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Modern Kitchens in Denver, Colorado by Baczewski Luxury

Modern Kitchens

We care about design, functionality and quality of living. We offer 3 collections of modern kitchens, each one customizable to your desires and needs.

Avant-Garde Collection – These are mid to large size kitchens that incorporate most custom elements, the best finishes and top of the line functionality hardware. This kitchen is completely designed around you, your lifestyle and will showcase exclusivity.

Sensual collection – This collection incorporates some standard features and some custom elements, it’s tailored towards mid to large size houses with specialty hardware for a premium cooking experience .

Elegance collection – Perfectly suited for small and mid size houses as well as lofts and condominiums, this collection is designed with standard elements and a selection of the finest finishes for customization.

We use only the finest finishes and hardware imported from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Modern Kitchen design and installation can be stressful; at Baczewski Luxury, we take great care to make your kitchen design experience happy and installation perfect. We are here to build a relationship that will make you feel that you have a friend in the kitchen business.

Our designers take the finest quality, add their touch of unique design skills and deliver distinctive beauty that you will enjoy every day!


Rome kitchen

Rome kitchen style delivers traditional 5 piece look of raised panel doors for those that love traditional kitchen look. This style is available in a variety of Matte, Lacquered or Thermofoil colors.

Kassel I-Line

Kassel I-Line Kitchen

The luxurious Kassel I-Line kitchen style is created with the use of Kassel I-Line style cabinet doors. Kassel I-Line styled cabinet doors are known for their sleek, and modern appearance due to the hidden handle.


Cologne kitchen

A Cologne kitchen style provides a modern appearance, and easy access cabinet doors. This style is one of the most popular as a result of pleasing aesthetics and its comfortable design.


Kassel Kitchen

This is the ideal kitchen style for a very modern and lacquered kitchen design. This specific style is not confined to any certain cabinet door finish, but it often paired with high-gloss.


Lucca Kitchen

The Lucca kitchen style consists of Lucca cabinet doors, providing a simple yet intriguing design. This style of cabinet door consists of a “hidden” handle, which is a part of the door.


Ravenna Kitchen

When transitional style is desired we offer many high quality wood grain finishes. Distinctive look is complemented by the finest quality of true five-piece door production.


Lugo Kitchen

This is the most modern way to design a kitchen. This is a dream kitchen with sleek look of frameless aluminum doors fitted with painted frosted or lacquered glass.


Munich Kitchen

This style is fairly similar to the Lucca style, however instead of it appearing as the door itself, a Munich kitchen style integrates an aluminum handle.


Teramo Kitchen

Known for its unique handle and special routing of the door design. The stainless steel handle is raised up from the cabinet door, rather than being directly integrated into it.

Custom Cabinet Lighting

Our unique knowledge in LED technology allows us to create most stunning kitchen designs with full implementation of todays trends of cabinet lighting design. Our kitchens available with LED lights built into toe kick, edges and side walls of cabinet boxes, shelves, handless systems. We offer cold white (6000K) or warm white (3700K) LED lights. All lights could be dimmable, connected to main kitchen power switch or individually controlled with push buttons and miniature motion sensors.

Visit our showroom for inspirations and experience kitchen cabinet lighting at its best.



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