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Interior Products in Denver by Baczewski Luxury

Most of our product lines have standard designs and configuration options; however additionally there are many customization possibilities to our products and some are always custom built to specifications.

Interior Products

Interior products presented by Baczewski Luxury are handpicked by our company and maintain the highest quality of manufacturing as well as latest trends in European interior design. We only represent European manufacturers and our customers appreciate the fact that we are specializing in some of the finest products the market has to offer.

Modern Kitchens


Modern Kitchens – created exceptional by the use of finest quality surfaces, best hardware and skills of our artsy designers.

Sliding Doors


Sliding Doors – offered in a wide range of custom solutions with an option of soft close mechanism for silent functionality. We create one, two or three piece doors available in over 400 finishes.

Closet Design


Our shelving systems designed with satin finish aluminum and made to last a lifetime. Used in closet and pantry design, offering minimalist design and broad flexibility.

Bathroom Design


Bathroom Design – is made special just because its always custom to fit your needs, vision and space. As always we use finest quality surfaces and best hardware that is designed to last a lifetime.

Backsplash Design


Backsplash Designs – offered with a new vision of materials and modern functionality of your backsplash. Painted or printed glass with a variety of accessories will create something special like nowhere else.

Wall Systems


Wall Systems – minimalist design with maximum flexibility for integrated surfaces and configuration possibilities. Use it in your living room, office, kitchen or even bedroom design.

Decorative Surfaces


Decorative Surfaces – something very special that can be used in wall or furniture design where you add unique touch that will be distinctive and memorable to you and others. Soft leathers, fur, exotic textures and wood will make your project special.

Custom lighting


Custom Lighting – lighting is everything; we take it to the next level. Custom built for you in any size with any desirable special effect as needed. Offered with color changing effects, custom printing or 3D shapes. You envision – we design and produce.

Stretch ceilings


Stretch ceilings – modern European ceiling system creating perfection and offering over 200 colors to make your interior unique. Looking for something special – add some prints or custom 3D shapes.

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