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The old era of traditional kitchens is dead. Long live the modern kitchen era! After reading this article, you’ll understand between the modern, classic, contemporary and traditional kitchen design.

Many traditional kitchen designers offer their kitchens as “Modern.” Even this is far away from the Truth.

What is a Modern Kitchen?

Well, not the standard decorative cabinets with those cheap metal knobs screwed in. A real modern kitchen will have to be clean and sleek, minimalist, and have fine lines. Something that looks like a smooth gadget but has the full functionality of modern days kitchen. What more? Let’s find out.

built-in led lights

Built-in LED lights

Nowadays, modern kitchen cabinets can be lit up with an LED light, just like your refrigerator.

One of the many features that represent a modern kitchen cabinet is the hidden LED lights. The LED lights are installed in hidden places below or inside the knobs and behind drawer handles. These drawers and knobs will then be lit up at night with a dim light to make it easier for you to navigate your way in the kitchen.

Built-in Speakers

I know it might sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but technology today allows you to replace your old speakers and broadcast the music directly to your kitchen cabinets, no joking! And it sounds like the perfect amplifier system.

The cabinet’s material is designed to connect one, including hidden cables inside the material. These are very sophisticated high-end wood surfaces.

Next-gen super MDF boards

Unlike the standard MDF boards, modern kitchens today are built from Moisture resistant, fire-rated, and colored MDF boards. Most of them will not contain Formaldehyde due to the environmental damage that this chemical can cause.

super mdf material

Modern outdoor kitchen

Is there any exterior grade for MDF? No doubt. The highest MDF quality you can get is the “MDF – Exterior Grade.” This material is moisture, fire, termites, and fungus repellent.

We, at Baczewski Luxury, specialize in all modern kitchens materials, functionality, and accessories. Get your modern kitchen design come true with Baczewski Luxury.

modern kitchen cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

I want to share with you a bit of the custom modern kitchen cabinets that we offer. When you work with us, you’re working directly with a cabinet maker who will create a design tailored to your requirements.

Baczewski Luxury focuses on quality and craftsmanship, which means we can also provide installation services if desired. Our products are backed by a lifetime guarantee – since we know that’s what matters most to our clients.

Modern Kitchen Design

You’re finally going from that old sink from the 70s and replacing it with a shiny contemporary countertop, for instance.

Modern kitchens designs are always unique and personalized to the owner’s preferences. Our customers’ interests drive our passion for designing high-quality modern fitted kitchens, which means Baczewski’s team will work with you to find out exactly what it is you want.

modern kitchen backsplash design

Modern Kitchens Backsplash and Wall Systems

Some people only use a backsplash for decoration. But, in a modern kitchen, it can serve as an extra surface to help do your cooking and baking more efficiently. A backsplash with one of Baczewski’s wall systems will perform many functions, such as:

-Protect the walls from excess spills and splashes of liquids.

-Keep your wall free of stains and smells caused by the oven and stovetop.

-Keeping you and your guests entertained while cooking with its beauty.

-Allows you to get a fully customized printed backsplash upon your request.

Our backsplashes design allows you more perfection with your overall kitchen look.

We are starting by connecting all the gadgets (including phone charger, paper towel hanger, mixers, and various kitchen accessories)—no need to put the laptop on the table while we cook a meal for our loved ones. A backsplash customized shelve can place the screen on a stand connected directly to the kitchen’s backsplash. This is a truly modern kitchen!

Motorized Vertical Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This is a blessing, especially for a short guy like me. Just swipe your finger over the switch, and the door will lift automatically. Swipe again, and close the door. You can control all cabinets with one swipe or open them one by one.

modern kitchen accessories

Modern Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are THE primary focus in every modern kitchen design. Small or large kitchen, you must have a modern Island. The popularity of cooking and baking TV shows like “Kitchen’s Hell” and others put our taste buds on prime time. We’re sure that once we’ve seen the perfect kitchen island – we’ll be able to cook up a storm.

hidden cabinets

Kitchen Island Table & Stools

Of course, if your island is large enough, it can serve as a place to sit and enjoy your meal. Oversized kitchen islands will allow you to sit with the entire family and spend time together without rushing through a meal. If you like entertaining guests or hosting dinner parties – this is the perfect addition to your kitchen!

The kitchen island’s stool design is essential – we don’t want the chair to look misplaced. These stools will determine how your island will appear and fit into the kitchen’s modern design. We count on the Baczewski Luxury team of designers to provide us with different stool colors, materials, and techniques that fit perfectly into our new modern kitchen island.

modern wood cabinets

The perfect modern lights for your kitchen

The light fixtures in your kitchen will make the difference between a faded look to high-contrast kitchen lines. The kitchen light is the key to the WOW effect. The primary light key comes from the pendant light in the ceiling, but many other light fixtures will be installed and used as a secondary light effect. Your kitchen island lighting is also a big thing for the overall look of your kitchen.

modern glossy wood table

Barrel or cigarette shaped light

Baczewski Luxury is committed to bringing the highest quality Italian light fixtures to your kitchen. Our luxury light fixtures are handcrafted with the finest materials and provide you with illumination that’ll never disappoint. Each of our Italian lights is unique, enriching your kitchen’s personality and design. We can assure you that our products are of impeccable taste and will be noticed by everyone who enters the space.

No matter your lighting needs, we carry LED or incandescent pendants, wall scones, under cabinet lights, chandeliers – you name it! With Baczewski Luxury, there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best.

Think. The modern sink of your kitchen

After every good meal, there is the dishwashing stage. Cooking and baking are fun, but to clean up after is sucks. With our modern kitchen collection, you are no longer oppressed by the dishes. The built-in dishwasher will do the work perfectly. Nonetheless, our simple to use yet sophisticated sink systems will make it easy for you at the end of every meal.

View our modern kitchens project page

modern stainless steel and wood cabinet

We offer Display Kitchen Cabinets for Sale.

Imagine a kitchen with one-of-a-kind European technology and finishes. This unique kitchen design includes:

  • Gloss wood base cabinets
  • Satin finish upper cabinets
  • Roll up cabinet door
  • Soft-close hinges
  • Push-to-open Legrabox drawers
  • Custom printed LED-lit glass backsplash
  • Calacata gold countertops by Silestone

In addition, they offer custom bar stool overhangs created just for you – complete extra storage space. The backsplash system includes modern kitchen accessories. The kitchen cabinets doors are made in Austria, Italy, and Poland.

For dimensions, price, and more details, call us now.

display kitchen for sale

Reviews from our valuable customers

Mike DavisBlack modern kitchen designer in Denver

“We had to get rid of our old kitchen after water damage. We were reluctant to do so because of the many memories formed in that room. Baczewski’s designer guided us with all the choices and ideas we needed at each step. I asked the designer for a modern black design with wall ovens and gold plated finishes. Now, our kitchen looks stunning!”

– Mike Davis

kitchen carousel

Cynthia and Ralph HeathGray modern farmhouse kitchen in Aurora, CO

“We had ample space in the living room for our farmhouse kitchen. Gregory helped us with all of the decisions we needed to make regarding shape, size, and design. We wanted a modern open kitchen farmhouse style in gray with our own choice of appliances and a black marble countertop. I’m glad we listened to Gregory’s recommendations!”

– Cynthia and Ralph Heath

Tina and Ralph B.Old traditional white kitchen into modern stainless steel

“My husband and I bought a house in Denver after moving from the Bay Area last year. We played the Neto game, sold an average home in San Jose, moved into our dream house in Denver, and still left with a nice change.

The house was in bad shape, and this is how I wanted it. Chip price allows us to renovate the home as we want. In that tradition, one pendant lighting, old painted kitchen, I started my project. Gregory from Baczewski guided me a lot regarding the design idea and what’s behind it. The advice he gave me is priceless.

The renovation took us a lot of time, but it was worth it in the end. I know that my new kitchen design will be the talk of the town for some time now! What made it work? The combination of my modern black cabinets with stainless steel finishes.”

– Tina and Ralph B.

gray granite countertop

Terry BoydMid Century Kitchen to 2022 style

“I don’t like these mid-century kitchen styles. The cabinets are too much for me. I wanted a better and more modern style but still with a vintage look to fit the house. Greg from Baczewski told me about their contemporary kitchens. I’ve seen them and fallen in love with their 2022 style. Now, I’m more than happy with the brand new look of my mid-century kitchen.”

– Terry Boyd


If you are modern kitchen savvy, you’ll like our products like a child in a toy store. Get more info or Let’s meet at one of our Showrooms. Our installation teams are working nationwide and aboard.

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