.

best modern kitchens in denver
Kitchen Showroom In Denver

Wander through your favorite antique store. Nothing compares to the smell, sights, and nostalgic sensation of visiting an antique store. Resist the temptation to purchase antique pieces to incorporate into your vintage kitchen until you’ve fully realized the vision for the fully-designed space. Instead, take a photo of everything that inspires you and introduce the patterns and color palette into your kitchen.

Pinterest is the perfect place to break out of the cookie-cutter kitchen slump. Would you rather find inspiration in your pajamas sipping a cup of hot tea? Pinterest is the ideal online platform to realize the character of your kitchen. In addition to creating your own Pinterest board, you can peruse the boards of people with a passion for vintage styles.

Check out the latest visualizing apps. From Houzz to TapGlance, there are dozens of design and remodeling apps that allow you to not only create a preliminary design but you can also share ideas with like-minded homeowners. What better way is there to find inspiration than by connecting with your fellow Denver design enthusiasts?

vintage kitchen visualizing
Visualizing Vintage Kitchen Design

modern kitchen cabinetsThe Vintage Farmhouse Aesthetic: A Modern Twist on Vintage Charm

Vintage farmhouse is the perfect combination of a modernized farmhouse look with the warmth and welcoming vibe of your grandmother’s kitchen. The farmhouse aesthetic draws inspiration from early American rural dwellings that your ancestors would have lived in during the 17th century. However, you don’t need to live in a historic farmhouse to marry this look with the modern elements of your Denver kitchen.

Include design features and elements inspired by nature. Exposed wood ceiling beams, unfinished wood cabinets, and neutral-tone natural stone are all characteristic of the farmhouse look. Rustic, repurposed wood flooring complete with several irregularities and happy imperfections is inexpensive and will never go out of style.

Soft, neutral paint colors. Opt for quiet, unassuming, natural colors that will add a vintage look without overwhelming the space. A subtle shade of green, blue, or tan is perfect and pairs well with unfinished, natural wood or white cabinets.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Let the light shine in! Put away your heavy drapes in favor of ethereal, sheer curtains. Natural light is essential for highlighting your antique pieces and keeping all those plants alive – which is another must-have to create an authentic farmhouse kitchen.

The perfect finishing touch: A farmhouse sink. No vintage farmhouse would be complete with a single-basin farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks are available in more modern finishes – including black, gray, or copper. Want to combine the amenities of modern cabinetry with the unique personality of antique farmhouse design? The team at Baczewski Luxury can design and handcraft unique cabinets that will perfectly marry technology and old-world charm.

vintage kitchen beginner guideA Beginner’s Guide to Combining Vintage and Modern Elements

Many associate the word “modern” with “luxurious, high-end finishes” and “vintage” with “classical charm.” These two styles might seem counterintuitive and maybe even impossible to combine. It is possible – you just need the right design team! At Baczewski Luxury, we are experts at integrating the ornate magnetism of vintage kitchens with the stark simplicity of a modern home.

Create a balance between modern elements and vintage aesthetics by following the 80/20 rule of interior design. For example, combine 80% modern and 20% vintage looks into the space. A simple way to do this is to opt for modern countertops and flooring and pair them with vintage-inspired cabinets. Layering texture is another simple technique.

Vintage and Modern Elements
Modern Vintage Kitchen Design

For example, keep the lines in your kitchen clean and simple but add texture by incorporating vintage materials – including distressed leather, linen, and wool. This will create a uniquely beautiful contrast that will ensure neither aesthetic overwhelms the other. You can also add character to your modern kitchen with smaller vintage accessories, including that precious antique tea set or your grandmother’s vintage tea towels.

Handcrafted kitchen cabinets are the perfect focal point for your modern kitchen. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of German kitchen cabinetry or the warmth and tradition of Italian cabinets, the designers at Baczewski Luxury guide you through every step of the design and installation process. Rest assured that we are

modern european kitchen accessories

save money and reduce costsOld World Charm For Less: Clever Ways to Shop for Vintage Flair and Antique Pieces for Your Modern Kitchen

You don’t need to drain your bank account to add vintage elements to your modern kitchen. Instead, create a vintage feel with carefully curated pieces. Here are a few inexpensive, shrewd ways to transform your current space into a homey, welcoming vintage kitchen!

Adopt an eclectic vintage style. The most important rule of vintage decor is that there are no rules. The eclectic style dictates that everything doesn’t need to match perfectly. Instead, as long as the pieces are quality, they will always work. Splurge on certain vintage items – including vintage chairs and a vintage rug. Save on vintage artwork and other vintage-inspired decorative items.

Hunt for bargains at flea markets and a garage sale. Antique stores can be expensive and intimidating. Instead, search for vintage art, dishes, and decor at flea markets, estate sales, and even yard sales. You will be amazed at the pieces you will find. Even if the items are in rough shape, a thorough cleaning and a new coat or two of paint can easily bring them back to life.

vintage kitchen from the flea market
Kitchen Design With Accessories From The Flea Market

Dig for treasures at your grandmother’s house! Your grandmother’s house has always had a special place in your heart. Incorporating vintage elements from a place that feels like home will ultimately make your own home feel like you are reliving your childhood but with a modern twist! What could be more perfect than that?

Creating the Perfect Vintage Kitchen With Thoughtful Paint Colors

The key to combining a modern kitchen’s crisp sophistication and the vintage aesthetic’s nostalgic comfort is with paint. Painting your walls with the right colors can completely transform the whole look and feel of your kitchen while providing the foundation for every other design choice. Keep that 80/20 rule in mind when choosing paint colors.

Once again, work within your thematic vintage style when choosing a paint color. For example, bold, bright shades of peach, yellow, orange, and green will create an eye-catching retro-inspired kitchen. The art nouveau style, which was popular in the 1910s, explored the intersection between modern sensibilities and old-world naturalism.

retro kitchen inspiration
Inspiration For Retro Kitchen Design

Opt for earth tones if you want to mimic this look. Steer clear of darker colors if you have a galley-style or small kitchen. You can incorporate a deeper hue or gray, green, yellow, or even brown with a single accent wall. A vintage wallpaper accent wall will also add another layer of unique interest to your vintage/modern kitchen.

Whether you love the romantic look of the Gothic period or the bold, jewel tones of the Art Deco era, always paint your walls and cabinets or even refinish furniture with a quality brand such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or Behr.

At Baczewski Luxury, we can help you find inspiration for all elements of your kitchen – from the ideal paint color to beautiful, handcrafted Italian or German-inspired cabinets – to create a truly luxurious kitchen design.

black and white kitchen design
Black & White Kitchen Design By Baczewski Luxury

Inspiring Ideas for a One-of-A-Kind Vintage Kitchen Island

A kitchen island’s convenience and extra storage aren’t a new concept. As a matter of fact, according to the National Association of Homebuilders, roughly 76% of homeowners consider kitchen islands essential! The island can be the centerpiece of your kitchen, and installing an island that is large, clunky, or doesn’t work with either aesthetic can make or break the room.

Think outside the traditional kitchen island design box and opt for a unique island that reflects your unique personality. For example, consider a round kitchen island. The round shape can help break up the straight, clean lines of your modern kitchen. Pair the island with round metal or wood bar stools and finish the look with a vintage vase filled with fresh flowers!

vintage kitchen island designer
We Design Retro & Vintage Kitchens

Add Warmth and Character to Your Modern Kitchen With Vintage Flooring

Think beyond black and white checkered tiles to incorporate vintage style into your kitchen through flooring. Reclaimed wood flooring is inexpensive, and its natural quirks and distressed charm will make your home feel like you’ve stepped back in time! Herringbone tile or hardwood flooring provides a unique twist on the idea of a traditionally-vintage flooring, as well. Ornate, distressed terra cotta, or porcelain tiles are inexpensive and will complement almost any modern kitchen design.

Tips for Introducing Color and Textures With Vintage-Inspired Backsplashes

Your kitchen backsplash has a very useful purpose: It protects the walls behind your sink and stove from water or grease damage. A vintage backsplash is the ideal way to add an extra element of charm and a pop of color to your modern kitchen. An exposed brick backsplash is the picture of vintage sophistication.

Consider a textured, distressed tin backsplash paired with open shelves. Floral accent tile is romantic and the perfect addition that compliments the vintage farmhouse look. The last thing you want is to pair your elegant backsplash with outdated cabinetry. A high-end vintage backsplash deserves high-end kitchen cabinets in Colorado!

vintage textures and backsplashes
Vintage Textures & Backsplash Design

A Beginner’s Guide to Repurposing and Refinishing Vintage Furniture, Light Fixtures, and Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen remodelers in Castle Rock, CO, will always recommend installing high-end, custom cabinets in your home because of the impressive return on investment. However, if custom cabinets aren’t in your budget, you can quickly transform your current cabinets into a one-of-a-kind vintage piece.

Repurposing your existing table, chairs, and island can also help save money, allowing you to splurge on other aspects of your modern kitchen remodel – including built-in LEDs, speakers, and under-cabinet lighting!

Refinishing furniture is a lot simpler than you might think! Start with a solid piece without any splintering or rotted wood. Next, clean the piece with mineral spirits. Unless the existing paint is severely damaged or chipped, striping the original finish is unnecessary. Distressing furniture, which can quickly be done with sandpaper, will give your refinished kitchen table, chairs, or island a weathered, loved, vintage appeal..

modern kitchen design blog post
Kitchen Remodel in Castle Rock, CO

Repurposing and reinventing light fixtures is a great way to save money. You can refinish your galvanized steel vintage chandelier or use paint to make the fixtures and scones in your kitchen appear more rustic and vintage. Pair modern custom light fixtures with vintage faucets, knobs, or pulls to blend both aesthetics perfectly.

Wrapping Up With Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a modern kitchen look vintage?

Want to know the secret to making a modern kitchen look vintage? It’s simple: Add inexpensive vintage elements. You don’t need to rip up your flooring or toss out your expensive natural stone countertops. Instead, incorporating vintage charm through decorative accents, textures, and colors can make a cold modern kitchen look like it’s ripped from the pages of your vintage-inspired imagination!

How do you display antiques in the kitchen?

Antique pieces will pair perfectly with any style of kitchen, especially unique contemporary kitchen designs in Carbondale! The key is displaying your curated antiques carefully. For example, always follow the design rule of three. Three picture frames, antique candle sticks, or vintage picture frames will look amazing on open shelves. A gallery wall featuring antique paintings, clocks, or your collection of antique keys will add a pop of interest to the space. Want to add more color? Throw an antique rug under the kitchen table.

classic and vintage kitchen cabinets
Get An Antique, Old & Classic Kitchen Style

How do you mix old and new kitchen cabinets?

Mixing and matching kitchen cabinetry is a hot trend and the perfect solution to blend together a modern vibe and traditional flair. Mismatched upper and lower cabinets break all the rules – but it somehow works! Create a cohesive space by incorporating similar colors or choose pulls or knobs of the same finish. Pair your modern kitchen cabinetry with a vintage armoire or an antique credenza. Need more help? Our team can help you incorporate several luxurious kitchen designs into your space.

How much will my kitchen remodel cost?

How sweet it is to transform your kitchen. That is until you realize how much time and money it costs to transform the space – even if you are saving money by repurposing and refinishing furniture, hardware, and light fixtures. Naturally, one of the most common questions homeowners ask is, “How much will my kitchen remodel cost?” Average modern kitchen cabinets will cost between $25,000 to $90,000. Concerned about the price? Our team of expert designers can help keep your costs under control, whether you are building an Aspen modern kitchen or want new modern kitchen cabinets in Vail.

vintage kitchen catalogue by baczewski
Design Your Next Vintage Kitchen With US

What vintage design mistakes should I avoid?

The term “vintage” has a broad definition, and unfortunately, you can make simple design mistakes when incorporating vintage pieces into your modern kitchen. One of the most common is mixing themes. Nothing will make a kitchen or any other room look more cluttered and disconnected than one incorporating looks from various periods!

Ready to Create a Gorgeous Kitchen? Contact the Professionals at Baczewski Luxury

With over 18 years of experience servicing our amazing clients across the country, Baczewski Luxury is the premier modern kitchen design firm in the United States. We specialize in creating custom, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted cabinets in several styles, including German and Italian. We will guide you through the entire process – from door and cabinet style selection to wood selection, the finish, and the hardware.

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Add Old World Charm or Modern Sophistication With New Bathroom and Living Room Cabinets

In addition to creating unforgettable classic or modern kitchens, our discerning team of design experts offers a wide range of other services, including the design and installation of bathroom and living room cabinets. Need a new backsplash to compliment your kitchen cabinets? We can help you choose a backsplash that works perfectly with your cabinets, layout, and appliances. At Baczewski Luxury, we are a one-stop shop for all your cabinet design and installation needs!

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