German Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

German cabinets have been a standard in European kitchens for decades, but you may not have heard of them before. In Europe, where space is premium, they are used as the primary storage and work surface in kitchens.

German kitchen cabinets combine beauty and functionality into one unbeatable package. They come in a variety of styles and finishes that can easily fit into any home. If you want a modern kitchen that is beautiful and functional, German cabinets are the right choice for you.

German Kitchen Showroom in Denver, CO
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German Kitchen Showroom in Denver, CO

Baczewski Luxury began importing German kitchen cabinets more than 30 years ago, and we are the go-to resource for high-end custom cabinet design in Colorado. Our kitchen and bath showroom features some of our best work on display, and we can help you design cabinets that will suit your every need. Our kitchen designers take great pride in our work, which is evident by the difference between a German kitchen and traditional designs.

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The My Life, My Kitchen Approach!

Every home’s living heart is the kitchen! Take a look at different 2022 kitchen designs to see if they’re a good fit for your lifestyle. These German kitchen designs are the perfect match for minimalist lovers who focus on the essentials’ aesthetics.

2022 german kitchen collection
German Kitchen Cabinets

Our 2022 Nobilia Kitchen Collection

When you choose German cabinets, you get to work with the experts. Nobilia is one of the leading European cabinetry manufacturers that makes cabinets for nearly every room in your home. We take pride in providing our clients with kitchens that are functional and beautiful.

Our kitchen designers can help you design a kitchen based on your exact needs. If you have an old kitchen, we can help you with a complete renovation. If you are looking for something more contemporary, we have a wide selection of cabinets in different finishes and colors that will be the perfect fit.

Laser 414 - Volcanic Grey
Laser 414

laser kitchen doorLaser 414 – Volcanic Grey

The Laser 414 is inspired by the beautiful elements in nature. Our dark grey colors now include a more natural warm tone thanks to a new Volcanic grey melamine front. Furthermore, Volcanic grey is an ideal match for Concrete Terra grey or any wood-toned color.

This intelligent modern kitchen design makes organizing and improvising especially easy, even in small kitchens. Everything is stylistic and perfectly integrated while keeping a complete separation between the kitchen to the living area.

Riva 842 - Concrete Sand Reproduction
Riva 842

riva german kitchen doorRiva 842 – Concrete Sand Reproduction

Who could have imagined that concrete can also have a cozy look? Concrete is becoming more popular and not just amongst architects finding its way into interior design. The Riva 842 kitchen design is focused on a holistic aspect, and the sand color has managed to close the gap to softer, warmer colors.

The concrete sand tones are used on the kitchen sliding doors and fronts. These sand shades blend perfectly with each other along with a sand-colored countertop.

Easytouch 964 - Ultra Matt Green
Easytouch 964

964 easytouch kitchen doorsEasytouch 964 – Ultra Matt Green

The soft green color is inspired directly by nature, following a calm, gentle colors trend. The Mineral green gives the perfect delicate color to create a relaxed atmosphere. This kitchen color is the ultimate combination between minimalism and a natural look.

The Easytouch 964 includes wall cabinets and blackened glass that merges flawlessly with a matt surface. The clean lines, along with these stylish colors, create the effect of unifying and are repeated in “Sign Emotion” (open railing system).

The modern backsplash includes a stylish wine glass holder and is an eye-catcher to your guests as soon as they walk into the kitchen.

Easytouch 966 - Elegant Blue
Easytouch 966

966 kitchen cabinet doorEasytouch 966 – Elegant Blue

The new elegant blue color reveals its qualities when you combine it with light-colored and wood countertops. This dark navy blue color has a classy look when it is combined with gold-finished kitchen fixtures.

Since Easytouch 966 is part of the Pure Design collection, it represents a contemporary kitchen design with a minimalist approach. The matt blue kitchen fronts, quartz countertop, and gold-colored fixtures give it its distinctive look.

Natura 744 - Oak Montreal Reproduction
Natura 744

744 kitchen cabinet doorNatura 744 – Oak Montreal Reproduction

Natura looks remarkable, with its authentic wood appearance seeming so natural. The kitchen is designed with a texture as if you are touching natural wood. Natura is the perfect combination between convenience and design and is very easy to clean.

The kitchen cabinets are water-resistant and durable to impact (shock resistant). The anti-fingerprint kitchen cabinet doors make it easy to maintain or, as we like to call “a design you can touch.”

Nordic 786 - Slate Grey Matt
Nordic 786

kitchen german cabinet doors Nordic 786 – Slate Grey Matt

The well-known Nordic kitchen design now also comes in a slate grey color. The combination of elements that are in matt black with oak look fronts makes it a unique trend theme.

This modern cottage-style kitchen design includes stylish black panel framed glass doors that showcase storage space. A contemporary approach to creating a warm atmosphere is to use vivid contrasts.

Artis 938 - Alpine White Matt
Artis 938

white german kitchen cabinetArtis 938 – Alpine White Matt

The 2022 Artis 938 kitchen design comes in a white matt glass look. This timelessly modern kitchen screams out the word elegance. The white color creates an illusion of ample space and will always have a modern effect. The countertops in black matt color are the strong contrast for the Alpine white kitchen fronts.

Nobilia also designed a matching pantry that integrates perfectly into the kitchen, ensuring a pleasant cooking experience making the latest kitchen trend for 2022.

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