Kitchen Remodel in Castle Rock, CO

kitchen remodeling contractor in castle rock coWe at Baczewski Luxury look at kitchen remodeling as a work of art, transforming the room into a functional and beautiful space. Our designers and installers have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have completed numerous successful kitchen remodeling projects throughout Castle Rock, CO. We specialize in creating modern, luxurious designs that will bring out the best in your kitchen.

Every kitchen remodeling project we undertake is tailored to fit your individual needs, lifestyle, and budget. We understand that kitchens are a major part of any home, and they should reflect the personality and preferences of their owners. With this in mind, we take time to carefully listen to your needs and bring to life a plan that fits perfectly into your vision for the space.

Castle Rock is one of our popular locations for kitchen remodeling. The historic town has seen a great deal of growth over the years, and we are proud to have helped so many residents update their old kitchens into something more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We strive to perfectly blend modern design elements with traditional styles to give you a timeless look that will last for years.

kitchen remodel people also askedHow Much Does it Cost to Fully Remodel a Kitchen in Colorado?

You are ready to plan your kitchen tune-up, but there is one lingering question: Just how much will my kitchen remodel project cost? Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere from $35,000 to $75,000 to finish the project.

Of course, several factors will influence this cost.

black and gold kitchen remodel
A Modern Black & Gold Kitchen Design in Castle Rock, CO

Factors that Influence the Overall Cost of Your Castle Rock, CO, Kitchen

kitchen remodel locationLocation

Living in Colorado is a huge factor that will influence the overall cost of your kitchen remodel. The cost of cabinetry, flooring, countertops, backsplashes, faucets, and finishing design elements will all be much different than the costs for your friend living in Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis, or New York City.

scope of project iconThe Scope of the Project

The size, scope, and magnitude of the project is also a significant factor. For example, if you are painting your cabinets and replacing the flooring, the job will cost much less than for you as a homeowner.

However, your costs will be much higher if you gut your kitchen, refiguring the layout, hang new walls, and install all new floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

kitchen remodel materialsMaterials

The cost of all the projects in your Castle Rock, CO, kitchen is dictated by the quality of the materials. A homeowner who chooses to install European kitchen cabinets (made in Italy or Germany) and top-of-the-line appliances such as Miele, Wolf, and Sub Zero will have much higher remodeling costs than a homeowner who opts for local production (made in the U.S.A. or Canada) and mid-level appliances such as Bosch, LG, and Samsung.

our remodeling services in castle rockLabor

The average homeowner can expect to spend 22% of their kitchen remodel cost on labor. We all know that labor costs have significantly increased after the Covid-19 pandemic, and so has the minimum wage in Colorado. Luckily, our design services are all done in-house, which helps keep the cost down for our clients.

blueprint of kitchen remodel
From A Blueprint To Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel questionWhat Are the Most Expensive Aspects of a Kitchen Remodel Project?

One of the most overwhelming aspects of a kitchen design project, whether starting from scratch in a new construction home or remodeling your current property, is budgeting for all the aspects of your kitchen.

Ask any contractor, and they will tell you that these are the most expensive factors in designing your beautiful new Castle Rock, CO, kitchen:

kitchen cabinet remodelKitchen Cabinets

For most homeowners, the kitchen cabinets are the kitchen’s focal point. Several kitchen cabinet options are available at our kitchen showroom in Denver, from local to European cabinet manufacturers. Unlike a bathroom or a kitchen tune-up (replacing a sink or a cooktop), cabinets should be at least 45% of your overall kitchen remodel budget.

modern kitchen countertopsCountertops

You will spend a lot of time eating, cooking, and enjoying each counter of your Castle Rock, CO, kitchen. It is a huge consideration and, for most homeowners, a significant expense. A fantastic natural stone countertop is more costly than laminate or even butcher block, which is a hot trend in Colorado homes. As the owner of a fabulous home in Colorado, approximately 10% to 30% to have new counters installed.

kitchen appliancesAppliances

The price of appliances fluctuates wildly, and there are several different styles, finishes, and models to choose from. Your contractor and designer can help you decide the best appliances for your needs and family. On average, you will spend 10% to 15% on upgrading your kitchen appliances.

open concept kitchen
Build-In Kitchen Appliances

kitchen remodel faqsHow Do I Plan my Colorado Kitchen Remodel?

You are looking for exceptional kitchen remodeling services in Castle Rock, CO, including a fantastic design team, an outstanding general contractor, and quality contractors. However, before you hire a team to reimagine your kitchen, you need to finish some preliminary planning.

kitchen remodel cost castle rockFormulate a Preliminary Budget

Whether you are building a new bathroom from scratch or even constructing a new house, the first step in the design process is creating an allotment. Here are several simple steps to help you make a realistic allowance for a Castle Rock kitchen you are sure to love:

  • What does your dream kitchen look like? Do you dream of having a farmhouse sink? What about a vibrant backsplash or a huge kitchen island with a butcherblock counter?
  • Scour Pinterest boards and design websites, including Baczewski Luxury’s modern kitchens page, to gain a little inspiration for your own Castle Rock, CO, kitchen.
  • Check out the average prices of a design team and contractor on their company websites. Visit the kitchen showrooms of popular contractors and designers in Castle Rock.
  • Check out the prices on home improvement websites such as Floor & Decor and The Home Depot. This will give you a very good idea of what you will spend on your kitchen construction and remodel project regarding sinks, flooring options, and appliances.
  • Prioritize your projects. Write down a list of must-haves for your kitchen. For instance, are you set on granite countertops or stainless steel appliances? Use this list to determine where you need to allocate your remodeling funds.
luxury kitchen in castle rock
Luxury & Modern Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

kitchen remodeling frequently asked questionsWhat Are Some of the Hottest Modern Kitchen Ideas in Colorado Homes?

The kitchen is the heart, soul, and focal point of your entire house, which is why you are ready for a change. Want to design a desirable kitchen that features the hottest trends in Colorado home design for 2023? You cannot go wrong with some of these unique design elements:

Stone Backsplashes

Brightly-colored backsplashes have been a hot trend for several years. However, instead of drawing attention to your backsplash, many homeowners are using their stone countertops and floors for inspiration.

Subway tiles are dated, so instead, they have a single slab of marble, granite, or travertine used to create a beautiful and functional backsplash.

Open Concept Kitchens That Tie Into the Outdoor Space

Another fun and functional way to transform your kitchen is to let the outside in. Many homeowners have large windows or even sliding patio doors installed that allow them to produce a unique flow from the kitchen to the outdoor living space.

Essentially, this amalgamation will allow you to form a cohesive space that includes your functional kitchen and backyard.

Unique Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen islands have been a beautiful and functional trend for several decades. However, instead of your mother’s kitchen island, choose an island that is brightly colored or features a counter that complements your other countertops rather than matches them.

Natural Wood Cabinets

Blackwhite, and green cabinets have been all the rage in Colorado and throughout the rest of the United States for years. Natural wood cabinets are one of the most surprising and refreshing trends for 2023.

Instead of painting your existing cabinets, install new fronts that allow the grain of the wood and the exquisite, natural color of the wood cabinets to shine!

dekton countertop pros and cons
Remodeling Professionals in Castle Rock, CO

faq remodeling expectationsWhat to Expect When You Work With Baczewski Luxury in Denver, CO

Are you finally ready to take the plunge and design a kitchen you will love not only today but for several decades to come? Contact the fantastic team at Backewski Luxury in Denver, CO, to start your journey.

Our design team, contractors, and customer service agents will truly go above and beyond to ensure every detail of your Castle Rock kitchen or bathroom is perfect.

Unparalleled Service

From start to finish, our family-owned business is known for its fantastic service. We only work with the best of the best manufacturers, and our team of award-winning designers will help you conceptualize and craft a kitchen that you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

We Will Walk You Through Each and Every Step of the Entire Design Process

Your journey to create a beautiful Castle Rock kitchen will begin in our Denver showroom. From there, you will fill out some forms and questionnaires to help us assess your needs and hopes for your kitchen remodel.

Our team of designers will offer you a proposal, complete with renderings of your future kitchen and designs for your new custom cabinets.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we will manufacture your cabinets and begin the building process! Our goal is to make this experience as simple and seamless as possible.

An Award-Winning Team of Experts and Designers At Your Disposal

One of the biggest perks our customers enjoy is the chance to work with the top designers in Colorado. When you visit our showroom and talk to our talented crew, you will quickly discover that we know our stuff and can help you produce a kitchen or bath beyond your wildest dreams!

modern kitchen design
Open Concept Kitchen Design

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation

The process of a perfect kitchen remodel begins at our kitchen showroom in Denver. Contact us today at (720) 740-1811 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about the Baczewski Luxury Difference! We look forward to bringing to life a luxurious and timeless kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Reviews for Baczewski Luxury

Jim Peterson, Highlands Ranch, CO.I love my new kitchen and bathrooms!

After receiving several estimates, including Tallgrass kitchen and bath, Baczewski Luxury, and HS design build, I have decided to go with Baczewski Luxury for my kitchen remodel and update two bathrooms at my home in Highlands Ranch because of the great experience I had with Gregory. His ability to design modern kitchens is several levels above the rest. His storage solutions are brilliant, and the quality of his cabinets is top-notch. Highly recommend! -Jim P., Highlands Ranch, CO.

Lisa Martin, Greenwood Village, CO.Top-rated kitchen remodeling company in Greenwood Village!

“I needed everything for my kitchen, from new modern cabinetry and quartz countertop to appliances, since this was a new construction. I searched for a design firm that was efficient, involved, and could finish the job in a matter of months. Gregory’s kitchen remodeling was the one for me. They worked with me throughout the entire process and completed the job in under four months. I am so happy with my new kitchen!” – Lisa Martin, Greenwood Village, CO.

Joy Beacon, Castle Rock, COThe best kitchen remodel company in Castle Rock, CO!

“I live in Castle Rock and wanted to move beyond the traditional rustic look that many Colorado homeowners love. I wanted a more modern kitchen with handless channels and knew just the right Castle Rock kitchen remodeling services to handle the job: Baczewski Luxury. Their kitchen showroom in Denver is gorgeous, the cabinet quality is the highest I’ve ever seen, and their previous kitchen remodeling projects are stunning! – Joy Beacon, Castle Rock, CO.

Steve & Andrea Marshall, Castle Rock, COThey created a kitchen design out of this world!

We just purchased a house in Castle Rock and desperately needed a kitchen remodeling project. We contacted Baczewski Luxury, and they immediately started communicating with us to understand our needs. They created a beautiful design perfect for our family, finished the entire project on time, and even exceeded what we expected! Definitely recommend these guys!” – Steve & Andrea Marshall, Castle Rock, CO.

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